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HAVE YOU SEEN TheNineWonders IN OUR 8ILK DEPARTMENT ? 'Tls Wortli a Jotirney of a Hwidrcd M les to l'iinl Sui-h Values. NINE WONDER BARCAINS Fikst - 15 Pieces Colored Dress Slik at 50c per yard . Second- 15 Pieces of Colored Heavy Dress Silk at 80c per yard. Third- 20 Pieces of Colored Extra Heavy Dress Silk at $1 per yard. Forth- 20 Pieces Black and Colored. doublé warp, Silk Surahs, $1 per yard. Fxeth- 80 Pieces Satin Royal Rhademers, $1 per yard. Sixth- 10 Pieces Brocade Satina, $1 per yard . Seventh - 12 Pieces Gninete and Royal Standard Black Silk, $1.25 per yard. EiGHTn - 10 Pieces Bonnette Black Satin Cacüemire Silk, $1.55 per yard. Ninth - 10 Pieces Black and Colored Jersey Silks, $1.55. The above are part of our purchase at ;he great sale of Oebberman, and Bates ■ieed & Cooley. Our purchase also included a fine issortment of rich Brocade Velvets in black and colora, Silk Plushes and Velvets in black and colors. Many of the goods can not be duphcated for doublé the money. MACK & SCHMID. The Spy of the Kebellien. Tüere is a steady growing interest in all that perains to an authentio history of the great Bebellion - the most thrillng and bloody drama of the century. A war so gigantic, enduring for four long years; so oostly in blood and treasure,and eachinji almost every housekold in the and must long remain a topic of the jreatest interest. Twenty years have lapBed, vet there remains the greatest esire, among both old and young, to earn more about the history of the greatst civil war ever known. The "Spy of the Kebellion," recently piiblished by G. W. Carleton & Co., New York, reveáis much of the secert and inside workings of both sides, never told before. The world will ever recognize and crown with admiration the heroic deedsofmin! The statements of every lemllllg participan I in the Kieat otrngfjlo will be eagerly sought for, until history is complete. When rebellion threatenedthe Nation's life, and a mob stood bet ween Lincoln and the Capitol, Allen Pinkerton conducted him in safety to kis inauguration. The country may well thank bis fldelity; his service was a pivotal fact for its future. At Washington, conducting the seceret service, he was au intímate friend of the President and his Cabinet, especially Stánton and Chase. For the great Secretary of War he was a nght arm . Tudgmeiit and skill, aud courage he contributed to the patnotic movement. The story of his deeds for the govermeut will never be f ully known ; it is the secret record of a groat man's heroism. Of thenumber who devoted themselves to their country's service, none evinced more valuable aid to the cause thantheae men of the secret service and their daring chief ; and it is f rom his pen, which he took up iu the twilight of his days to relate his experiences, that we read of the perilous adventures and hair-breadth escapes of him and his men. It reads like what it is - a story told by au eye witness. But allow yourself to look within its covers, and you will read the book 10 the last page. The work is sold only by subscription, and the publishera, in another column, cali for agents. Bobby said to the minister at dinner: "Can a church whistle, Mr. Longprayor?" "Why do you ask?" "Cos Pa owes $12 back pew rent and he says he's going to let the whistle for it." When little Willie L. first heard the braying of a mulé iu the South, he was greatly frighened; but after thinking a minute, he smileri at his fea saying: "Mamma, just hear that poor horse wiv the whooping cough!1' " Did not the sight of the boundless bine sea, bearing on lts bosom white winged fleets of commerce, flll you with emotion?" "Yes," replied tne traveler, " at first it did, but after