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MALT BITTERS, ia? is Tsm Blood Purifier Health Restorer. It. n''ver fails to do lts work in cases of Mala ria, Billouoness, oiistlputioiï, Headaciio.Iossof Appcllte und Sleep, Pfervou JDebliity, Neuralgia, mul ml Pemale iiijlalnt'i. Hops Walt Piil'ia is a Vegef blot'nmp'.iiMCl. It is nnicdlcfiieiiot a Barroom Drink. It diflers as iilcly asilóos (1 ' v and ni(?ht from the tliouasid-and-oiie Mixturo oL vilo wlilsky navored ; iiromatlca. Hops A Malt Bitters is recommended by Ilyslcluiis, ministers and IN nrscs ns béinx tho Bent Family Medicine ever compoundcd. Auy womasi or cliildcantake it. 'Trom my knowledge of its inRredients, under no circumstances can it injure any one using it. I It contains no mineral orothtT deleterious ! ftoncn. I'osscss ng real mcrils, the remedy is ; desurving succesa." C. E. DePct, Ph. G , Detroit, Mich. Tho only Genuine are manufactured by th HOPS & MALT BITTERS CO., Detroit, Mich, T.IST OF IttSEASES ALWAYS CURABLE DY USIN3 MEXICAU MUSTANG OP BOTUN FLESH. OP ASIMALS. Rheniaaiiaiu, Scratche, IlurnA and Scaldn Sores and Galls Btluïsaiul Uilca, Spavin, Crack, Cuta and Brulxcs, Serow Worm, i.'rnb, Sprainn Sc Stitchca, Foot Kot, Hoof AU, Contraclotl 31utclca, I.amcncsa, StiO'Joiuls, Swlnny, Foundcru, Backachr. Sprain, Slrains, Eruptlom, Sore Feet, Front Bttcs, iin'ncH, and all extornal (ï Iseases, and every hurt or accident For general use In farnlly, stablo and stock-yard, lt Is THE REST OF ALL LIOTMENTS


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