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Real Estate Transfers

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J. W. Vaughan to C. Schoen, Dexter, $3,000. Leonhard Gruner to Louige Brebm et al, Ann Arbcr, $850. Raueom Saulsbury to F. A. Saulsbury, York, 2,000. Hugh Cassidy to Pierce Cassidy, Lyndon, $3,000. Henry Hirkimer to Isaac M. Knickerboeker, York. $500. Henry H. Herkimer to I. M. Knioker boeker, York, $2,24. Abraham Knickerbocker (by admimsrator) to H. H. Herkimer, York, $1,750. The same to same, $2,625. Henry H. Herkimer to Wm. Baxter, ir, tt„_u. a-rui Henry H. Herkimer to Jas. E. Delaoroe, York, $500. Henry H. Herkimer to Elam FulJer, York, $500. Catharine Ruckman to Aaron)B. Clark, Sharon, $10,000. Jno. Dickerson (by administrator) to Abigail Dickeraon, Salem, $(5,624.94. Abigail Dickerson to Jno. B. and A. C. VanSiekle, Salem, $3,47(5. Allen A. Peaoh to Michael F. Wuster, Scio, $2,200. Chas. Balfanz to Chas. A. Balfanz, Ann Arbor, $500. B. J. Billings (by sheriff) to Jas. Tayor, Chelsea, $2,110. Jay Everett to .Maliuda Kempf, Chelsea, $200. Catherine Ortman to Otto Jarrendt, Saline village, $950. J. D. Cory to 8. M. Thatcher, Manchester village, $350. Maanasseth Ebersole to Jno. J. Killpatrick, Ypsilanti, $1,200. Joseph Kyte to Jno. Hartmann, Saline $1,600. Jno. Scott et. al. to Aaron Sanford, York $704 Joseph H. Peebles to Chas. E. Lowery, Ann Arbor city, $3,400. . Mary Ann Rappleye (by heirs) to Phebe J . Lytle, Ypsilanti city, $1,500. Edward Bourns to Michigan Central railroad compiy, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Adolph Hoffotetter to Catherine Frey, Aun Arbor, $1,150. Jno Vaughan to Cha-1. Scuuen, Dex er, $3,000. Edward Robison to Wm. Robison, Saine, $500. August Dupslof to Wm. Raab, Aan Arbor city, $570. Lydia Frauklin to Jno. G. Oesterle, Sylvan, $l,60J. Conrad Vogt to Emma Stabler, Lima, $5,000. Jacob H. Vogel to Geo. S. Rawson, Bndgewater, $8,000. Maud Hiscock to Sarah E. Stephenson et al, Ypsilanti town and city, l,000.