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The execuüvc eommittee of tbc 9taU' uyrlcultursil society at. its animal mectine lixed tfce date for bolding the next state fair ior the week corumenclng Sept. 18. The followlng ecuini'ttees were also appointed: Business- A. ü. Hjde, Johü C. Sharp and H. O. Itanford. Transportation - ïïm. Cobb, James M. Turner, John Gilbcrt. Tbc litt of división superintendent as appointed 9 as loilows: IKneral Superintendent- W. H. Cobb; Cbicf Marshal- A. O. Hyde: Cattle- I. H. Butterfleld ; Horscs- G. w. Phillips; Sheep- D. W. Howard; Bwine - John Leesiter; Poultry - J. Q. A. Burritgton; Mlscellaiieous - Frank Wells; M'.islc, Sewlng Machines, etc.- M. 1'. Anderson; Children's Department- Pbllo Parsnna; Necdle Work - l'hilo] Parsous; Manufacturen - Henrv Frallck; Agricultural - Ainos Wood; Maehlncrv- Joan Oilbert; farra implemento- Charles W. Young, Abel Angel and'H. O. ilanford; dalry - J. 1J. Sboemakerj rehieles - P. L. Reed; btes, 1 oncy, etc., M. J, Uard; line arts - V. J. Baxter; fofage - E. W. Itieingjgates and e;atekeepers- Win. Ball; pólice - Joña C. Sharp. Comulltee on reui;jt:ou- Philo Parsous, E. O. Humphrey and W. L. Wcber. Commlt'.c on programme- O. W. Phlllipe, I. 11. Butterfleld and L. W. Howard. A tei o.uLk n was adupted auturlzinc; the appoiulincnt of eommittee on permanent organizatlon. After considerable discussiou t was ecided tbat the eommittee on iemporary location consist of tbe busiuess eomiuittce, president, eecretary, treasurer and the chairiuan of the trautpörtation coiuiniuec. The folk.wlng tommlttecs wcre also appointed: On President's address - M. P. Anderson, W. J. Baxter, J. Q. Barrington, H. O. Ilanford, F. L. lieed. On Premiums- I. II. Butterllclil, Ilenry Fralic .. D. W. Howard, Charles W. YounR, J. P. Sboemakcr, Jobn (J. Sbarp, George VV. Phillips. The treasnrer'a report shows the financia] standing of the society as follows: BBCBI7T8. January, 1S8Ö. Balance cash on hand $15,066 08. RECBIJTB DL-liTKO TUE CUItliEN'T TBAIÏ. Membership certificates $ 695 00 Adtoission (gates) 15,030 IS (jround und bootii rent l,tor PO Cherk room 54 '. Sundrles 46 10 Stall r;nt S9ö 80 Sale oí catalogues 22 20 Life membersnip 10 CO 8aleoi$4,ÜJ0U.S.bonds,-'prtrnium" [880 00 Interest account 400 0J $34,?a5 63 ÜISBCRSEMENTS. Bneiness orders $12,813 07 Premuini cbecks 10,497 00 Premium checks, 18S5. . 8 00 Ilouicultural prooiium checks 998 35 Ba'ance cash on hand. . 9,888 61 - 34,2:5 63 OI the above balance cash on hapd, itere is invested in the name of the society, Sfi.OOC (face vaiue) in lour per cent. reglstored United States bonds. I Nathanlel Wllson of BiomlnRclale, who left for California In 1853, and Irom whom 110 word wns recelved since 1853, receuüy returned to the scène of hls formcr residenee 1d Van Baren county. A larsre number of verv line fish are now beIng cauübt In Jcuihton lake, weighinjj from teu to fort? ó :nJs. The catch conslsis ol ïilekerul nú 1 muakalogde. Thev are taken tbrough ths Ice. The 1ury which aequitted Dan Holeomb of complioity In the Crouch murder, held a reunlon at Jackson on the lötb. Henry Holcomb's trlaln and acquittaljcost Jackson eounty $2,500. Hancock will put about $100,000 into church propijrty the present ear. N'athaniel Beatty. a pioneer of Ionia county, i i dcad. Hon. A. J. Webber oí lonhi ñas sola his farm of 500 acres, one mile noi th of that city, with tac live stock and farmins ImpU ments. to M'illlatn Steele. The conslderatlna was $: 5.000. This is tho larcest sale of farm property ever made in that eounty. Mancelona's broom factory gives employment to forty men. Stanton has an assembly of knlghts of laboi with 200 ïnemberi. The knlghts of labor oí Standiab hare (8 membfrs In good standing and the order la flourlhingTh Menominee Range dcaies tLht 'tiie kfllghts of labor wlll instltute a strike in tba; reclon neit spring. Tlie Alpina Labor Journal wanta the eocstitut!on of the knierhts of labor chauced so that no man worth more tbau $20,000 can become a raember. Harry WiíliarJ, a son of the Rev. S. E. Wisharo, a foroier pastor of the Baltic Creek congrcratlonal church, was killed by the Apaches December 19. Young Wishard was a member o( the Elgbth Umted States tavalry. Greeuvllle proposes to ralse $2ü,U0O bouus to aitl