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Minor State Happenings

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The frniilv of farmer Tanner of Fork t wnïhlp, Mecoeta countv, comdstiDX ol flvecbddien, dled ol liluck dlpnthcria wuliin a wiek. Two youni: men, Iicnrv Myew and James ;lar„. were in the river belo-iv Alienan, spearDg ! sb lien tbc storm eame lip. Tlie tont üMcapgized and Mvcrs was drowncd. He was -2 yeaif of age. Clement 3. 1 este r Is to leavo the office of tbc superintendent o: lublic Inelrucüon to t.e:ome j.astor of tJe Baptist churcu at St l.ouis. 'Ihe Chinese eililblt at tlie UDlTertlty is now irraned and open fo visitón claiïy. The i.ocrs collection will l e rerul in thrue weeks. A black luar was cavgtat in a irap in thoedge of the toivn ofLeephiver tlie btber night, ttbich measured 7 (eet lrom noae totall, anu irelbej about 2Ï5 poundn. When lat be woulu have weiahed 400 pounds. Tbere is anotber bear still largor In tbat vicinlty. Tbe Hicblgan scbool lumitnre company of Norti viiic is to crowded wfth contracta it lias ublctii contrac for ntakiug J.Ü,OÜJ tehool Mats lo a lirni n Indiana. Georjie W. Wlnchell, a pioneer of rivmoutb. dieu suddenly April 9$, A suiniaer normal fchool is to be opcnel in helby, Uicana louuty, in July. The lailure of onë-tialf of the appTleanti tUi. spring n the county to cit certit. catea indícales tbai tonieÜ2tcg t)l ibis kind is badly ucedeJ. Tbos.Sampson on hisway honict on horseback 1B m les lrom Alpeua, ïell oil tbe i orse, wbicu .cked bun in tbe baeK of bis Lead, kllilng Inui. Jle was lound on the road at tí o'cjOCj d tlie eveuina:. 'Ihe jury's verdict was acciuental dcatb. .las, 'lurncr's barn n KTart, witli threc heaxl oí cattle and six horses burned the otbe. ni;jbr. One of the horses was las lir.e Norman stal. .on, valued at $:j,50D. An old niau in charge of tbc bain was badly lurued. The cause ot the Jire is uiikuowii. Judge Jaekson of (Jineinnati will preside at i c May term of the L'mted Mates district lourt in Grand llapids. loldwater, May 19, is tne place and date tlie eieveuth animal reunión of the Loomis battery association. Merritt G. McKinuey, a yOuns man iu thfc ■inplov of the Brusli ëlcctric 1 grit compauv 01 Detroit, stabbed bis wile while in tbc act o. embrácíng her, McKinney is a very ditsoiutc eliow, and b.8 wüe bad be.n coiupellcd lo ave. bün on tbal account. Se veral limes jsh ia.s ieturnel to DB him.e u tn bis nrpmisc tbat be ivould keep sober, but each umè [ijas broken bis word, and tbe wife bad reluseu to }.o lo bis bome pain. angered him, ind b tbreatened to icave the city, : nd callea I4pon l:er to bid berlarcweiJ, ani it was Uien bat be stabbed Eer, 'lbe wound wiil prove "atal. McKinuey bas been ted, ud a :tiarge of assauiï wilh lutent to kil. entered agal&st bim. Blanebes of Escanaba bad both lcgs eut o II by bclng run over by an ore train at jsbpemiñe, tbe nLlu. Wablman & Grip of Ishpeminx haTe 'uteu bwarded the contract Joc :he trectiou of the brancli state priEon buildings at ..ruettc. 