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A feaiíúYooulle trajredy was cnacted two miles :ou)i. el 'lekon.-La m Cuil onu couuty betwecu 5 and ü o'cloek the otlier I mermó)?. 1 a substantlal two-story írame house standing i ark i.KO-l all mi. e fuim the load i.ved Laruhne -hedd. a farmer, '.3 war? ol age, wlth lus wifc. This ws hls Sfcond marna!_e, and never bave tbe eouplc Jiveü ll.arujony. '1 Le terrible (ragedy la the cu. minuta 11 Ol llclliestic ÍDiOiil-.tV. .ome ycar ato, ana sLortly after the death oí his tirst wlfe, l.andyue íhedd was married to Mrs. Jaue ood. Almost Irom tlie c utsm ot thelr matrimonial careei' diiivrenccs aro.-e between, and it was cviiuiLi that tliev veré uot mated íor each otber. li was a raie occasion wben ihey agreou on uny tub.ect, anu both led a liie ot constant wranglin, ana lipute. 'Ihe ncíghtxrs uinon vi,oin Mr. tbeKid has liveil Tor o n.auy yenra aro inoíiaed to oeal leniently wlth í.is nioinory, gnd palliatu n a ereat meatnre bis awíul act bccauc of Ijis n ar,j;il in;.a iness. ber djspositjou was so well undcistood tLat hen the mamare i rst look place bit íüDo and cau;iiter, uv his tirst uiíe, Lecamfi (tiantsi jrom iiim, but recently a recubCÜlation han bieu cliected. 'Jhe niln beíore the trasjedy, Mr. í hedd's younyest, son nmained in ilie bouse, lli tal .ir ;irc.-e early ,n tbe morninj;, and the ton aner bis latber Lau coneiudcii usual mora mu vror aljout the houso, went down to ilie viliage. ! omewhat áater youn,er sou, boane, réaehed ihc house and on entering bel.c.d a itariUt sïht. Lynií on he kiichi-n tODr, WltH a f;hasily mt serosa bis tLroat Irom uliich blooa was till oozinír, ay ibe tile1. M, luit still warm, body ot tus latber. Ilorriticd at iLc s,CKcniu;4 tiglit he as u,omentarily, but sooa coDUnued Uta iuvetlgatiou, which levea.ea even a more fearíui statí oí Hilngg. be summoued several nciühbors who immedlately proceeded to Eearub bt i ou . ,u thj i ed-room adoininc; thc dininjí-rooni laj '.r.s. rbedd, dcad, with a (.hastiy cut iii her throat and skuil iraetured by the u.ows o .v weapon. fcheasi,ut ] .artiaiiy uressed. . , ceded uo investigation to disclose Lo;v anj bv wboni the crime was coniimticd. A keeu cil',ed razor besineared with biood, whiclila. Usiue the dead body oí Mr. M.cdd, told thc tale. rl he oíd man had taken an a ano ciushed íd tbe skull oi liis wlfe and theD slasbcd ber tbroat with thc razor. lie then Weot to Ihe kitcbeu aud completen bis .cariu. work by cuttinjj bis owu throal with the muir razor by nrbicU his wiie's n.urucrliad been a. complishëd. 'lbe dlsordored condition oí tbe house wouIl Indícate that liuibauü aun rifo i qmmsc snortiy belore tbc erwue was pommitted. it n tupio'sed Ihal Mr. íiLeud was'au-cked By bii vi ue, and niter ovcruowerinjí uer, irushed i ber head w i tli Ihe ax una theu eorupietcd Un uecd wltb the razor, alter wliich he couiniittec tuicide. '1 he genera! opinión ül the ncibbors is tha Mr. Micud was urivcn imane l)' ibe uclions o liis wile. 