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JaS.H--8ej!ate-A petition was presentid to the Senatc pravlae that commercial travelers be relieved of burdensome taxntion, and the Colorado legislatura presented a memorial favoring the ;ree eolnag.; of silver.... Mr. Brown called up Mr. Beek's silver resolution and addressed the Senate. He advoeated the lssuance oL silver ccrtiücatcs to represent tbe silver in the treasurv, and clalmed that cvery gold and silver doller, not part of the neeessary treasury reserve, sbould be put In c rculatlon by a gold or silver certifícate. Business woukl be greatlv Improved if lnstead of so much silver coin thère was more sUver in eireniation in the form of paper eertlGcates. ii an nttempt wns made to demonctize sllver by the national banka, or ii ihose who represent the pcoDle in the various ("epartments will not take the matter in hand then the pcople should do it at the polls, and lili the departments with men who will wurk tor thls object. Mr. Maxey of Texas bclieved Üii r:iid on slls-er, if sucessful. would luilict incalculable injurv on tbc Unltêd States. The bng-bcar of the gil ver, so te-rifvins; to the European inoney chauger, had o lerrora for the American people. Il the peple should ever flnd themselvos hamperutl bv a great weight ol sllver they could readily excSanga it ior paper certificates wuleh wben bnsed od eoin, dollar for dollar, were much better than coin (or actual use. Mr. Maxey ia utterly opposed to ftn irredemable paper curreney, and declared a fluctuating curreney inconsistent with bealthy trade, while a sound curreney based on gold and silver, and convertible iñto eom 1 was a blcsslng to clvilizatlon. It was an In famous lie tbat the sllver advocates wanted to pay a doilar debt In an 80 eeut dollar, and thus take advantage of their crcdltors. The suspension of silver eolnatrc was but another way of asking for the suspension of silver COinage, and 8Uch euapanninn wmald bo most serloiu la lts conseicnces to the people. . . The judicial salary bill was laid before the Senate. The secilon whlch provides that no person relatedwlthin the degree of first cousin ! appointed bv said judge to any po! sltion in thls eourt, and that all so ! related who now ho;d sueh offices shall not i continue in office six months after the passage of the act called out considerable diseussion. j Mr. Edmuuds moved to strike out the clause ; wlilch would atleet those alieady in office. . .Thls araendment was agreed to, and the Senate adjourned untll Monuay without transactIng otiier business. ÏIocse.- A resolution was passed In the House dlrecting the iudiclary committce to inquire into the expedfeney of prohib;ting the adjudicaiion of pr vate claims by eongress. .. The Hoar presideutial suecessiou bill came up and Mr. Caldwell of Nebraslta led the debute. In bjs oplnlnn the bill under discusslou did not meet all the nceds, but would serve as a temporary bridge. Mr. Cooper of Obi ■ ihought the person oeeupying the pretidential tlialr should not be empowered to name hia ■ u-ctsaor. Mr. Eden of Illinois thought the ' i ondina; measure would preserve the country rom anaic.iy. Mr. McKinley of Ohio offerod ;i substitutë maklnï provsion ior bavlog a i speaker of the House continuaüy in office,con irress to convene March 4 next succeeding 1 t.:e e!ectlon oi represcntatives, ana wijcu a vncancy exists in tbe ofDees of President pro U-m. of the Senate or speak er of the House, the President sball ■ convene the House in whlch the vacancy i exists ior tbe election of a suecessor. Mr. i Paters of Kansas considered the pending 1 measure uneonstitutional, inexpedieut and ! Impolitlc. But ior these faults It was a pretty fair bill. Mr. Seney of Ohio adyocated the passage of he pending measure. ..The debate will be resumed to-morrow...Frlday nigut sessions were ordered for the considcratlon of pension bilis. Adjourned. Jan.15- House- The prcsidential successlon ! bill was the only matter under advisement in the Hoase to-day. Air. Dlbble of tJouth Carolina opened the debate in advocacy of the bill Mr. Rockwell of Massaehusetts and Mr. Baker of Penusylvania alto supported the