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Kufus Cate has taken up h s residence in Detroit. Entertainment to-morrow evening it the M. E. chui cu . Buyers run pork up WedneRday to $4.40 per hundred. Fred. Schniid purchased 3,000 pounds of wool in Milán, v esterday. Justioe Breiman will not be a candidate for re-election. He 18 satisfied. B. F. Watts has been choaen grand king by the grand chaptrr oí R. A. Al. "The Mikado," by Rice's opera company, at the Gr ind opera house tomorrow evening. The recent fire loss, $20, over Donnelly's store, lias beea paid by the insurance adjusters. The oase agaiust Wm, Forter, the M C. R. K, policeman, comes orí' lo-moirow Ixfore Justne Freumiff. Mac'; & üchmid have somethiug to iy about tiheap prieea for good goods, in a change of advertisement. Mr. Wru. Güinber, one of Howells en terprising business men was in town this week accompanied by Iiíh wife. Monday Wm. Gutekunst, wife beater, paid $14.48. He pleaa guUty to the charge before Justice Freuauff. Mack & Schmid are ehaujiing one of their woolistorehouae sover iuto a dwelling. Jno. Walsh will do the carpenter work. Jaco Koch, of Lima, raised, ou 11 acres of land, 36 bushel of o'over eed, which was pui chased by .Mck & Sohmid Tuesday. The tramps wh stole a pau of boots and rubber nboea from in front of JDoty & Finer's store, got '.) days iu the Detroit w ork-house. The ladies of the Beethoven society are makiug arrangements to hold a bazaar doring the iirst week in March. There will be a meeting of the ladieB Mon lay, Feb. 1, m Germama hall, to perfect arrangements for the same. All ladies are invited to be present. Mayor Kapp, and Aids. Henderson and Lawrenoe, city attorney Kinue, and : J. B. Da vis, F. G. Suekey, F. liaoli, C. Mack, and J . E. Beal, are membersl of the committee who wil visit Detroit and investígate the plans for ïmprovemeuts to be made at this place by the Michigan Central railroad comp iiiy. Some mouths ago .Í . V. Hamilton recovered a verdict in the Waahtenaw i ircuit court for $1,000 agaiDst Dr. Geo. E. Frothingham, the trouble growing out of the sa!e of the Register. The case was taken to the supreme court and a decisión reversin tnat of the lower court was given %'ednesdav. Supt. Ashley sayn that Auu Arbor people can step ou to the T. & A. A. cars and ride through to Evart by next August.- Uourier. All pruise to the Ashleys for this line of rond. But lor them the road would never have beeu competed to this city. Uur oitizens are under many obhgatums to them for poshing the line north. The Mikado which is now being played with great success in New York, fhiladelphia, Boston aud Chicago, is pronouuced by buth press and public to be the most novel, ivfined and amuaing comic opera ever pres nted to the public, and no one sho ild fail to witness this m isterly production. This opera will be reuslered by Bice' opera compauy at the Grand, to-inorr w evening Jan. 23. Orrhi Thatuher, an old and nighly-esteemed citizen of Ohel.sea, died of'eonsumption iu California Tuesday, aged (2. Mr. Thatcher was one of the stanch demócrata of Washtenaw County, haring served fivs terms as 8upervi-or of the Township of Sylvan, and for thrcu years president of ihevillageof ChelHea." He would have recived the appointmeut as postmaster at Chelsea if he had lived He leaves a wife and a considerable property. Persons who contémplate visiting Kansas should confer with C. A. Heudrick of Fall & H ndnok, for he is probably the best posted man in this seotion of the geography of the above state. He has made it a special study with a vew of locating there at no distant day. He is fortifled with a dozen dilioreat maps and has nine-tenth of the cities and v 1lages at his tonques