the Toledo, Ann Arbor fc Northern Michigan road to extend lts line to and bevond thelr city. E. L). Allen oí Detroit, proposes to establish 8tove works at Port Hurón ií a tock company eau be forined. Sheriff Mclntvreof Saglnaw county has been txoneratcd of the charges of incoinpetency and criminal neglect during the late strike in the Saginaw Valley. Geo. H. Mills, an cMerly gentleman, living near Hudson, attempted to commit suicide reeently by hanging. He was discovered by bis wiïe and taken down and resuscitateu. Cause, despondeney. Monroe Alleman of Hudson dled at hls sluter's in Waterloo, N.Y., rceotly, aged 35. Ho left 31,875 to Trinity Episcopal church of Hudson. time residu nt of Artrlau, and an officer of the) ! worUinnmen's association, ai íound with hlá ! wife on the 17tb lnst., insennlble irom coat gas. Mrs. Campsie dled at 2 o'clock the next uiornlng, and Mr. Campsie survived her bnt a few hours. A stovr lid was found removed. Mrs. Ciiujpsie was ill, and it is supposed that hi.T husbaud removed the ti-a keule to mx f ome warm medicine and forgot to replaco the stovelld. Ralph R. Van Houten, vetean of the war of 1S12, dled receutly at the residence of hi son in Graud Raplds írom tbe Injuries whicb he recelved by faliingjout of bed. He was 9J years old. Tbe Wolverlne spice company,for the manufaeture of cotTc-e, spice9 and baüing powders, bas been inriued in Graad Rapids, with a iaultal stock oi $10,030. The annual meeting of the state pioneer EOdatv has been calleJ to iueet in Lausin, June 6-9. President Fraiiek has Usued a circular to that ellect. In 1S55 Nathaniel Wllson of Blootilngdale, Van Buren county, left íor California. Up to I8ü hisfamily ke"t)t tiack of him, but smee that vear no tiuings have been rece.ved. Hls iwo Ottimiiin i n wco hoa remalned Ia va.i Buren couniy. mouined him as deud. Reeently Mr. W ilson put In an nppearante at bis cl i hor. e, ouly to flni hls daughte:s married aud thateen younssters ready aud anxlous tj cali him grandfather. A pieee of laud nppcars on one of the old a-sc.s3m1.ut rollsof btville townshlp, Gratiot coivnty. now in the eouuty treasurer's otliiv, wbich is described in tliis rather amusiugmaoner: A strip o!I the south side of scet.oj- , two rods and long enuugh to uiake iwo acres. The masonic hall at Big Raplds has been seeured lor the accommoüation of the ofllcerj aud representatlves of the R. V. giandeueampinent Michigan I. O. U. F., ï'eb. IJ and 11, and tho Mettoaist church has been seenred lor the reception of the rlght worthy grand odge. Ex-Postmaster Stearns of BUssfield, Is in dire trouble. He is a mental aud physk-al wreek, and it transpires that uiter nis removal from ollice hc was $451.81 hort in hU accounts with the department which sum ivas piomptly puid by bis friends. And now it is discovered tliat as village treasurer he is $440 bcliind. .Mr. tftearns' other indebtedness will reacb ;(5.üüü. It is alleged Mr. Stearus' iostes resulted from bis expt-rimeuts iu bee culture. Grand Rapld (.ol:ce ttiink that they have dlgcove:ed t ïi - murJcrtr of Johu Yucderlinde wh ) was killed in that c-:tv June 25, 1SS:. Th ■ ruspet is oue Mitt llowiril, colored, who is aliftohave eonfeased tlio crime to anoüier colored luau. Howard Is in jail at Kalamozoo. j Kosa Harrlngton, ugl 13 yearí, whose babe i was sbamïondèd at North Bradley aud waS discovered alter beiog partially eaten by dogs,; bas )ceu sent to the girU' boma at Adrlau. [■he chlld mamtains ttiut sbe wai in no way i reponslble tor tbe death of the babe. jobn 1'. Webber of Ludineton, and Peter Drake of Charlotte, have returncd from au overlaud trip throujih Missouri. Tucy starled October 1, and drove througb Indiana, Illinois Hud the (Jzark regioo lu Missouri. Jj.dward Ilorumg, elerk m the National hotel In Howvi!, wfts inrc-ted ai FowlervlIU ,he other uigut on a charge oí adultTv. Th ■ ïccuseu was brought to ilowell nuJ lalled. Horniug bas lived in Howell tix mouths ; bewas formerly of Reed City. Harry G. McDouell, the trayc'.ing uian ncensed of cansina tbe death oj ailvla Sawdy of Howard City, by aburilou, was arraigued at t.: pol ie conrt in Clrand liupids, waived examiimtiou, was held for trial at the clrc.iit court, and relcased on $1,(XW bail.


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