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Powderly's Proposals

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General Mastr Wo7imaa Powderly lins g. raed i secret circular to tho noble order oí tno Knicbts of Labor oí America, wLich has iut been made public. Mr. Powderlv iDstrncts the setretary oí caeb usemblr to cali a fmi mectinii mía read before Ittüe semlrnents ni lollow. address oni-ns wi;n an order lo ceasc ínltiatinu' new tnêmb rs unta the relations of capital and labor sha]] become less strained tLau at the present t lúe, and continúes: "To attcmpt to wlu coDcpsions or cains withour present raw, umi sci) l.nid n tinbcreb n, wou,d be Ike hurltog an Uüoritiuilzed mob against a vell-drilleu n-. olí r annv lt is uot lairtothe oidor assembllea to ürlng in members, pick op ti:, ir i di rruig aa !oon s oranized, and hnvc tbern i .„jary aid írom thoso ho helptd build thu u dir uo lor a i.oble purposc." Aíter dwelUng at somc length i-pon the adTlsabmty of takms in new mcnibera at uresent tLeaddress continúes: "We must not lriitcr away our strrngth and 11,1-s the tiponunitv of prefiní Bucee á ín Ule strujqrle af.':,n.-t capital l runu ii" iLto ufelcss strikes. To thc card nal pus oí the order we must add amtber pntiencc. ou have had paiienc ■ lor years, snd bad uot the KniKlit.s o; i.abor api. ared ui on t... Fceue yoji xuld ftill be walU r. on tcaleé oí pnces n.ust tand aa ih yare for tbe i ii=enr il you cannot raise them' bv any other uro tban a strike. ou must nbmlt 10 iu ust ca at t hc lmuds of tbe emplover In batiente ,or a j nilc louter. Bldc wcil 'onr time. Kind out how mucli you are ciititk'd V and th -n liitribunal ol arbitration will fphIc tfcc rest " -Mr. Powderlj thtn cautlons t: .-, assembliej agalnst recelvlng into their raiiks emp ovtrs and warns the Knigbta of Labor inat the poiitician is planning night anddavnow to caten th! KniL-lits ol Labor for tbe i dvantainai of bimsclf and ] arty, umi addg tu use tbc name of tbe o der in a i oiitieai eont st is criminal añil niust not occur 'acain. j e.ernnx to tbe cifiht-liuur ir.ortmcnt tlie c rcu!ar 8 vs' Asscmblies of tlie Knights (I Labor not strike for the e'jrht-hour ss.ini on Mav 1 under tbc iwij rc-sion that lbev are i U-vin' orden lrombeadjuarters, for auca an orjjr was r ot and w.ll not bc ( ut of iho 60,0 O,LOJ oi pe ple in the l Dltcd States aud Canada our order las i ossibly : ,0OU.( HO. tan wemouldthe sentimenti 01 the n.i.i.ons ia favor oí the short bour ilan btiore ilay H It Ie Donsenaetotoinkol l" Afterspeakingol' tbc quaiitcs vhhh the oH.cits of atscniMks sl.oul.1 pi s ess ond expeoung ihe knigi.ks to eivcv i outst men oí tyen temperamt-nt, Mr. i owderlv con;ii,u.s: "Wnlle I writc a dispateh is hauck-ii me in whicb I reud tbcse ivoids: "They clise! ai "ed our brotbcr anü we struck, for yon know our motto s 'an iiijury to one is tbe concern oi all BUTITls NOT WISB TO INJOKB AL1 FCR THE SAKE OF ONE. ITW(HI.I) BATE PEEN PAS 1!KTtek to continue at werk aml proper y investii;ated tbe matter, brlneinx tbeloretver kuown tribunal, tban to liave strnck." Speaklng oi the relations between tbc cliurch Du tbc Knlghta ol Labor, Mr. I owutm save: "J wam our ai.a.i;st basty. 'ili-cons dered action. 'ibc cbureb will iiotintcrfere with us so lorfr as wc mnintuin the law. If Ihe law Is wrr na; it ís our dutv to cl ange it. 1 am asbamed to mei-t wilb " ki-iuneü' nnd others to teil tbim tbat onr unkr Is coniposed of law-abldlng, intellifient men, whilu the mxt ú spatcb brings the news of soiue ncttv buvcott or strike." J In c-onclusion the Jfostcr Workman fnys; "I write thia ciicular to lav bviore iLednlrr -)e of iwo tbinpe must takc plaoa-either iha oí a and district assmiblLs OÏ the orüer nrat oley iislavf. or] ruwt l ■ , criu..tej tu ni.-„ „" t."? wt "onc t Labor 3o not in encouraKe trikes, and m one day diepatcl es come 10 me ■ om Troy, New lork, Manthetter, iw ;avon, Cl.ica'. o, Cineinnai, LynthLurc, Va ; pr.ngtieid, O., and iiontrcal anniki.ciofr uikes. Il is imposs ble lor Luit au or Uuinan iatuie to slaii'l ttte t-1 rain :uiy li Dgtr. I must Lave tile issIsMoce ol tiic order or mv most aruest ef.orts will fail. Will [ lavei lf 60 trikea must bc nvoided, bovcolis must bc voided. Tbose.who boast müt lio c-Lveked y tlieir aMeniblfea. No move n ast be nade mtil ilje court of lasi resort has beeo ayp: aled o. Tbreata oi' violpnre must, uot be made. 'ollticlaus mn-t Lc putLed np or driveu out Ibedience :o tlie fowa ot Kniül.t. ( od inuat lave prurereme over those Oi iniy oilier o i e . f tlic-su tLincs are i.ine the nuxt tive veun vill witness tbo com leto Cn aucipailt'n ui i.ank.nd irom the curse oí monopoly, lu our -.cmhers we reqnire secreoj, obeaieuce, ns.-l$tnce. paiience and conreee. Il wilh Iheffl ;ik1s ou stiBngtheii my bands, i ,li continue in lie work. If you do not desire to :i;tist ine iu" his way Uien select a man bcttor ( oalifled to bey your will, and I will retire in his favor.


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