eud. Charley propoees toeugage in farming.and will take up land in the southeru part of the state. He also thinks the elimate will be beueicial to his health, which is one of the principal reasons tot his leaving oil Aun Arbor. Sheriff VValsh arrested Lizzie Cole umi Wm. Puce Wednesday on complaint of Lizzie's husband, Abraham CdIc, who lives near Eochester, N. ï. Abraham charges his wife with lewd and lascivious conduct Abraham says Lizzie left him less than a year ago aud in oompanj with Puce caine to Michigan, taking with her $4,0(10 out of their undivided ! portion, which she aud William used to purchase a farm with. The purchase of the farm, which lies south o'Ypeilanti, was made last December. The land was deeded to O. Puce and wife, who, when : arrested were iu a law office in Ypsihinti executing a deed of the property to Lizzie's son, who lives with her on the farm. .Tingle, jingle, jing. Üleijfliing i here at last. sli-ihing partios are uow in order. Probate register Doty was iu .Marshall Tuesday. A. J. Sawyer was in Lunsing Monday and Tuesday "The Mikado," by Rice's Opera Co., to-morrow evening. obb's case will be üeard Saturday, Ijefore Jnstice Bieunau. K. G. WUdt fouiul liis horse dead in the stal), Suuday raoruing. Jno. Finnegau went to Sanilao counU Monday, t purohase land. Dur. and Mrs. A. J. Sawyer spent Sunday with fiiends in Chelsea. State street is tha place to witness somo flne trottiug these days. O. L. Matthews has secured pensions for four persons ia íhe past month. Ex-postmaster Masón of Saline, was in the city Wednesda.v, on business. . Dnring the year 1885, l,25O,dOO bushels of wheat were marketed in Chelsea. A ehange of advortisemeut this week, for W. ö. liurchöeld, merchant tailor. Proaecuting attorney Norria and Hon. J. J. Kobison were in Lansing Tuesday. Chas. L. Qoodhue of the water company, was in the city, Monday, on business. Wm. Derby's pension has been increased fom six to ten dollars per month. Rice's opera company will present the " Mikado" at the Grand opera house, toraorrow evening. The Courier office wa closed Tuesday, on aco.mnt of the death of J. E. Beal's iniit, Mrs Howe The nniversity dramatic olub will appear at the opera house, this evening, in " Sorap of Paper." (irover's comedy company is booked for nn eutertiiinmeut at tlie opera house, I uesday evening, Jan . 2(!. Geo. W. Miller of Uetroit, was in the city luesday, to attend the burial of his father, the late Col. Miller Manager 1 licks shipped, Tuesday, by express, a case of Huptuuic to the Hou. John Kelley, New York, city. .Mrs. ELowc, who resided on Maynard street, feil dead in the Baptist church Siiud.iy, she was a relative of Mrs. K. A. Beal. Rev. Dr Payne of the Ohio Wesleyau univeisity.will preaob Sunday eveniati at the M . E. churcb, before the (,'ooker league. Jno. F. Lawrence lias enlarged his office in the opera house block, by rentiug the room fornierly oocnpied by lawyer .Martin. Dr. VV. J. Herdman has purchaed the Oott place on West Huron stieet, for (6,000, for a private hospital ít is rumored. Betsey Maria Oook has oommenced proeeediugs for divoree agaiust Geo. W. Cook. Z. P. King is solicitor for the coniplainant. Jos. Farrel, a well-known Ann Ar'oor boy, lias takeu up eeverul bundred acres of land iu Towner county, Dakota.where he now resides. The fourth Knights Templar social, beid Tneedov eTOning was a very pleaa ant affair The next entertainment will oocur one weck f rom to-night. The Aun Arbor gaa oompany will liglit the clook in the court hoiiHe tower cvery night in tilt; year for $73, and liglit it well. They'oSer to light it a month on trial. Wm. Tlieisen, the well-known eutter, late with W. G. BurchfieKl, has something so say abont perfet üts