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A meeiiiifí of the council was held 8aturdaj even ing, with nearly a full board present. Mayor Kapp, as chairman of theeointnittee appointed toarranre details of n contract with the M. C. R. E. authorities read the report of the committee as folio ws : To the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of Ih City of Ann Arbor.' The understgned, a comtnlttee appointed at a special meeting of the üouncll, held Maroh 2, 1886, to arrange the details of a contract for the construction of au iron bridge over Pontlac street, do respectfully report to yoiir honorable body, that they have had uuder advlsement the matters submltted to them and recommend : First, Tbat the contract hereto annexed be entered lnto by the city with the Michigan Central Railroad Company. Srcond, They recommend that tmmedlate steps be taken to discontinue State street between Kuiler street and the north line of the Michigan Central Railroad Compauy's rlght of way; also to close Page street Dorth of Kuller street. Third, They recommend that a street be opened between the property now owned by Peter Carey and 1 he property known as the Sutherland property for the purpose of aconvenlent approach to the new depot grounds from Detroit street, John Kapp, T. K. D. KlNNK, J. K. Lawkence, Chkistian Mack. The contract was read as follows: Memorandum of agreement made this 2tith day ofHarob, 1S8, between the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, bereinafter catled the "City," of the Brst part, and the Mlohlxad Coutral Railroad Company, heretnatier called the "Kailroad Company," of the 8econd part: Witnesseth: That whereas the said Kal Iron il Company proposes to erect a new passenger depot and s'ation faciüties at said City, and an Iron overhead railroad bridge across lts tracks upon the line of Poutlac street, and ín order to enablesaid Kailroad Compauy to curry out said depot Improveraents upou its property as located in said City between lts rlght of way aDd Kuiler street on the north and south, and between State and Page streets as at present lald out on the east and west, and to ald said Railroad in such beneficia! public work of the coustruction of sucu station and bridge, the said City proposes to vacate and abandon that portion of State street betweeu the north line of Kuiler street and the north line of said Kailroad Corapany's right of way, and all of said Page slreet north of Kuiler street, and to pay the snid Kailroad Company the sum of flve tuousand dollars. Now therefore In conslderation of the premises and of the undertakings hereinafter mutually made: The said City hereby eovenants and agrees: 1. To vacate and abandon, by due and legal proceedlng8 in that behalf to be taken, that portiou of State street in said City between ;ho north line of Kuiler si reet and the north line of said Kailroad Company 's rlght of way, ftnd all of Page street north of Kuiter street. 2. To change the grade of Detroit, Pontiac, and Broadway streets so as to permit the construction of an overhead bridge across said Kailroad Company 's right of way with tpproachesof agrade not exceedlng six feet n a huudred. Trolïoxclose temporarlly the orosalng of I)esald Railroad Compaiïy1s1iYity,vsti.i'Is across the use thereof during the progresa of "tffè work of the construction of said bridge. 4. To pay to said Railroad Company the sum of flvethousand dollars on the Iirnt. day oí Kebruary, 18S7, providlng, the wal Is of the station building, and the fouutlatlon and pilera of said bridge are construin-'i, ;.■ peoJJilj:j'ÍV!iJ.'.fl1t.4bft?i'Ml)U'UrtHKiiu áiin said walls and said foundation and pierR are oonstruoted as alores ld. 11. The said Kailroad Company hereby povenïiits and agrees : 1. To erect a passenger building upon the Dii'Miises aforesaid in accordance with plans exhibiled, at a cost of twenty thousand dollars, and to begin the constructton thereof, ind ol all the work hereinafter mentloned on lts part to be perforraed, lmmedlately upon the vacation of satd street as afore-aid, and topush the said work tocompletion %s rapldly a practicable. 