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CAR LOADS, CAR LOAÜS., CAR LOADSI Wehavejustpúrchased the largest line ofCLOTHïNG ever shown inANNARBOR Our Tailor-Made Suits ! EVERY CLOTHiER n the City, EVERY MERCHANT TAÍLOR in the City, EVERY MERCHANT on the Street Wonders at our success with the TAILOE-MADE SUITS. We have secured a trade that no other house in the state can boast. Our orders for them from Men on the road, üaüroad Men, Conducbors, Citizens from Jackson, Cheisea, Dexter, Ypsilanti, Wayne, Plymouth, Dundee, Milan, Manchester, Saline and South Lyon this season are surprisingly large. Students of the University-scck n. Qothing. Our MADE SUITS ,„n- r u, to .j.,( .For L-ommencement suits- Buy the Tailor-Made buiis. rui rine uress buits- Buy the Tailor-Made Suit. For Semi-dress- Buy the Tailor-made Suit. Wc hdvc ihcsc suirs in rine rrencn worsiecis, jouDic-Dreastea rroci oat and vest. Fine Whip-cord Suits. Fine light and dark-colored Cassimere Tailor-made Suits. T757"O sliall open up One lïuLndred fine Sixits jxxjsit l3OT0.1x-fc9 ESlogTAzat IDessig-zx ánd FsLitíerna"'1Well xnade, in 'ÖFlxree IDi:Ore:2:jent Styles? STTJIEO3 A.75T, MAH.CH 27, $5 AT FIVE DOLLARS. $5 "3713.3. jlss tlie "teerst; "WorK-ingixAüii- tx & =? w üx sE3a..i.w 'w jlj. ajjl js j. ü jL-j.xfc.-fcijWe shall on tlie same day TlareeHundred pairs of elegant 'ETc:r31:Ln':Lnen!'gi 3P.LLKriII7lS? juLst; "bonglit ■wroll aa..cie lined L&jol trimmed, 7-itla. lieavy poels.ets? espeoially made for TECE T717"O SSUEÖo 75c AT 75 CENTS. 75c ■3?l3.esje IPant sur'e -well irortb. doxxlDle tlxe money SrB,ri3Lersj and M:eolianics. a,t tlxenLj don?t ail -feo ee tliem. Styles at $LOO, Q2, 2.5O, 3 and S-SOOur Childrai's Department is a Perfect Success. "We noiT sell more Cliildren's Olctlxing" jol one ieels. "tla.o,3a ctlxer liouses sell in one xscLoi-tli Our low prioes a,nd tlxe cxetlzr of g-oodO sold for "tlxe I3.oi3.e37" lnTe made "tlxisdepr"tiacxei3."t xvlicft il: ia. MOTHERS, CALL ON THE TWO SAMS, bobs bekss at safes hAb ËSöscaa? qm mom ara ■■ Habas IVj o imfibi raLba oifeg kLkj e-Vi Èösss o We are now sliowingg1 an elegant line of Hats at 50c. These Gods bfo worth doublé the money Our line of $1 Hats equals any Hat eyep shown fop doubie the money, Our Hne of Derby Hats for Boys at Fifty Cents-All New Styles. Look at our Two Dollar Derby Hat. This -lai is worth $3 in any Hat House. If not satisfactory, of iff it ca&i bo dupltcated by any house, we will refund the money. Remember, we are the only authonzed agentsfor YOUMAN'S CELEBRATED HATS -TIIS 3EI-A."VE3 TÜE3 SLISTOSL AKTD JDTJTSTILbJ SHAPSZ3 At all Prices, Do not waituntil all thegood styles are selectcd GOML NOW. CO3MIE3 TO THE rUVsTCD S-3VCS. TOE TWO SAMS, The only Strictly One Price Clothing House in Ann Arbor. SEB OUR TWEWTY-FÏVE CEMT SÏLK TïES


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