bill, and Mr. OsbJrne of Pennsylvanla made some caust;c remarks in opposltion to lts passage. Mr. Rvan of Kansas favored the settlemént of this vexed question i Ijy a constitutlonal amendment providlag for ! three vlce presldents. Mr. Ermentrout of ; I'enusylvania defended the blll, but was op1 jjosed to that section of it whlch repealeü the i special eleetion cause oí the act of Iit2. Mr. i Adams of Illinois removed all objections on ; that score by offerlns an amendment, which i was adopted, striking out the clause which i repeals the sections of therevlsed statutes provldlng for special ■ lections. Vote wa3 taken and lost : on a substltute olterea by Mr. McKinley of ; Oblo, leaving in force the present law, and adding a provisión that for the purpose of hav; iug a speaker of the Tlouse eontlnually in ullic congress should assemule on the 4th day of March uext succeedlng the election of rep; íesentatives to congreso, and whenever a va' caney exists in the speakership of the House i or presldeney of the Senate, the president shall I eonvene the "House in which the vacancy exists ! for the purpose oí electing a presiding officer. i Mr. Rvan oï Kangas moved to rtcommlt the bill, with iustructions to the commlttee t re vort a joint resolntion providing for the elec: tlon oï two or more vice presldents. This motlon was lost, a6 was also one made by Mr. Eyerhart of Pennsylvanla, ainendinz the instructions so that the measure reported back would provide for the elevation to the I residency of the speaker of the House, president pro-tera of the Snatc, secretary of state, chief justioe of the supreme court, secretary of the treasurv and attoruey general, in the order named. Beveral other amendments of minor Importance were offered, and a vote taken and the bill passed by a vote of 183 yeas and 77 nays, prcclsely as it came from the Senate. As passed the blll confevs the succession to the presidency in case of a vacancy in both the offices of president andviee uvsident on the secretary oí state, or if that office is va cant on the secretary, of the treasury, the s' .(cesión passing to the other members o tbe cablnet in cases of vacancy. The House then adjourned until Monday. Jas. Ij.- Senate- A bill regulatlng inter state coramerce was submitted to the Senate and referred. . . . A resolution was oflered, an ;aid over, dlrccting an inquiry into what pro1 uition of the $lu,030,000 in United States bonds called for pavmeut in February are helt by national banks ás a basis for circulatiou. . . A long discussion on the tishery questi n as the rcsuli of a resolution relating to our flsh erics Citizens of Montana presented me moríais, praylng for admisslon as a state into the union ; a bill to tbat effect was introduced The bill giving all United States district court judges S5,ÜOO a year, and prohlbiting them from appolutiug relatives U) office in thelr court was passed. Araong bllls introdueed were tbe following: To reimburse t'Tritorles for money spent in the prosecution of Indians; to grant lands in severalty to the Indians of the Rouud Valley reservatlon in California; autborlzlng the secretary of the treasury to deliver to the proper owners all articlcs deposlted In June, 1'., as property captured by the United States during the war. The bill provides that the act shall be advertised for one year, and that at the expiratlon of two years all articles rcmalnlug lu the treasury shall bc sold at public anctton. Senator Cockrell Introduced a bill abollshing the otlice of supervlsing inspector ueneral of steam vcssels, and reduclng tbe salaries of the 10 supervisiug lnspcctors froni $3,000 to 81,500 per year. Uol'Siï - Nearly C00 bllls were introduced in the House to-day. " Among tbem were the following: Grantlng a pension to Mrs. Merkleham, survlng graud-daughter of Thomas i Jcllerson; to prescribe a Wnure of otBce to Íirrsons employed in tbe civil service; a blll or the creatlng of a coromission to dibü'ibute the Oeneva award ; rcpealing all the internal rcvuiiuc taxes ou dometic tobáceo; for the coutrol aud government of St. Mary's ship i canal ui Michigan.


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