a while it didn't fill me with anything. It sorter emptied me." SEALED PROPOSALS. The undereigned desire to buy flvè tons of good beef, from youug animáis, but not to weigh less Ulan 400 pounds t,. tue earcass, for use at the Washtenaw County Poor House The beef is to be deliversd at the Poor House between November 25 and December 45, 1 885, but no beef will be accepted or paid for by us unless the same is fully approved by the the keeper ot the house. Sealed proposals to supply such beef may be handed to either ofthe undersigned on or before the 24tn day of November, instant but we reserve the right to reject any and all bids. Dated, November 6, 1895. D. B. OREKNE. L. DAV.S. WM, APRILL, Superintendente of the Poor. Toledo, A un Arbor & Northern Michigan ltailway. TIIltOUGIi TIMK TAHI.K, Takincr effect September 27, 1885. Trains run by Standard Time. Going North. Going South. 4 2i STATIONS. i j 3 Ex. Mail I Standard Time. I Ex-, Mail. p. m. a. m. Leave Arrive a. m. I p. m. 840 7:05 Toledo 9:30 1 5:0C 3 45 7:14 Manhatten Junction 9:28 4 55 4 0:i 7:23 Alexis Junction 9:16 4:47 4 25 8 15 1 Monroe Junction.... 8:42 4:14 431 830Dundee 8 30 4:04 445 84B Azalia 8 20 3 54 5W 904 Milan 8 06 3 45 5 1)8 9 22 Urania 1 52 I 3 30 523 932 Pittsfleld 74U 3 22 535 50 Ann Arbor 7 27 3 10 ■ 6 20 10 45 South Lyon 6 JO 2 25 Connections at Toledo with railroads diverging. At Manhattan Junction with WheelingiS Lak-Erii R. R. At Alexis Jnnction with M C. R. R. L. S. R'y, and F. &. P. M. R. B. At Mnnrot Junction with L. S. & M. S. R'y. At Dundee, with L. 3. & M. 8., and M. & O. R'y. At Milan with W., St. D. & P. U'y. At Pittsfleld with L. S. & M. S. R'y., and at South Lyon with Detroit, Lanuing & Northern R. R.. and i. T. R'y. Two trains, numbered 5 and fi, run between Toledo and Detroit, daily except Sunday, via Milan Junction; No. li arrivés at Milan Junction at 11:00 a. m. and reaches Detroit at 12:00 noon; No. 5 leaves Detroit at 2:35 and reaches Milan Junction at 3:45 and Toledo at 5:0n p m. H. W. ASHLEY, W. H. BENNETT, Qen. Superintendent, den. Passenger Agt. JOHN WOTZKE! THE ie Boot and Shoe Maker ! A First -Class Hand - Sewed Shoe Worth $8 for S6.5O A FAULTLESS FIT GUARANTEED ! The Only Establishment in Ann Arbor that Manufactures lts Own Uppers. Repairing Neatly Done ! CALL AND SEE SAMPLES. No. 53 South Main Street. FOE .A. lEIT I ! CO TO A HAT STORE. aK "DOO OW TH - - m LD HAT." 3 oo JËT 2t __ A. A. TEBEY, Qï O3 HAT8 "g f" AKN ARBOB, TT FROM S5 TO 5O CENTS. Before buying elewhere euquirc price uf HENRY RICHARDS DKALKR IN FLOUR AND FEED, ALL KINDS OK Hard and Soft Wood, and Coal ! Special rates on Iarge amounts. Telephone No. 111. East Huron-st.; next to Firemen's Hall. flTTTFl eni 10i:elits pogtage, and we will ITI H I nlail 'ou. free. a roynl, valuable n Uil 1 mple box of gooda thatwlU put yon ii way of mukliiK moremonèv at once, thau anything else in Aintirica. Both m-ni's of all ages etui live at home aud work in rare time, or all the time. Capital not required. W't' will start you. Immense pay sure for those wbo Btart at oueK Stisson & Co. Portland. Ma HENRY BINDER, DEALER IN DOMESTIC AND IMPORTO GIGARS ALL KINDS OF SMOKER'S GOODS. Sam Tle J-Looien. In connectlon, where can be found the Finest Grades of Imported Wines, Liqdobs, Champagnes, &c, &o. One Door South of Farmers and Mechantes Bank, Ann Arbor. A.N3V A1ÍIÍOU CITY BOTTLING WORKS W. FREO. SCHLANDERER. Prop. First Street, between Washington and Liberty. PILSENER AND SCHLITZ EXPORT Delivered in pints or quarts anywhre in the. city. Orders fllled until 9 p.m, Teiephone connection with Bot tllng Works. Postoffice Lock Box 134, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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