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The junior hop is to be given at the rink. The pharmics have organized an orchestra. Babcook, law of '87, was married during vaoation. Wm. White, medio '84, is practicing in Grand Karpids. Prof. B . VV . Cheever las returned from Honduras. The sophomores next social will be held at Ypsilanti. J. H. Grant, law '84, has a lucrativo practico ín Manistee. A. S. Whitney, lit '85, is principal of the Mt. Clemens schools. F. N. Lufkin, lit '84, has returned to enter the law departrneut. The Adelphi literary society hold an election of officers this eveuing. K. S. Searl, law '86, has been elected president of the moot congress. D. O. Worcester, lit '88, has been appointed assistant in the libiary. .Mrs. Minuie Kiker, wife of aasistant E. V. Riker, spent Sunday in this city. Senator Palmer of this state graduated from the hterary de'partment in '49. ed by the Alpha Nu, to-morrow eveuing. Prof. Dunster has decided not to give his course íd "social science" next semester. Prof. Knowlton held no quizzes last week, consequeutly the junior laws were happy. The part of the Rogers' collection spoken of in our last issue, arrived Tuesday. Secretary Bayard bus received the degreo of LL D., from Yale, Harvard and Darmouth. The students fchowed their apprecia-. tion of Scanlan by filling the Grand to its utmost capac.'ty. H. G. Prettyman, medie '88, has decided to quit medicine and take up the study of law instead. Dr. Maclean has so far recovered from his recent injuries that he has resumea his work in the university. Since Dr. McCosh has been president of Princeton college, that institution has received $5,000,000 by donation. The university glee club sing in Detroit to-morrow evening, under the auspicies of the Y. M. O. A. of that city. Blakely, law '86. who was absent the flrst three months of the college year has retuned and will gradúate with his class. This evening Mrs. Emily McLaughhn of Boston, will address the university temperance association. in university hall. The Sunday morning meeting of the S. C. A. will be addressed by Prof. Rogers. Subject. "Difficulties in Christian Life." Opinions in appealed cases are now handed down from the supreme moot court, recently organinzed in the law depar traent. Saturday evening, Jan. 30, is the time, aud university hall the place, for the concert to be given by the Mendelssohn quintette club. The attendance of over 200 students proves the leotures of Dr. Vaughan, on " Sanitary Science," to be of more than usual interest. Prof. Olney has given up his classes in general geometry aud calculus on account of poor health. Prof. C. N. Jones takes his place. Two new cases have been built and placed on the third floor of the museum for the reception of a poriïon of tlie Chinese collection . Prof. A. B. Prescott leoturerl on " The Liti'rature of Pharrnacy," before the Pharmaceutical socieiy of Detroit, Wednesday evening. The ohoral union and the Detroit eho'rus talk of uuiting for the production of Handels " Messiah," both in this city and Detroit, sometime late in the seasou, President Cleveland was presented with a eopy of his message tntnslated into Latin and enrolled upon parchment. by a student of Lioyola college of Balt i more, Md. A fee of $1 entitles yon to the privilege of the "gym." for foor months The assoeiation are tr mg to secure the "justice'' fund to equip their tiall ïu better shape. The 8. O. A. has takeu tlie religions censúa of the uuiversity. Tin; oan bss is complete aud the restilt, which will le made kuowu about Fébraary 1, will be ot considerable mterest. The following board of editors of the Argonaut for the uoxt semester, were ohoseo last Saturday: Prom '87, B C. Bryant, 8. A. Moran and J. E. Beueilictfrom "Hs, 8L M. -Maun; from 'iSÜ, K. B. Wileox. The election of editors of the Chronicle for the eneuing year will be luid in room A. tomorrow. Four editom ure to be selected from the junior cliiss, two from the secret societies and one from the iudependents. The following are the oflicers elected by the Jeffersonian Hooiety: Preúdent, H. C. Gilbert, '8(i; vioe-president, I. Thompson, '8(i; secretary, G. 8. Manly, '87; treasurer, G. Dygert, '87; sergeantat-arms, E. 8. Crawley, '87. Wm. Blüikie wil) lecture in university hall next Tuesday eveniug, for the benefit of the atheletio association. Air. B. is the author of " How to Get S'rong and How to Stay So." His subject on thi occasion will be " Strong Bodies for All." Prof. Cooley's mechanieal collection was recently enlarged by the addition of an automatic injeetor (in sections) aud a straight-way valve, presented hy Ste vens, Scott'& Co. of Detroit. This flrm will also present the university with a Townsend sight-feed lubrioator. The Rugby association have secured a hall on Ann street, near . the post-ofllce, for a temporary gymnasium, and have it nearly ready for business. We regret that the associatiou did not secure tlie skating nnk for the above purpose, since it could have been remodled into a fine "gym" by a small amount of labor and expense. Prof. Calvin, Thomas has written a letter on the queation ot establishing a Goethe fund, and asks donations from the Germans of Michigan. Dr. Kiefer of Detroit, has subscribed $100 and it. is to be hoped that the countrymen of the great Germán poet will respond libentlly to tho cali made on tbem. The object of the fund is to parchase a libiary. The uew clock has at last been placed in the library tower, and will le in running order next week. It it oue of the strongest and most compact clocks made, and cost something over $2,000. It strikes the quarters and hours, and rings the chimes at 7 a. m. and 5 p. m., standaJd time. Mr. Vreeland, representing E. Howard & Co. of New York, is putting the clock in position.


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