in to-day's paper. He speaks through an advertisement. Rev. O. K L. Orozier delivered a 'cllin(? temperance addres-i at the old B.ip tist churcii Sunduy afternoon. in the evening Messra. öóbaiver and Hawks were the speakers. Monday Bishop Gillespie iimpected the now j;iiJ, and he left his card with slieriti' WüIrIi, stating that it gave entire satisfaction. The bishop is a membar of the board of eorrections and charitiea. The retnains of the late Col. Jno. F. Uilier, who died iu Washington, were brought here Tnesday for iutermeut. His sou, Glenn, accouipanid tliera. Mrs. Miller lias takeu up her residence in Detroit . It is rumorea tliar, atter iustructiug the eilief of polioe t seo that tlie law relative to tiie opeui aml closm# of saloons be euforced, a majority of tlie counoil ufterwurds tokl hira to hold np a litt te. Capt. O. II. Manly was oaned, Tues day evenin.% by the meinbers of Otseningo logde, I. O. O. F., for aervicfis rendered. Tue presentation was made by D. C. Fall. Uharley is proud of the gold-headed cane. Themembersot theAnn rborSchutzenbnnd met Monday aud shot t see who should be the shooting kiag for the yp;ir. There was a tie, 179 eacli, betweeti Berinan Armbrustei1 and Pred. Qakle. [nshootingof the tie Aimbrns ter wou by ïx rint;. liev. J. I'. liixby's moruingf subject at tlie Unitariau churcli, uext Suuday, will be, " VVhat i l'iuth?" In the evemntf Mr. Bixby will ive a lectura on "Kelisr ion in üermany,'1 oontaing the resulta of hia personal observations duriug a two yeara' resideice there. The MiohiguD Kurniture Co. eleeted the followinfi; board of directora, Tuesdiiy eveninK: W. D. Hairinian, i,. oer, Alosen Seabolt, J. J. Ellis, U. E. Hiu; cuck, A. V. Bamilton. E. E. lieal; presi ilent, VV. U. Harrimau: president, L. Gruner; secretary aud treasurer, ('. E. Hiscock; superintendent, Paul Suaubel The workingmen's anión eleoted the following olrleera Monda; evening: President, Geo. Miller; lst vioe-p resident Fred Gausfl; ad president, ( hnstiau Hoffstetter; rcording secretary, [Dagene Oesterlin; eorresponding secretary, Wra. Herz; treasurer.Frederick Sohmid; collector. John Mayer; trus, tees, J. George Grossmanu, Uharlea Binder, John alz, Heury Apfel, J. G. Koch, Adam Wahl, Christian JLmtz; doe tor, John Kapp; color bearer. August Ihuz stewart, Hermao Luepke. The society now numbers 133 in .'tubera with $,990.51 in the treasurv. A nev wiinkle has been tfiven to the Boiieiuian at and Germán larley swin die in Ingliara connty. A citizeu of White Oak has been induod to go into thi8 sort of a scheine. i Ie tirst agreed to sell 10 Imsnels of wheat from his graiuary to the agent for $10, tlien agreed to pay the agent $1" a bushei for the same wheat, the agent in hia turn agreeing to sell the following season 2 ) bushels of the wheat for 810 a bushel. the $200 to go to the White Oaker. This transac : tioi. was actuallv made and the agent walked off with the note of one of the best farmers in White Oak for 140. If the facts were aot before u it would seem inoredible tuat an inteligeut man could be induced to give his note for $140 for 10 bushels of lus mvn wheat, which all the while lay in hisown grainary - ilason News Vick's Floral Guide for 1886, the pion eer seed aunual of Amerioa, comes to us tliis year a real gem, not a dry list of hard botanical names, but over tliirty pagee of reading matter, imong which are artiolee on roses, house planta, oheap greenhouse, omou culture, mushrooms, j manuie, young gardeuera and very iuter esting rending, followed by about 150 piges contaiuing illufltrations, descripÜOD Jiini priee.s of seeimngly everything ' the heart oould ciesire m tlie'line of seeds, plante, bnlbe, potatoes, etc. It is a ; tery how tlnu