'J big is substaninued b, h.s condue the past ícw dayí. He fcasexhlWtetToi;iate more violent ciii-positiou than nas h.s wout. umi bas ui ten ucluolished lurniture in il:t house, llis .atcst lreak u.e o. ccarly all the househuid crockcry. Mr. Buedd was onc of the eaf.Iest settli ts il that section. lic was higbh ri-tiecicu by h.. ueiuhiois, who cbcrish immer lor hu ■terliiig mtegrity and upriyhtucts. 'llieucws ui üic traueuy spread rau'dh' an Eoon tin: house was 11 ou (lol v. .iu acllibora wuo conld scarce balievc the leport audue leiiniueu 00 a .crflonfli inYetí;atiomo iitlisi. theinservcS ihlu. so terrible :■. i.eed bad beei coiuuutted Ijv 011e hom they so retpected. A coroner's jiiiv was üiinimoned and an 111vestiyaiiun mtü the cause of deaih Hartet ehortly aiter the news had been ctrculatcü. Causo of Woriuy Aiplcs. Tbc Codlin;; Motb, the cause of our wormj npi .Jus, is 011e ol ilie two instel ireaieu ou il ibu May bulletin issucU by ihe ayieuiluru. college. " '1 he Codliug Motli ieai pocapsa pomoneli) u tmall iu 8izi'. lis niain loior In )(raj utatí witb darkcr üct und Lars, aua nli :i ei.arae icristie cojijwr coloren tpot at tbc end 01 il (rbwi urn:., whifeh enatres one to uisUngnlai it. Jivcry uppie j,rower abould put woimy ap p.cs in a miiui box urn rear ibe motto, tha. UlO}' niay l;e lamillar wltü ülcir Rppeanuicn il iay, bI-oiu two weck alter ihj u.ossuiiu ap pear, the leinaie mulb coiuinr.ces to lay cen iU tlie cnlyx oí Ule Uossonis. 'ILes s.ooe ualeJi, ben tbc larv.c eau 11.10 the uppie. ant Rltaius ïtsjïrowili Iu about lourwceK. 'ibt egs ui the ïteoiid broou are .aii u lóiy, Au_i'it umi beptember, uut the farvsa ol ibio Liee. uo 1101 pupatc uutil spring. Tnia iumx'I is verj uau.ajjinir to tl.e oiebard. it miei li, iid ilutes mocti cuuiage to tbc erdiariii-ts ot tLestate. '1 lieolu iued.od ol uanuKgioL lailed u a uniedy Leeause it ivquiro. atlcDtioii eyerj leu or i.ueen aays ui the Lus MiiM.u. A 'leitcr mcti.oa wastuaiol pasturn lillas in Ihe orcbaid, the h urmy applea ben_ eaten as they ldi euuaed the uesirueuon ol tb. pest, nud tic prolcctlou 01 Uie 1n.1t 'm reiuedj which l'roí. Lo.k las tiie.. for &11 yean ast, and wlueh he liij;lü'. iteoiuinends, u l iurmkic tbc tree wltli I urn Rrien or i.oniïou puiple, the inner Ucin pcoierreu i.u aueount o. IU ciiiapncn. Uc njixus uuepouuu Ui me pow der to City gulluus of water, s-nd appues ib well-stlrrcd luiuld in tbc lOria 01 tpraj wiib ;. fuuntaiu pump. Tbc imporunt umj( U scuiicr llir ,- ray 011 uil the ,iua and .et DB at as ],oa6.ij. 'Ihe appllcatlou .hoj.uO. Uikdc bv Uie Unie :!".■ iiua is ihe tizc ol a 1 ea. (Jut BppllCitluL ii VOTf cuectivu, uut BtVerui at uuei vai? 01 two or il.iee .cks, aru uu uouüiculy uioi'c thurougb. Ui nauwer iroui Una practice thcre is none, for Hiicrpcopic and ii.cmieal cx;aniuat.Oi. ,l.u., t.jat U.e jm) kjii ie 11 Uiocd b Ihe v,.u nü mm Dclure ibe huil ís tüibk-. 