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Americans Imprisoned In Mexico

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The re aro niocierately gooil j:iils ti ! New Laredo and Moterey; i moation this a.s :i matter of congratulatjou to ■ auy of my cpuntrynien wliomay l uníortunalo inougk to visittheinthrough neoossity, for it is quito a Mexican pastinio to iiupnsou Americana Jf a conductor puls a man off the train, slraightway he is put in the Calaboosel at the lirst station, unttl tho jmtge tinds it convenieot lo investígate the facts and deelde the question of gailt Should fin eagiiuier iiurl or kill nyono with liis briüti he i jaileil. It is only oneol the ïnanv ways in whicU a peoplc, with a intense hatred for the Amoricans, lovu to show tbeir ite wheu tliey can lo 80 safely. Kor it cunnot bc déniod - tlié uatui al b'ont Oi the Mexicau greoser is to luUi-thr' Americana; all talk of nterested co.r- porations and paid corroponiliiuts to the coutrary DotwitLstamling. And' woo betide that pooi' uufoitunatü soul, who is taken in (Ome soiull town whero justice is slow, aiid few orentirely wanting! For the favorito sty Ie of jail in such places is a disused cistevn, into which the victira is tumblcd without ceremony, to frrezc at night and broil in the day, or climt out and be shot by tho guard at the top. - Wm. S. Conner in St. l.ouü] Magazine, Tbc famons o'.ü '-long wliarf salt-house" It Bosion, wblcta was built in 1725, and vhict was the sceD of the Hterarv labors aod congenial satherlugs of snel men as Hnwcbarnf, "OM OjUcs," and Fo.-rcit, baf bi:ea : íormed luto headquartcr for the Ünh bareiu j


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