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ANNOÜNCEMENTS FOR 1886. Tho Companion itsclf hardly neeils an introduction to the readers of tbis paper. lts snbscribers mlrnber nearly 880,000. This is the fiftyeirhth year of its publication, and lUiring these years it h;is found its way into almost every vlllage througaout the land, until ít has become tmly a member of many households. The pubüshers hav secured for tlie coming volume an unusual variely of entertaining and popular anieles, and its Coutributors already includc nearly all the distinguished Authors of this country and Great Britain, uud soirte of those of France and Germauy. Sllustrated Serial Stories, A CAPITA!. SEBIAL FOR BOYS, by T. T. TROWBRIDGE. IROKT TRIALS, a Thriiling Story, by GEO. MANVTLLE FENÏï. A.TX ATïOTTVWOTJS LETTER, by M. R. HOUSEKEEPER QUEER WEIGHBORS, by C. A. STEPHEN8 AWAY DOWN IN POOR VALLED, oy CHAJKLES EGBERT CRADDOCK. Adventures. Natural History. AEOTIC ADVENTUEES, by Ideut. GEEELY, V. 8. W. INCIDEKT3 OF ANIBtAL Sagacity, by EEV. J. G. W00D. THE BLAVE CAÏCHEE3 of Maöagascar, Lieut. SHUFELDT. NEW STOEIES irom tho Fisheries, by Prof. SPENCEB F. BAIED. AHOKS THE BHEAKEKS, by C. F. G0SD0N CÏÏMMINO. D0C-S WHO EAEN THEIE LIVING, by JAMES GHEENW00D. CANADIAN ADVENTtTFvES, by E. W. THOMSON. STOHIES of Old Trappers and Fur-Buyers, F. W. CALKINS. t ADVEHTUEES 05' STOTAWAYS, by WK. H. EIDEING. AMUSING SKETCHES of Whale-Huntiag-, A. F. BYEE3. ÏIY ESCAPE frora Hoi-ra Castle, by a Cuban Patriot, JTJAH EOMEEO. PEPwILS OF FEARL DIVING, by Col. T. W. KN0X. A BOY'S ADVINTUBE8 in Honitna, by JAMES W. T0WLE. THE 20GUE ELEPHAKT, by W. T. H0BNADAY. MY ADVEHÏTJRE wita Eoaa Agents, FKANK W. CALKIHS. THE KEEPEE8 OF THE ZOO: or Anecdotei EXPL0ITS with Submarine Boata aua Toraboat Animáis, gleaned from the Keeper _„ „T„„,, i peaoea in Maval Warfara, by T. C. HOYT. of the Zoologica] Gsrdens, tondon, by ARTHUE EIOBY. Special Articles. 0HANÏE8 FOB AMERICAN BOYS, by THE MAEÖUIS OF LOEN E. BEAUATIO EPISODES in Eag-lish History, 1)7 JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE. GLIMPSES OF K0U1IANIA, by ÏHE aiJEEN OF EOUMANIA. A UÏXSIC LE3S0H, by the Fauious Singer, CHBISTINE NILSSON. OBSCTJEE HEKOES, by CANON FAEBAR. THE VICTIIüS O3f CIRCTJMSTANCES, by WILKIE COLLINS. THE SPEED OF METEOBS, by JlICHAED A. PROCTOB. OTTP. FUTUE2 SHOWN BY. THE CENSUS, by FEANCIS A. WALKER. ' : TO YOUNG SINGEES, by CLARA LOUISE KEL.LO'"' . „tt, mn . -„.. f Pre3ldent C. W. ELIOT, of Havvavd University. :SSmNO CoIlgI ' resident NOAH POEÏEE, of Yale College. -MiTERINa COLLEGE, ■! Presldent F A. BAENARD, of