1 1 eir bid was $135,817. )hc bids ïan d6 higb a 2G,UCO. F.M.Bripgf, now afffint at Cwosso, will be aupoiiitcd ïR'iht auent at Jackhon, Tice W.I.. i.icbardsoD, removed, lie wiU be suooeeueki ttOuossobj ii.i. Worcester, cow btationco at Cheboygao, and to tbe latter place A. W. Can; tld oi UUeco Lake, loru.erly oi Easi t.ainw, will be atsigneu. L r. Aly n L. DlhgDïaii of ansin;; die 1 of b!ojd polsouing recerjtly. .mes Long wai arrcotod at Gaylordafew davs a)0 un i lelegram irom Alpeua ebaring .iiii with forgery. Gold bas been ilitcovcred on Mr. (i. Walker'e ;)lace, the Wcsi laf i i lbe Ulcott farm, jusl ivest o. Lowell on U;e Ada road. Traverse City is deeply interested in th subject, of a i oiato elareb laetory, gmi liav. teen. tboroiigbly Dvesthvating fbe subject, b'ollowi '■') the lyis ilijt. nc ud earthed; "lbe test of ereeting a siatvi. mtoryoithe capaclty of 50,000 Lnshelso potatöcs islrom to.UO to ilÖ,t)OO. 'lbepra eess oi rjoanufacture is Tiot elabórale, Th. ■otatocs biin wat-bed and ground, run over il. e sievcs to druln. The mass is tben pul n vats and leit uut I the ttarch all scttles wben the water i dra.ned olï aud thètarcb faken io tbe dry louse aiM dried. totatoee yield from sli lo nlne n undi oj turi-ii 10 tbe imsbcl, ccording to the quality ui potuloes. pacity ol lbe (actories varíes lrom 2U,ttiv to SO,(WO üusbels." Tbe memlcrs.of the preat camp of knights ; JJaiCi.bces lor M.chïgau incn nsed 25J aurn; the mouti' i Uarrh. John Todd. aged 19, a íarmir's son, who ivcs t l.oyal Oak, was recen t)y married to i.ditii Clark, aged 17, at Poutlac. As toon as tbc certmonj was perloimed 'lodd leit hit l.nüc end las nertï l.veu w.tb lur. l.ater In was piosecutcd lor faiiure to tupi or. witi and Ler cuild. 1 bree times he was convicted, tud at lbe last au appeal was laken to lbe tupíeme k uit, bieb tiiLunai hasreleaseu 'lodd on ttegrounda tbat as a rul nor lc wat Dol the owner ol bis time, and ibat a foiceu murrisge is vold uniess it Ig ralilied and cousenuü lo aitertvard. The hieb conntctlons o Ltiartiès and tbeir social standing have made tbe lase oue oi great inten :. Tl omas MeKee of Kast taginaw is oue oi the survivois oí ti.e Sultana explosiona, seven ibUea abovc MemDhls, April 17, 1&05, by whlch I,SOÜ peoplc perhh.-l. Tbc Granii P.apids Leader says tbe meetmze tlicr.. n T i . ■ .■■ iil..ri-in.' -..UJlllit.tefiS nf tb prangers and Kiiights ol labor, appoiuted b lbe fc late (Muiiiii.ations, uwere ilosl haimou .ous inrousjnout 'i tic platforms ol the tw, ii{iani.ations werf iouod to ayree on mosto .he material points, aud therè was no claus u eitber to prevenl tbe hearty co-operatiou o. .he iwo Eocieties. Tbe coramittcc hád n authority to take any posltive actiou in tbc u alter, but wil' report to lbe state soc icommendations lor future aetion. Tbe; i; i! u. i tbat Ote granjera and knijfhb harmonizo in tbe purebase anJ sale or roduce ..nd merehandise wbcre possible; thal centen Ije located i:i various parts of tl.e state wben tbe members ot tbe two . oeietics can do their trading al bolto.n pricos;ibat comin.tucsie appo:nteJ to look after and manage tbesi uaue centers, and tbat tbe tw organlzatlönf stand together to oppose any aetion or movement inimical to tbe interests ol eitber oi ihem. '1 be comniittccs tbcn adjourned after passing tbc reeolutlons oi secrecy." The eitizeni of llolly have raiced mom-y to cut a cbanncl tetwecn Öimouf-on anj Lusb akes, and to Imild suitable uocks. A Ihreemile tracic for picasure drives will a!so be made, and steani ana ron boats will bc placed ou tiie lakee; aiso ïeveral cottages will be built on tbe bitnks. J. M. Dane of Kilev, Clinton county wantr í ome one to beat bis record of 671 I usbels ol uat- raised ou six and a quarter acres oi l;round. CLarles Clossen. an Kast Saginaw young man, lell throuuh a hole in lbe sidewalk and I roke bis back so badly tbat be ia uot expected to live. 1 rcf-idcut Willits of the aerkultural collcce s to duliver au addres at the ciosing oL the St. Clair scboole June „S. Big Baplds Is trylntr to get upa permancni air, to embrace all tbe counties noitb ol brand Rapios and iraplnaw, and extendiiii; uorthward to somc point "this side of tbe nortii Ole." 