'Ihe ap]ilu seaie or barklOUüO [MytCatpi amotum) is tieated of iu the sau.c bulletin. I hout{h very i-.muu these lusecis, fruía tbeii DUiuber," ma) üo a );reai deal 01 injurf. tol. soap or u stixiiig soap suds il applicu in earlj June and aaiu ihiec trs laier, is u bun reuicdy. A beitcr uiixtuic is one oi taruo. hciu and ïoap. To niakc it, Leattoa bon:n l.oiutuiie Ljuurt ol sclt soap to two ua;lous o 1au1, and whllé lililí bot sur ai oue plat o. H ude varbollc acid. Tho Etato Ecmi-Conteunial. Tbc Scnii-v eiitcnnial cön.inis on dc.4re infoiiuatiou lor a paper to Lc published as ■- puriuJ thelr jjrueeedlnge ai uie LO.etealioi iu. Lausing, June 10. 1&8Ö, on ilie i,io.iess 11. ihe aiechanital uris in the ..s'. hity rar-. 1 ar ticularly those wbicb perta.n to ihc Mute o .,i 'hijiáu. Facta and statistici are waiileo. o. the isreal inuUBtrien ilke agricuiiurai lools, brick iriukiu, non works, enw-miils, oou worklntj mucbinery, ayer milis, molen i..ilis, luacJuiui .-hojs. iteamooats, or any i thei Dianufacturu luthtstaie, the uitent. on Lem to hiiil out wbeu sueb .ndustries wtr cstablitbcd iu arious i.rts 01 the Maie. AlBO a diiciH.i.ou oi the laiest n.anuiactorics auu i... ,1 lUds, an-i mi. fttn.v.iiü lactd 01 11. leicbt m ihe liiiüiness. The Umi I einicl.mitttu ana the IttliOT .nrat, nianulacturers wüi o Uv u udlng théir coiuumn. canons as boon a; possiij.e 10 .ia. W. barücit, 7 Leveretu (eet, Detroit. Amicahlv Adjnsted. Kearly all themauufacuirinL;eslaW.'shnientm Orand hapicts v.erc ciosed on ihc ifit .nst. snu Uie meii takiuí a boiiday m honor of tbL inau.uiution 01 lue eisht-Lour F-ygtcm. Am ■ taOie uiijUbtnienU ol all i.;i. eu liea have 1 1 e mode m :ur rs reporteo, eltbei' by the actlou 0 n.anuiacturci'8 taklDg Immedlale eileet, 01 1 . oinises oi au eany :.dii. inent oj th' tTafges miestion uitli tbc men. It is dcciviet. iba'l tut! ïl per day ineu Rill uot 1)C cut, and ILe 1 28 per uay "uien docked but a trille lor ihe shorter hours. No strike is now anticiLited or expected. iu tbe anemoon a number of idle men 1 re ated (uite ui.-,iuibance, and lor a Urne a piiched battic ensneo, 111 trtuch clnba anu ctoues weie used neeiy. The priience ol tbe loiiec and the eiiorts oí the loeal .uthoritjet queileu ihc 1.O1 Lelore uiucb danser Lad Lcc. Micl'.igan Kailroadj. Tbe conimissioncr of raiiroads furnishes the iollowiuK earnins staterueui 01 incluyan radload lor tbe n.ont:i of lebruarj. USÓ: tiaruings ior month of lebruary, lal Í4,72i),1ü; 5. Earniuirs orcoirespondiiu n.ontb, lo. 3,W6,o:.O 9t Incieasc for 1SSC $ 7ü'J,B"5 (il Total earntoin irom January 1, lüaj, to March 1, lbSü i9,O04,4'.i.i 5 icnod, 18s5 t-,4:o,iS:9 5c JccrcaeelSSi Í 575,201) Vi Per cent 01 lucreasc, ö,4iJ. Two Thoutand Idl6T3. Mondar, Hay ', afcout 2,000 reen employca at the Micbljcan ear works iu Detroit qui. urk mul ie;tt!ie shops. Tbe mendesirc enui-bouro' work lor )U bour' uav, and deciare tbey Hlll not go tí - - ' until their dcuiands are complioJ ïwth. A tVnusnnd men v'sited neljfbborlng laofories ind were suicessinl a argtbs enipJove lo í,iiit surk, n(ls=uvn orda anJ car shops are si.ent. 'I Le Mr Kus :.e ; knd there is no ] rospect of any .ronble. Bakers and brewers are out, and implojes of severaJ other ludustric are mai;Uií loud thrfaiy.


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