ürm can afford to publish, ' aud really give awn , thi.s beanhful work i of neaiiy j(M pa. es of the Ijnedt paper, vith hundreda of ïllustratioiw and two fane colored plate-, all enclosed in an ' elegant cover. Auy me desiring goods i ui this line eau tiot do better thau to '■ seud K) cents for tne Floral Gaide, to '. James Vick, Beedsman, Rochester, N. Y. i .Deduct the 10 cents from the rirst order I sent for seeds. "A Scrap of Paper," at the Grand this eveniug. Srhlede has sokl out his bookbiudry establishment. Scanlan played t a large audiencr Friday eveniug. The Grub club oocupy rooms over Watts jewelry store. J. G. Paul is building a $1,500 house on North Fourth atreet. C.E.Wagner is carning on the grocery business in Danville, 111 The university calendar for '85 and 'H6 will be out in a few days. T. F. Leonard is slowly renoveriui; from a very severe sickness. B. F. Bower of the Detroit Even ing Journal, was home Sunday. Bishop Gillespie preached at the county house, Suuday afternoon. A. O. Crozier spoke in Dundee, Tuesday eeinug, on temperance. N'ext ïue-day the Grover Comedy Co. will appear at the opera house The new telegraph company is doing business in the Hamiltou block. A re-union of the third Michigan cavalry wil] oocur at Lansing Feb. 17. Cornwell fe Co. expect to start up their pulp mili next week or the week after. The Two Sama have secured the agency for the celebrated Yeoman Hata. Tbere seems to be a fair prospect ahead for building durinff the vear 1886. Mrs. Geo. Waker of Detroit, was the gueat of Mrs. Wm. Walker over Sunday. The ice for the Northern brewury ñas harvested from a pond Dorth of the brewery. J. W. Brower was ealled to Danvüle, 111., last week, on account of the illness of bis mother. The water in the new (Joruwell dam will be set back within 6U feet of their dam at Foatera. F. E. llaudull, treveliug ageut for the D. & C. S. N. Co, visited lus falher, F. Randall, Friday. Willis Bougüton, who is engaged in ousmeaBin iJetroit, spent Bunday it hi home in this city. During lus stay in the city, the Rev. Brooke Herford wil] tie entertained by Mrs. Gov. Ashlev. Edwin Bentlif, general manager of the Oakland mineral spnngs house, whh in the city Siiturdiiv. Jno. Schumacher is announoed as the speaker at the temperance meetiiiK in Ypsilanti, Suuday. Rev. Dr. Bixliy and family, have located on Washington street west of the Methodist oharoh . 8ilas VV. 8axtou plead ffuilty and was fined $20 and costs for sollinK liquor to high school studente. At a session of tbe Unity club. Mondav eveuiug, a paper un Dante was read by IJrof. K. L. Walters. The xaminatiou of Juke Honstelter, for keeping his saloon open on Suuday, is set down for Monday next. ('. S. Carter, sou of minister Carter of Honolulú, has returued to the city after a two inonths' visit iu Europe Prof. C. F. K. Bellows of Ypsiliiuti, has been elected vi 'e-president of the Michigan Masóme aid assoeiatiou. J. D. Hawks, chief engineer of the Miohigan Central road was in the city last Friday on business for the company. Mra-Phoebe VVyckoff of Salem, aged 8ü ye irs, died Friday, of oíd age She was the mother of Mrs. Ed. Curtís of tuis place. Geo. V. Bain, ihe eloquent Kenfcuckian is to deliver au address uuder the auspices of the W. C. T. U. of Ypsilanti, Peb. 13. D. L. Qmrk was elected president of the Fpsilanti gnu corupany, Chas. King, vicepreeident aod (3. S. Watt oy, aaoty nud intUUUn r. C. E. Hiscock, B. F. Watts, Jno. A. Gatos and J. L. Stoue, were delegates to the Grand Chapter, R. A. M , in session in Petroit, l'ues iay aud Wedaesday. There was a sudden ch:nge in the weather, Friday niglit. Fr nn snow ït fcurned into rain, wliich froze as it feil, and the following morning the walking