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Judge Powers, Of Utah

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The Wood Kiver Times, published in Sailey, Idado. pays the followmg; vigrous ;ribute to Judge Powere, of Utah, which will be appreciated íd Michigan, where ;he Judge is so well known : The stink-pots ol Salt Lake, who try to Ijesmear the officials of the United States Sovernment, have not yet let up. They Heem to hare branch concerus in Idaho and Michigan, and are doing more of ;lioir nasty work to defeat Orlaudo W . Powers, Judge of tbe First Judicial Disirict of Utah, and one of the moet bnllant aod comprehensivo men who has seen seated on the Western bench. We aate Powers' politics, because we are Bepublican, but the man graoes his ohair, traces his appointment, and it will be a blunder if jobs should defeat his conirmation. Judge Powers is an ornament to this repblic'e bench, and American Senators cannot afford caoselessly to discrown uch a man. Within bis district are traitors to republican institutious; traitors to virtue, to freedom, and to family. Powers is swift to send these traitors to the puuishment they deserve. He has done it; he will do it, and it is too small a reasou, because of the stories of a lot of hangers-on to the Mormon pocketbook, that the greatsenate of the United States should refuse to promptly conflrm him. Senators! f rom Texas to Maine, f rom the ru;j;ged coaste of this great Kepublic, men and women who love their country and beheve it is well to permit no enemy to mar itn autonomy, are watching your action. Itis uot Powers, the man, who is pleaded for, but it is the principie that the man has faithfully sustained we ask you to stand by. Now, won't you do it?


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