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Snow feil to ihe i'.epth of tbiee iriches in Dako.a On April üüth. Grano Mastcr w orkman Powderly has callcd a general asstmbly ui the Knibt. oí Labor 01 the l nited Mates and Canada to meet in Cleveland May 25. Kigbtj-iive stonc-cutters and masons arrived on the c rcass.a lrom Alenetn, t-cotlauii, at N. Y., a fewdayg a;o to ork on tbe at state bouse at Austm, Tex. A i OTtli D ol them vier laken 111 band by Ine. kniiïhts of labor muí M'iusetl to CO on. The contractor will be I rosecutea lor ihe iniDor.aiiou of lorcisu contract labor. I x-l'icsidcut Artliur Is EUiTerin;; froin in■:nmina, aud lii.s physicians say tbat unless bc cts lelie) mem tbeapproach.ui; warm wcather uill haotén Ijís ku.iiey troubie to a latal termiaatlon. i hu I'rcfs Kcwa Ássociation tntended co rival the Western Associated and the Lnitcu Associauon, Las bten mt-orpuratcd by kuward b. ttokes, Col. Eob lnAeroll and ilhers, with IL capital of tlü,(ÜO. 'Ihe liew iodci rn wil use Uie line thelinesoi ihe United L.ncs 'i'eiegrapb coinpany and the Fostai ieici;raph Cable coinpauy, with close connecuon withthe Mackey-i ci.uctt cables. Agencies iVáll bc ettabtlshed iu ah principal cities 01 ibis ,;untry. canaua and Lurope. Mililonalrc MacKcy and James (ordon Bennet are saiit to e iLc reai ownera and propriclors of the ncw enteij rise. .Vr. 1 rooks of I helps, N. Y., announccd to l.i. . wm, i. i rector ui ilc Wamer obsenatory, . '.ver. oí a ncw (Omc-t .n Cas.-ioDL-ia, m ibe lie.u ji'li iappü, ritht accensión U hours, l. minutes and ueci natlon norlb tía degrees. i is a pictty ar-c ia nt, nebuloua object,' harufl i.i'ither mieleus nor tail. .ts mouon is tlow ana neariy cast. 'Ibis u.scoycrj secures to Air. LruoKsthi iii-.t contft prlze ol ibe car. TLe cornet may bc teen witn a ' ■ .„ iucb leiescope. A Dttm ,cr of Xew York ttrcet car drivers Lave b-.e.i lndicted bj tbe yruud jUry. ilev. Lr, V. A. Leonard, rectoro! St. John's Episcopal Cburcb, aslungton, bas bten suin luoneu lo .New lorkto .'ee ex-, resident Aribur. i m. ArtLnr always ola bc. vobn'fl iLurcb wIkü jutsidem, and hed Ijr. i ii. uur. i :n ii.lIj esteem. Col. Jonail au D. Stevens arrlveJ in Ne i ork a lew la%s ao,lroin í an l'iancisco ma i ist visil to liie Atlantic coast tince bc aikd lrom t:atort in tepteniLer, 1.4(;, Iu command of bis regiment ol.i Xorkvolunteerslurtüc conquest and occupaiionol ibe lex um territory ol Calilornia. lie is nowSi véate on.'. Cuy. ]!11 oí New York bas slgced tbe lia!fLoliiiav bill. .L. l.oiiulas, the great sboe njanufacturer of hiocton, miu alloi iu& belp, have jo.ncd tbe i.m.,bts oi LaLor. A 1 etitlon is beinp; exteusiveiy siijDccl In New mr,v lor ii ■ ,ar.kni oí .jumes O. iisb, ibe ex-presiueut ol tbe Marine bank, and U wil. ;üuu be lorwardcd to livsiutnt C.iveiaud. At an iii.,ucst ol the EaBt Lee, Mass., l.oou diLater the cou tractor fai.i tbat Lo misíooh ii. e ürstlaytr of bard pan lor solidcarth for bu,",, but ït proveo to be only a looi n.ici., with, mireiiable .round beneath. . i,c mud lor b tnlienng has reacheu ï,t.(K). beeretary Wbuney sent 350 fvom asbington. The Oregon House, a frame structure near liutle, M. T., Lurued t'j daj and the ■iear om Bon ol Ittr. l.izzie Lee perisi.ed in the iiames. 