Columbia Collsffe. Four Papers, by (irofessor KOSES COIT TZLEK, of Cornell CoUeye. üseful and Practica?. Eniertaining. BOYS VHO CAME FF.0M THE FAEM, H. EÏÏTTEEW0KTH. PIïESOtfAÏ, AIïSCDOTES of John Marshall, J. P&TEN COOKE VI0LIN E0yiNG-Bnying a Tioliu, by EOST. B. BEAIrT. DEIFTEI UT : A Story of a Storm-Bound Tram, OSCAR KNOX. LOCKS AKD KEYS; or Wonders of Locksmiths, H. E. WILLIS. KXPLOIXS Of AMEBICAN BICYCLISTS, by BENJ. F. SPENCER. SMALL ST0CK-RAISING for !T'ys, by LEKïïEL PAXTON. A EAW ESCETOC, and What Happened to Him, A. D. CHILDS. SHOHT-HAND AS A PSOFESSION, EERBEET W. GLEASON. BTOEIES OF LÏ'iTEK-CAKRIEES, by T. W. STAEKWEATH 5E. H0W TO F0SM a ïowig Folks' Shakespeare Club, Prof. W. J. KOLFE. HE PEItlLS OF PEECOCIOUS CHILDEEN, Br. W. A. HAMMOND. E0ME-SEEXING IIï THE WEST-HomesteadingA BOY at the Battle of Frederioksburg, by THOS. S. HOPKINS. How Land Í3 Pre-empted- Farminy aad IrrigaXKE "CSITTErt 'BACK" EEGIMENT, and tion-H;-jr to touro Xana by tr Cuitare, by Z. V. SMALIEY. OOui 'ia-m oi Old Cacipaigns, by -AM03 MUBTT. ifSustrated Sketches. TOTJN& MEMBEBS OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, by E. W. L"üCï. AMON CANÏTIBALS, by JOSEPH HATTON. THE PEINCE AND PSIIvCESS BIS3IAECK. by EFS. E. II. AME3. LOED TENNYSON AKTONG HI3 FAMILIABS, bv BRAM STOKER. FIGSTIiJG THE ABOTIO COLD, bjXiieut. SCHWATKA. AN EDITOE'S EXPEBIENOB III THE WILD TTEST. & HAEBOUR, LIFE IH TTJEKEY, y the TT. S. Minister to Tuiioy, Hon. S. S. COX. TIIICKS OF MAGIC AND CONJUPINO EXPLAIKEP, "PROF. HOFFMAN." Bit3 OS TEA. VEL IK SOÜTHEF.X CALIFOP.XÏA oa-i Santa Fe, by HSLEN HUKI JACK3ON. Oiibsoi'iption. l.7S a, 'STenr. Sample Oopio Free. This uiil -iioar ONI Y (tCP in thi naner K yoa will ct out tltis büp and send lt ton with your nanio and It1,s V'iU cDPear UIILI UNOt in WIS paper. p..Bt-Office Addr-ss av.O. C1.7S.wew;il send yo.. the COM.'AXION ■1 EIP jf3? 1 I fi BiS 4 4 É"S FKEE fr.-n tho time the ssiscriplion Is recelved to ,ran. lst, ' f a I 18 M tVi jgSt&U I8S6, and a full ya.xr-s f :.:;cription f rom th at time to lst, Iö O M Í Ë BI ■Inlu 18S7. Thls offer incimlp'. ímitil thn editions aro exhati 'ed) tiio SaSuiT Q W WSBBW I WPSf DOUBIK THANKSGIVIXG and CHBIST.HAS KSMÏE. S of O Pa -a-... v Uli Cplorod CovoTf. and fnll-p;ij;o Pictures sarpaisinp: anv previous Issues. " offer eqnal to this is made by a v othcr I par. stmt: Murjorder.cheóborseffuaeredzttttr. Addrcss pïRY ASGN & C3., Pubüshers, 39 Tosnple Place, Bosion ííass. ,.. V. ' B.tïDCS'S iViW 8SRIAL STOAV Wi_i. ÊiGiic WIT.-., TE s.MZ" :SUE L?3 JAKLV.RV.


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