2. Tobuild an iron brl 'ge over its tracks connecting Pontiac and Broadway streots, with stone and iron sub-structure, with a 'oadway of thirty feel clear width, and a eapacity of one hundred pounds per square 'oot ol' floor, of tirst-class construetion throughout, and upon location and in ac■ordaiice with design and details tobe agreod opon between the City Engiueer of said City and the Chief Englneer of satd Kailroad 'ompany. ;. To build the approaches to said bridge with earth so as to afford a road way twentyfour feet wide, with natural slopes, ud with x grade not exceeding six feol in a huudred s aforesaid. 4. To build asidewalk slx feet wlde along theeast slde of said approaches with a hand rail on the east line of said sidewalk, mul to counect said sidewalk on the south with the nrosent D(Jt rnit str..nt ntHnmnlli 5. To build a high close.board fonce on boili ■iides of said bridge so that horsea cannot see near approaching trains and to build a guard feuce of timber on the west side of roadway 3f said approaches. 6. To inaiutain the masonry of said bridge M its own expense. 7. To extend tho sewer pipes now running iinder the tracks of the said Kailroad Coinjauy so as not to obstruct the üow of wuter .hereln, and in case such uxtension shall ro[Ulre the discharge of out-IIow upon the jremises of said Raiiroad Company, to grant o said City the perpetual right to jiass said iischarge through its premises. 8. To save the said City harmless from any jlaiin of damages arising from the negligence jf said Kailroad Company in the perform uiri; of the work of constructlng said works H. To deliver the said bridge and approaches wit h sidewalks and fences as aforesaid into !)■ possession of said City free of all Hens. 10. To furnlsh .Hiiitable and convenlent aecess between its station building and State streel for foot passengers and teams, and in case said City shall at any tl me open a public street between said Page street as uow laid uut, and Detroit streel, running between the jroperty now owned by Peter Carey and the jrouerty knowuus the sni.irinuj piuperty, aiil Kailroad Company will construct and jraut the use of a conveuient right of way irross its premises connecting such new treet and State street. 11. And said Railroad Company further igrees that in case said City should hereafter ut. ftny timo dottlrA tA oonatruot au ovorhoacl orossing bridge upou the line of State street h now laid out, with an open span of suliiBient wldth soas notto interfere with or obstruct the use of said Railroad Company's .racks or works or buildings, the said Railroad Company wlll assent to thejoonstructlon of sueh bridge, and wlll waive any claim of lamages It may have therefor arising from he vacation of satd porlion of State street as ïereln agreed. In wltness whereof the said partles hereunto have herelo set thelr hands and corporale seals on the day and year first above nentioned the said flrst party by the hands of lts Mayor and Recorder and said second party by the hand of its President. Aid. Hiscock moved that the report of the committee be accepted. Carried. Aid. Lawrence ofiVred the followiiiK resolution, after a full and free discusdon: Resolved, That the contract reported by the bridge committee heapproved nd that the mayor and recorder be dlrected loexecute the contract on the part of the city. Wlnch was carried. Aid. Lawrence also offered the followng resolution: .Whereas, The City of Ann Arbor Is about to contract with the Mlch. Central Railroad Company for the coustrucllon of certaln works on Detroit, Pontlac and Broadway streets therefore, since lt becomes necessary to flx irrnile for theun streetf where these work are to be constructed so as to adtmtor ihelr eonstruction, be it Resolved, That the grade bf the hlghway ilonií Detroit, Pontiac and Broadway streets letween Fullerstreetand Huron Rlveracrosx JieJ rlght of way of the Michigan Xentral Railroad, be and Is hereby flxedso as to permit the constructlon of an over-head bridge across the said right of way with earth aparoaches so that uo where on said bridge or ts approaches shall there be any grade to exceed six feet rlse to one hunred feet dlstaoce. Whlch was adopted. Aid. Martin offered the (ollowlng: Resolved, That the Holdiers' and Sallors' Ahsoclation of Southeastern Michigan be cordially lnvited to hold thelr nextannual en'niiipiiu'iit in the City of Ann Arbor. Which was adopted uinmimously. Council Uien atijounied.


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