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WE :-: WANT :-: THE :-: EARTH to yield blffirer return to our subscrlbera durtng ISS6 tlian ever beforv, and i-cordingly are puttlntc btül more brafns anti inonev (oto ;bti Americun AgriculturM, Ensilan and Germán. The grcat snitT of editor, who, honilel bv D -. Ceortfe Thurtn?r, ïmve kept Iï ï tb) fron lor twenty-flve years ere now re-wuforced py Ciettei P. Iíwev. ï. j. t. Muie, oud S.ih Oreen. Ëvery numcer of ihia rerlodlenl i itHckei wiih i.ivolual Ie hint, UKtfc'Siiuiis, and iuioimai o.v for Funn, Qarden. mil ÜAiisul-oV loother wlth tmttny Oiwï Üuxtdrecl Orifflnaï IlliiHiratlons of fLlve S o-k, Frut$, tlpwers, Trols. Appüttiuo, etc. bvery number 1 rlehly wuilli the aubserlptlon prlct. The lOütli Vuluuie wï (!ie L'nited Sutes Census last year salrt. The American AurlcuUurist is espet 1 illy wortbj of nutitivti. becan oí the leinarkublc auccess Hint has att entled tlic unique and untlrlng efforts uf its prünrlf.o'S. eü Increase and extcod Iti clFCttlat'on, Hut wc nuw piopose to enlarfce lts tpbere, and ida iu :iic humlnd wf itiousimds #r Lomes, la which the jtmerïcan Agriatlttirisi m reau, and re red a un old tims Frfend u::d counMlor. we ure ac lord n ;lj Utearlh, UoiiHliold a ui Juvenile Ueparttiients, auü adding othcrfeatutr--. lo thiit 1Í i-i to be nom tnlstimc onvrJ. caientlally a Hoiiid Periódica!, hs wel! a; hlnc I to a itv-ulture and tiurll.-iilturc. A:id thl Ii duae without lnoreasinx tlic pik-c of subscrt;tlvn. Hut fuitit-n;.-,r, tery persen uno miineaiately senrls U3l.5u, tbe suhscriptlou prfce;tiidJ3 cenw for poet ing bojk. niúkingl,tí5laall, wfll recelv The Amerloan Agriculturisf ioPthe.reatof thii year and Itkewtw all of 1388. and elOiei tbeAMKBlOAN AGKICULTURIST r A.M I i,Y :Y()I.OPA IjU f A, 71X pages and i.txw iliustraciuii Utaed last year, nsd bruujihï 'lüwn to dato 01 tbe A PKICAN AiUiuHJlUItlsT LaW nooii, 5ust ut1tbed, and n Cuini'fiidlum of evcry-dny Livv foi rarmers, Mecbanl' -. Bñslneu lien. Manufacturerè. etc enahltng evety ue i be hls own Uwyer. A large volume w !ltiiijL uite puuud nu t n li;t!f. huunü iu CioiTi and tiold. Thirty Tlious;iiil NuhTi-lberH a t' nave orderod the CclopdlO, whlon 11 au lnvftiu.ible book of reierence rorthe various Departments of H.tnitm Knowiedge. Itirnntt doubio November nnmber for the American AKtoaltiirlst. also l'ull desrrlp-B Uve sample pe of' Cycluiaectia uutl Luw Buok, uit (ent to our adlre3 on recelpt utl 5 cents lor iostag:e. Bi The American AgriGuEfurist $1.50 a Year,Single Numbers-15 Gis. Pres't 751 Broadway, New York.


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