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Bradlaush, tbe atheïst who lias not been allowed to take the oatti as a member of the Britibh house of commons, because or hic atheistic belief, was finally sworn in on the 13th inst. Iho Britsh ship Hudson Bay lounüered_ at sea on ths 13tli and 15 livea were lost. Firc In Montreal on 18th caused a propendióos oL Í5U0.000. Stratford-on-Avon was viiited by a disastrou cyelone on the 13ih. Two uien were killed. The reported se zure of the ïamoa lslands by Germany Is coufirmed, and war Is belleved tó be Imminent. Turkey asks tor a reassembllng of the Balkan conference and has promlsea to disarm lf Servia and Grecee will do so firs:. John Dowie, a 14-year oíd son of Wallace Dowie of Toronto, stole 85JÜ irom hls father a ad fkipped. He was captured a few days after and had only $140 lelt. He had purchased two watehes aüd u gold ring, and had made irends wlth some newsbuys, who robbcd htm of a large poraon of tLe money. The balance he had squaudercd In various ways. It ia understood tbat the Dominion goverurnent will et the comiu session of par.jament introduce i b 11 ereatiné a new electoral división ent of the tc-rritory north and east of Lake N p'ssing, along the line of theCanadian Paclüc railway. ürdfirs have been received at Kingston to parade uil the men of battéry A, íor medical Inspccilon. It is rumored üiat a contingent will be ssnt to the Northwest at once. Riunors of the goverment coup d' etat In Irelaod are prevalent. Gen. Wolseley la expe, ti'd to take military command. The body of FieJeriek Charteran, a prominent rpnrehant oí Montreal, was found m the btlsh near tliat eitj froïtn st ff. He lost hls way In a bKezard While s'nS t0 hia country resideniv. The kinu: of Bavarla bas forbldden the cabine! to. inferiere "ith hls exehequer. The membersolthe cablnet will therelore all reBlKn. The debtï of the klng amountto 15,Cüü,ütk) marks. Queen Victoria has commanded the prodtict!ou of M. Guuuod's oratorio "Mors et Vita" at the Hoyal Albert hall. lier majesty will go froui Windsor to atteud tle performance. This will be the queen's Ürst appearancc In many years. Emperor WilHam opened the Prussian di?t In a speech, in which be stated that the business lu Prussla was due to over-product on. A tniin was wrecked near Valdivia, Chiil, and 30 soldiers kUle;l Jan. 16. The prefect of the Duwartmtnt of Eure was assassinatt'd in hls corrlage on the 14th. President Grcvy bas gruuted amncsty to prisoners tonvictcd.of politlcal offen9es; slnce .A terrible euvel In occurre In a mine near Alburtes, Fa., Jan. 14, and three men wcre killed The four Ncwark chlldrea, who went to Paris t i ije treated by M. Pasteur have returned, cur.d. TLe inöbt notable event on tut' oss&ge was the arrival of a boy baby wh eb was born to lili. Kyau, mother of one of the patleuta. C. H. A'co,the man tint confessed to compileity with President MeNeil oí the Lancaster bank at Clinton in the robbery of the bank hrs retracted hia confesslun. The annual banqueí in commemoratlon of the battie of Yoiktown was held at the Hotel Continental, l'aris, on the 15th. United State Minister Mul.ean was present and made a speech. Louis Mlchel arad l'rlnce Krapotklne have been released f rom prison. It is now annouuced that] the illness of the Pilncess of AVales was a ECiious atUck of dlpnther.a. Over $4,000,COO ha9 been pald from the Canadlan militia department on account of the Kiel uprislnp;. M. de Leasepa expects to remain two weeka in Panama for wbich place he Is to start on the ifóth lust. He declares that the task of tonstructiug the Panama canal is far easicr thim tbc work on the tíiuz canal and predicta that It will be completed by the end of 18SÖ. Kussia bas asked the Viitican to reopen the negotiatlons for cioser relationehip between tbut country aml tbo VaUean. It is bclievcd that liuts'a'ivifhes ta counteract th. iutimate relations at present exiatiug betwoeu thü Vatlcan ud Kussia. A syndicale of Fronch contractors has been fornitd to compele with the Germán fyndlcate in supplying the Chínete (joveraraent with material for tbc conatructkui of railwajs. The delegati'S of the Gcruian syndicate who recentiy ttailed lor Chiua to negotiate with tbc Chinese government for the construction of the projected raihvays there took wlth them 510ü,00U for their preliminary expenses. A fanilne is Imminent In Ireland, and bloodshed Is feared. as thrcats of personal vlolence are freely made. fl Margaret Vouug and a companlon namcd Dcma Derosia were found dead in the former s home in BrockvUle, Comda, on the 16th inst. Mis. Youug, tbe mother of Margaret, was uuconscious. From appeaiances it Is certaln that the irls were poltoned. The aiïalr is ebroaded ín mystery. Sir John A. McDonald, the premier of the Canadian Dominión, has retarned from hls trip to Londou. It is rumored that 8ir John will grant full and unconditional pardon to all prieoners now undei-going eontenco íor cornplieity In Üie recent rebclllon In the nürthwest. Lord Salisbury ha eonscnted to rttognlce China as nominal suzerain over BurmaTi. on the condition that the Pekín covernínent abandon its claim to tribute from Burrnah and open the Chinese frontier to Britiah traders at 5 per cent. ad valoren dutles, exeept ou opium. News has been recelved of the burninsr of an enormoua haystack at Lomberp, Bnvaria, which had been used duvlnR the eóld weathcr for shelter by vaícrants. ücly a night or two aw a larger number than usual of homeless wauderer had sought shelter under it, and wbllc all wcre asleèp the hayatar.k took lire, Twcntvdead bodica have already been taken from the rulns, and it Is thought mauy others have been burned to death. Prince Alexandria oí Bulgaria wlll not allow Pervia to select the place for conductlng the aegotiatlons for peace between Bulgaria and Servia.


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