'he Big Kapids Currcnt is autborlty for kp.iIil; that the branch of the T. it A. A, lood ■,i ( Dlppewa I.ake will be completad ihis summer, and that ihc companv will extern) ,l.e line to lui: hapld?, tbus making a fourtli ïailroad entering that city. The s la:e fair buildings now at Ea'amazofl are to Le removed to Jackson and will bo used ihis year, . ackson people bope that as these l.uüdisïtfs wil) irmaiu perruanently in that citv ihis lact v.ill have fome inl.ueuce ín the permaneut location ol the tatc lair. ahlman it üripof Ifhpemlmr, 10 whom ili contract was awaided lor buildmi toe I ranch j. rison for ihu upper ]j(-ninsula at tl8ö,817, win begin work on the building at once, The contract lor plumbin!L and gus fitting was inimediatelv let by the contracten to Rlcbard baruej' of Ishj emlng. John Wiltie, who sucd the state road bridge compauy for damaires gustained last May b riubon uf a runaway accident on the bridge has been awarded fceU) by the jury in the Sai;inaw circuit coart. The claim was for 1U,OUO. 'Ihe case will be carried to the supreme court the aeieudanu. Freci Eaton, jr., of Kast f'asinaw, lias been appolnted a cadet at ihc naval ucadeaiy hy Mr. Tars-ney. Hem v Cl apinau feil off a larn near Grand I edge recinti.', rece. ving injuries irom which ït is thoueht i;c wili die. Dr. R. McGurk of Standlsh, while crossin:; the r.VL'i m fcajíiiiavv a lew days fince je i Ihrouuh ihc ln-idpre and c:tmc virv near drown;n. He lost soine raluable snrglcal Uistsun.cnts tnd ibrcalens tu t-ui: the townshio .er I t.iiinne. ïhe bridge is rotten and thrcalcns i to break through at auy time. On account of the recent rallroad strike at ] CbtcaKO, 1,50 ' i :;i-, spruce, aud r. trees, tonsined to Gcorce Pinu o: .V i nee, irr deiayed at tliit po.nt. ' Tbej wtro tmported fiom liam-crnid sliouii. i::ti' arr vc.i ot tbere destinatien two weeks ac. 8 '"il tbe Btock r. main tbrre inuch longer it will be ül litue use lor planting. Western j; peach erowers fay tl at it will noiv take tl:e hardest kind of a nosi to Lui't llie ero;'. .Vss'ir l.nee of 'he state prangc nas namr: June lü at "cbikiren's dny," to be observtd bv state .od-res. Wel Messeneer, uu of Geo. P. Messeneer of Manistee is uiuler arrest lor üneateuini to klll lus lathor. He was undcr tl. e mi.i.i i Üquor and was btratinz his ïatbir dowa with a abotcnn, revolver and haichet. bealso deD amleu urinki of a salooukicper bv placinir a oadeu weapOD to the B&loonUt'a nose, an I plaviní lovvloy l enerally. AHorncy-kenerai i ageert' report to Gov. Alper on he w.nelord case, lo.word' a.