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Miss Mary Meyera of New York, has bought the Simmona' residence The school entertainmsnt, Friday evening, netted about 844 .... Dan Reevee' horae run away last Saturday morning, throwing him out and breaking the buggy Arthur Rouse goes to Macon every Saturday to teaoh the band Peter Long of Ann Arbor, has purohased a lot of MrB. Hauser, eastof the Union block and wül erect a brick building for a saloon. E. G. Berdan, station agent at Jerome, carne home siok, Friday .... E. W. Wallaoe has been looking for the horns and drum stolen from the cornet band hall. The Chonaguen boys say if they wül pay them what they owe them they will produce the horns and drum, and save detective fees, as the detective can't find them A. M. Clark has beun apponted superintendent of the Saline manufacturing company Lou Brown bas gone to Detroit to work Ed Buckman is putting up a wind-mill for J. K. Boies at Hudson Otto Garraut has xmght the billiard parlors now occupied jy Geo. Litchard, of Ann Arbor partios, for $950 The Chonaguen band played at the Ypsilauti rink, Friday evening. . . A. F. Clark is sick with the scarlet fever, ....Jes8e Dell had his favo rite horse, ?lagler, on our streets Saturday F. D. Ford, won the mile bicycle race at the Ypsilanti rink Dr. Nichols has mne cases of scarlet fever in this section.


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