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The population of Paris is said to be increasing at the rate of 29 per 1,000. Kcssia has 38,400 doctors, of whom 880 are women. The dentists uumber but 600, and thu plmriaacists 2.G0O. Important discoveries of tin ore are said to have been made on the line rf the Blue Ilidge in Rockbridge county, Virginia. A resident of Kansas City has constructed a violin out of old wood, wbich is pronounced by experts to surpass the products of Stradivarius in richness of tone. Kentccky has been honored with the speakership of the honse of representatives eleven times. Nest comes Virginia with seven eleetions, ïollowed by Pennsylvania with five The necessity of maintaining, as at present, eighteen palaces when Queen Victoria resides bnt in one, and that ior only three months in the year, is likely to occupy the next parliament. The democratie speakers who have served since the war were of the same age when first elected - 48 years oíd, whieh was the age oí Mr. Kerr, Mr. Randall, and Mr. Carlisle when the firat term of each began. An American is to-day the best-hated man in Scotland. Caledonia is indeed stern and wild anent Mr. Winans, who has recently clawed up thousands of acres more. la Irekind he would have ! been boycotted, or worse, long ago. The debt of France is over $4,000,000,000- the largest national debt in the j world, being $600,000,000 or $700,000,i 000 more than the debt of Great Britxn and about thrce times the amount of interest-bearing debt of the United States. Frank Siddaix, the prosperóos Philadelphia soapmaker. has iust purcnaseu a camagu wuiea is saiu to oe uxv finest thing in the vehielo line in the Quaker city. It cost something like ; $2,000. It is upholstered in bottle-green broad-cloth, has a telcphone connected' with the driver, a looking-glass, and ' a clock. Proí. Eaton, of Yale college, in a reeent lecture to the students, told thém it was not certain Eve tempted Adam with an apple in the Gardon of Eden.' He thinks probably it was a quince, "be cause the apple of the present day was ■ propagated from the crab-apple, and it is not at all likely Adam would have been taken in by such a puekerv litü bait." The state coaches of the lord mayor j of London and Queen Victoria are neari ly coeval. The later from 1762, the third year of Georgo III. It was about 1712 that the lord mayor lirst used a stage coach, on Nov. 9. The first coach lasted till 1757, wheu the onc now in use was built by subscripüon and presented to hini. It is very similar to the queen's. Amono the entries in the accounts of the Germán government for the past year is the foUowing: "Cost of providing a snuff-bojc set withbrilliants for the Russian Minister von Giers, as a remembrance of the imperial meeting at Skierniewice, 17,000 marka." Four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for M. de Giers' snuff-box is a tolerable amount. Engush law tnakes a difference between ordinary lectures and those delivcred at universities. It has been re: cently decided, on appcal, at Glasgow, that i university student may tako notes of lectures and ptiblish them, if he pleases, without the consent of the professors. The lectoren are considered public proporty. The boys in Chinese inission schools usually prefer women teachers, perhape because these are more sympathotic and patiënt with them, and there is a story of one who, in the absence of his own teacher, was put under the iastrncüon of a man. He scenicd uneasy and imhappy, and when askcd liow the lessoa had gone, burst out with: "Me no likee man teacher! Me waut old gal!" The order of the Crown of India, conferred on Lady Randolph Churchill, was jnstituted in 1878. It includes sorae twenty-six ladies, besides the wives of Indian princee, all of whose husbands have lield appointments connected with. India, and is conferred almost as i righi on the wife of the secretary for India, which Lord Randolph now is. It is always conferred in England by the sovereign in peraon. One of the hardest things to represent on a map is the contour or vertical relief of a country. No very satisfactory procesa of making relief maps, by which we may get at a glance a good idea of the conliguration of the earth'g surface, has heretofore been invented. New relief maps, however, that are now being introducod in Europe are, said not to show only accurately the physieal features of the cartli, but also to bc as convenient to handle as an ordinary map. They can be rollcd up or foldcd, and can be carried about as easily :is so wuuh paper. They are üattencd when a weiglit is placed upou them, but iiiátautly reanme their proper shape when the pressure is removed. The Ettglish weather bureau haa traced the origin and progresa of the series of storma which did so much daiuage in tho northern ünitod States and southern Europe last Octobor. lts origin was a lyphoon which originated near the Philippincs on Sopt. U7. It reached California on Oet 10, struck the Atlantic on the 18th, made Httle progress until tlie 25th, when it was augmented by x southern gale, uud reachcd the French coast on the 27th, whcre it did much misc-Mei It expiied in the Baltic on Nov. 1, !iirin tj-avnlod sixteen thousand ruiks m tbirty-six days. It was the first sto.'-tn traced so far, day by day.


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