-hint;ton for cons.oefAtlon fu conütcllou ithiov. winelord'f cou rmation or rJ8 bv the tenate, aseerts in eubstanee, accordtnK to a W asbintou corres] onueni, tliat, .rem the itatciiicnts ol tbe other con miss oners, and a carel ui ezonilnatlon ol tbe voucners n i at 1 ühslD ; it is elear that Mr. fcwinelord I lail(d in account ior t75U of tbe -f.nv und placed in bis bands as a CODQZDisslODCr lrom Michigan Cotbe New Ornans expOSltlOD, aml that be sbould bc heiu accountable to the state ot' Michigan for stich deflclency. Mr. Swineford leocbed Wuth,Uf.lon on me I-t, : nd tbe i ueslion of bis eoniirniiiuon wili be Bpeedtly ÊCtt.ed. Jake ( ountr.n ;m o: l.ia.dee, btcame mioxieated aud sturied lor home al out i-iuli o'clock il, e otboreveo ng. ben near ibe L. s. .v. M. . depot be was fctruck by the es l.ound passen.iiiT train and instantly killed. ir leaves a wiíe. George W'te', a brakeman on tbc Detroit, Ma k.iiac it iiarcjuette raiiroad, step,cd back wards o;i it iiiiiii as it was backlng on thé Oock al M. Ijtonce the other tnorninv, ;.Uil was mn over, cuttim; boib. his legs nearlj olí above the knecs. Tbe uovernor bas pardoDCd Jloratio Mills. Ferrinjj a sectence oi 'i5 uays in Lcnawee i ounty .ail lor lareeny. 11e bas servcd ■.:■ days oi bjg time. Eis wii s disutute and in preuarious Lcalth, whieh are tbe grounds ol pardon Thleves sto!e two boren from the barn o' Li vi buck ei Monroe the other night nnd posted a cote on lbo j:ate pot say.niï it was uone or revenge because i uek reiuaed to keep me wri ter one stormy.ns;ht last winter, and that (me I or:e wouid be iound uear ., mi and the other near Detroit. Gnc'Lonewaa iouni abone slz miles froto Newport, but no trace has been Iound ot the best one. The irammiTs in the C.evclaml mine at IshI eminü baa elven noüce thai onleaa wajcéa arj ia sed li.ey w.h t is ï.ot il.ou 'ut that me coni?ii"iij ttiIi Vn3tnt to a. raisr. The nuuiusr conipanies are ail cet(rmned not to allow tij-ht i.onrs as a da's work or to raisc the waes at j re.-ent. John I.eilcrkh lias a chareoai nianu'actoi'y on Ule hbtWMsaec river at wbtcb he n.aiufactin es cburcoai lrom maple Wt od, wl.icn ü used exc Oslvely lor v. atcr filters. He bas l,bbU Lu-hels ,n stock t the present time. A ÊChime is on .tot in Ibe i stern f art of I.aj eer eounty to siverai lownsbipa oi í t. Ciair couniy anneed to i a; eer eounty, au remove tLe eounty stat, lrom Lapcer 10 lm.a Gity. At an exanmiation of applicants forappointnieiil 10 11. e l mui Mates naval tcauimj a Anna: ui. . beid u Port Huron recentlv, mn i olmoj ol ti. at city was the successiul eandidatc. A. A. liedford of Co'dwater, who tas manufactuied tulklee lor over for.y yettre, i na metecdid u nii.iic n cno wLuh, cojnp.ete id LVcry re?] tet, wcjf.l.s but ort-two pounde. ] x-Su[ ervifor Ihirrows of ( cknvater, 1 as k 'nre eol.eut.on ol rare eoins. The one ht prlzes btgbcs. , a penny coined in Uüi ann knowu as il. e "Ai, nu jour business" peuu_.. Ou oue side i.nks, u.c tblrteen original siates. 'ine centerlBacirde j.fide ol whicb .re ihe ucrot, '.'Mates auu (jnit.v. We are One." On tbc reverse slde i: ihe risiu;; tun, i.n 1 ou-, j;hiss uuu imneeu Loman numeral?, unutrneatu b iug the suggestive modo "Mlnd icur Luslnoü?' 'lhe Cpldwater eart company is now maktng forty-two lai'isruch aav, or t the rute oí up Walüsifi i''j i-üi i. eSl'lj. :i ■ ' ■■ p o, es work uy u.e plcce, iome o. tl in e:.niing as ad tA per Week. Their ja., run rtet vot'i. .iiu,rntil T.o ,",.,"U. luvitat ons are issued lor tbe first memoria! encsnipment oí oíd veUraae, to be held at i elleviue, ,auc touiit., , .Muv : '.'. : i1, öl. 'J 1 cocamj ment is lo be uni er l. e ausp.ces of the ïo.üjus' and cítiZcu1 memorial ukSoe.ation.


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