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Hood's Sarsaparilla

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Catarrh in the Head Orig:iiHt04 in s r ..'ui us (alnt In tl o blood. Heace "Forman; yew, begtnnlng so far back I don-r Dio propO me huj ;■ w:i!ch to cu noiiarrb, la. to memoer wlien, I liad eatarrh In my head. It con KUUiri Hl Sl.ooi. I:s many ü!sog:ce ü lesymptomi, slsted of uu exeesslve flow from the note, ringln ud the rtaufjir cl Jcie ..'!.uj ntu hronthitli or thai aod bursticg nolaca In niy ear, and palns on the kp' terrlbly f .; al dlteasp, c n.umptUn. e:it!rtlv ie ofmybead. The bawklng und splttlog were most inovel bjr Hood'a Sus;.)ir.i:, wbtcta curea catorrh excemlTe in the inornliift whtn the bnek pr r, of my by i u:if flag tbc UooJ andalso tmes tip the systt-m tunguc wonld be thlcfc wlth a white fur, aiü thcro tod KU'itly mirovcs tae generpl bialtli of ;tboc ; woold ht a bd tste In my moutti. My hearing was w'ho tike u. nfTected In my left er. Flve yean apo I t.egan to "I ):al beta u-oubledby iii'L;a ebmty. causedln tcHotd'i Sarsapartlln, I was helpcd right away; part by catcrr!i aid bnmora. Hood's Smsaparllla but I contlnned toase Uil 1 fe'.t myself cured. My provcd Just tl:e thlng needcd. I derived an lmgeneral licalth lias beer. good ever Unce the catarrh mense amount of t e-io'ïv" - ïl. E UiixsTr, Bton. left me."- Mas. E. H. Cüfielp. Lowell. Ca-tarxb. Cured "by Hood'a Sarsaparilla Martin Shleldd, a auccessful marketman of Chicago -lnfferedthree yeara wlth cstarrb, and niy derlYe(1 heip from Hood-t Sarsaparlila. He 8ay: "I eralhealthwaspoorin conje-.Bin. Ifkenltook havo bceatroublcd wlth tb'at dinroolng cómpial Hood'.SarsaparllIalfoii.Kl I had tbe right remedy. catarrhi and i want say that n,ave been uslng Thecaiarrh I ykilding, as Hood'i s.-nparllla 1 nood's Sarsaparllla. and I find It one of the bost n-mcleanslng my b.oo.l. „nd u.c gcooraltoni ■( my eJe3 , taV(. [akea Mjr trouWc h„ !aM(.(, M tem Is üoprovlDg. llycuela ofucbl Dg MMdlng yettra,cilnd nt,„. ,)Cforl, could Ige, rt.nef. ,„.v,., that I ,li,i not expoct to bc cnred Ia an laatent." - uutll t commcnceil tu U8C Hood., Saraparl!ia. i IKANK Wabhsub, Boche.tcr. S. Y. would reconmiend lts use to all tufferlnK wlth tl.M 'I soffered wlth eatan 1, UUsia stut: trted all the complalnt. Itia truly an excellentcmedlclne." catarrh reioeiili. 3 without beDeflf, av- was alout to ' "I took Hood's Sarsaparllla for d spepsla, whlch I try a change of cllmale, wbfta 1 to;' Hjod's : had fornlneor ter. years, snfferlog terrlbly wlth It, partlla. Ivoaldaot taktj any ni ;iey ounsldeia'.lon It has entlrely cured me, and I reeommen! It r. forlhcgoodonebottledldme. Now 1 am not troubled others who mffcr with tblsdliease."--Mi;s. A. Noa wltb ny catarrb."- I, W. LtLLIt, Chicago, III, ton, Culcopee, Ma9s, iold by all drusglsts. H; sli for ;. Preparedby i Sold by all druggsu. tl; lx for 5, Prprd oiily ly ;. I. HOOD & CO., Apoüiecarles, Lowcll, Mas. C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecarle, Lowell, Uaa 100 Dones One Dollar. J 100 Doses One Dollar.


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