was frightful. J H. HuU'h team ran away Friday aftcrnoon, and in turuing the corner of Main and Aun streets a hydrant was broken off. The wagon also hit a carriage owned by Jno. Lowerv aud a broken axel was the result. Vet Armstroug is paintiQg the soenery for the Dexter opera house, the grand opening of which will occur Jan 27, when the drama of "A Soldier' s Fortune" will bu presented by the McOullougli dramatic club ot the above villaje. Rev. Brooke Herford of Boston, will lecture before the Uuity club Tuesday evemug, Jan. 2ü, on "Chnstianit.v in the Presence of Modern Criticism." Admisaion free. The next after Phillips brooks, one the most distingushed of Boston's preaishers. Judjfe Newton has decided that Jacob A . Polhamus must come dowu with the docats to the amount of his note fíiveu the late R. A. Real for securing the Inte pimtollice site and the ereotion of a buildiuíí theieon. I he judgmeut is for some thing like f?00. The " International Seed Company," of lioche-ter, .N. Y . is sending out circuláis to agents, to get them to ena :e m takiug orders tro.n farmers for a new oat at $J per 1,ÜÜO grains. Pretty much the "same oíd banana pe.el " as the liohemian oat scheme, which bas evideutly been so great a suceess in swiudliiiir farmers thiit we may ex peet to see ït reappear under is raauy disguises as a piokpooket- Miob. Farmer. This evening the G. A. R. post holds a public diseussion at the Otsemngo lodge room. The question for debate ik: " That the failure to capture the rebel works iu front of Petersburg, at the time of the mine explosión, July au, 18Ü4, was more ou ihe ace uut of the want of co-operation ou the part of Gen. Mead thau of the iuefiicieuoy of Gen. Burnside." The cbief contestante are Chas. E. Greene and J. Q. A, iáessions. Eveiybody is mvited to atteud the ex ercisea. Petèrson's Magazine (or February opeus witli a beautiful steei eugraving, af ter the beautiful picture of "Cinder ella " by the great Euglish artist, air John Millais. Then there is a mammoth eollored steel fashionplate; a doublesize colored patteru in embroidery, from the art hcIiooI; two f uil-page engravings, and about üfty smaller The novelet, "The Cedar Swamp Mystery," becomes more powerful as ït proceeds. "A. Cinderella of To-day,'' is one of the most charming love stories we have ever read. The pnoe is $2. To clubs the terms are even lower. Specimens are sent gratis, it written for, so that there may be no deception. Address Charles J. Petersou, 306 Uiestnut street, Philadelphia, Penn. We congratúlate Col. Eldredge and the soldier of the country upon nis selection as chairman of the committee on pensions, a pos;tion conferriug a degree of honor and respectability higher, to our mind, than auy other withiu the gift of tue speaker, and one we b. lieve Col. Eldrodge will more highh appreciate. It is peouliarly befittiug aud appropriate, since the (oionel wan in lionored i soldier, and ih in fuli ;lnd hearty Bympatuy with the boys in blup, and we knuw hc will assumethe arduous duties that devolve upon that committee, with peculiar satirtfactiou, and never shrink because of their magnitude. He is ably assciated also, and it is safe to say thai all raeasuros pertaing to tb e interest of soldien, relatingto pensions, will receive the most careful, conscieutious aud Í eral treatment. No better man oould have becu selected to head the oonnnittee, aud it ffords ub muoh astistactioD to enrómele his selection by the speaker. -Adrián Press. Tue Democrat voices i the sentimeit of the Press. The selection is a good and will give satisf action to hundreds of old soldiere in this district, who are warm friends of the Colonel.


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