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Buckshot Figures

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At one of tho tovvns u Mississippi whero we stayed ovor Sunday a couplo ui strangers got into a dispute abuut Uie age of the cnrtü. They were sons of planterg, añil neither of thera over 22 years of age. The dispute started in a good-natured way, but ended in one of thera springing np, pillir? out a boivíe-knife, and threutening to nsLwo tho nthnr up Í iii word v;i-i disputed agnin. Tho other waa dci'easo ! less, and wisely held his peaco. Tha .man with thu sa) down, andconversatloD turncd to otlier channcls. By aud bv the defouseless ïuan go( ii and lonnged away, and noxt uu saw of hira, half uu iiour later, ho was resting the muzzlo of a j reled shot-gun against one of the poreh pillars of the hotel, and had us all covi-ed. Tbe hatumers were up, his liugers on tho triggers aud his eyea blazed like a tiger as he said to the uian with the knife: "Jiui, it's my turn now!" "Yes." "I've got you coverod!" "Isee." "I said the earth was a million years old, you stuck to 6,000 years. Jim, come up to tuy figures, or I'll blow the ! top oí yourhead over that feuool" Oc4j " ,.„ri:o.i tii otlior, as he 'crossed his legsiu the coolest nianuer, "I'll teil you what lm williug to do. 'As both of us might üe wrong, I'll ieave it to the orowd." "Woll, that's fair. What's your 'ligures, geuts?'' We consulted together, menaced all .the timo by tvo chargoa of buckshot, and the Colouei was authorized to cali out: "Vu reokon oa a bout iuu.uou yü:rs, stranger, but shouldnt be surpnsed if it went up to a njillioja." 'Nor i, either! ' said the mauas be iowered the gun and lenned on tho barrel. "1 ilont say as I lit in the war, or that 1 was borh Up Fighting Creek. but when it eonips down to the ago of the eartb i'm to home and tho latch-string is out! Come and eco ',


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