'iLe bulidmjc vasbred by aman in ihë hotel lor tbu lurpose ol lobbery. iNinc l.un.ii'J coiuii s v. laken fruin Airs. Lee'jB il'liUk. J.O&3 ou Lunu.n;, itjíK'. Severa i.uesls wtre seriously Lurued, anü 1 rank liutt n.uied nlernally oy ji.n.p.nn lrom a winuow. ibe ïLcendiary bas nol. een cauylit, Qreai (.amate has leen uone at Helena. Ark., by lije breakinvc ol ibe levee mar iha City. i'. umirids ol houses were Loodeu, inu tbu inbaUilauts cotupehcd to climii to tht .oof lor aicty. feevtrai tieatbs trom urown n rej orled. At Cuik:ir., slation, C'h rokee nation, Miss Labe liaii was .aiaily stu.i by Aiiss Loilie ijatne ti. Ibe Iwo 30UIIK lad ed were playin vvíth pistóle sup] osed to be empty. Mr. itrkiusol fuilman, I.I., whose scjn was t itleu by a lijad i:o a l( v tia aao, Las starled .oi" l'ar.s the. al. ent. 1 olicemau .. ii el unu c.lLei'.-. w. o c.L-aito oit by tliedojz :,' ■ i ariv i ïlteeii i:'-1"-"-' 'i.lais wa= „"...-J {.iijTi tiivir cxpeDSw: A wealtby .armer, ap;cd 1(, name-J James L l.lir, icMv.iui; ijear hacine, VVls, proceedeo lo uué i ome o. bis Rn lñ-law aun Shol lis winaead. he tbeu procetded to hs wu home atiu tbot hiinscil. lle wad inarr.ea in lcx;4, .:iui Lts wilo had reeeutly ccmmenccd aetion .or a Qivorte. Between 5,000 and 60,000 laborlng men in Chicago quit work on the trsi inst., waiting ibe seitlemeutoi iLequestiono. sLorter hours. A lare occurred in Ban Franc. s.o ou the ütth uit. fctvorai l.cs were lost. 'Ibe annivenarv of Gen. (irant'a birth ciay was approprlately celeuratedln Washtnglononthe-otu uit., in tie chureh where tjiam was a constant atteedant unrlog bis ic.sK.tiue ,n asli.nn'on. ben. Sherman ana cenator Larts ue.ivercd addresses. Ibethirü unnual meeting ol the American bittorical aseoelatlou was helu in Aasbinj;ton, Aprn ïïth. i ics.uent Bancroft, the eminent Au.c-rlcan historian, delivcrcd tbeadüresso. welcome. Vo.umc xv., Series 1, of the official records oí the war ol tbc rebellion Ia now in press ana u;ll .- on be i.-MKd. 'llii.s yo.ume embraces operallons m Wesi Flor.da, Soutli Alabama, . outh Jiississ .po;. 1 OU.Biaua, icxas and New jVexieo, iiu.u ..a., 1-, l-2. to S.ay i, laj, and is particuiarly ntereetinfr, a itoutaiuihe complete oi.fiai hlstory ol Gen. i. t. j_uüci's auminlstiatlon ol aiiairs In Urleans. 'ihe new Chícese minister 1 as leen iormally l-rcücule.i to the i resident by the Eccretary o. state. He was attired in iull court costumu .n i was accoinpaüiüü by three of bis suit anu ..ii inicr, ï An Irisb mass meetiug waslield at Washini;ton tbe othii' ïngh!, at whicii Messrs Ikandau, bibson hnd O'HaraoJ tbolionsC] andScnators au v mi., kul lieberer aiivi ËheVman express i'.i iluiiiM-.vt; - in favor of Irish iudepenuence. Fres d. nt Cleveland ; ent ex-1 resident Ar thur a botjui'i ol ï.ouers from the W'hit. house eoDseryatory a icw da_s ao, accompanicU iy a no.e expiv-sive ui Mmpathy loi uis recent Ulness and a wish lof bis speedy recovery, vustice Kennedy, atSyracuse, N. Y., las ordered u.e ui.-coni. nuance ol ihe njunet.ou tuit against tbe ev lork Central nnJroaato 1 reveui .t lrom ub. orbirig tbc est fchore. A hi.l been passed by Ibe New YorK asseuioiy ulrectlng tliat afler Cetoocr 1 nexi do uur bui veteron goldiers shouid te employi-d in tiiu malnteuaiice uepartment oi the capítol. i ineen thousand people attended a mass meeUngin bnion 8 New iork on the s; nst, armad wii.i Lanners, torches ana colorea lanterns, accompuuieu by lamls, ani i'heering ana sboutiag .or shorer ioui oi a.or. The i.cmuiitt atiou was ery orderly. Nearly eveiy mantllaclurin)! establishment in CuicagO W'a.c. closet! on tbe lst lust., awaitnj a .-eiLninciii oi ibe i nestion ol wlietLer ;igh. or ten ï.iurs ihoiild toustitute a day' n ork. All ihe manulucturiug uisiricta ne.i ed and Bllent. xany üims n tise ti e ucmands of ibe meu and say they keep iheii desed indeuitely beiori tbey will y.cld. A .ei eiai leeiin ol uneasi e lelt iy botb capuabsu and laboren. Cvcarly 50,UX) men are idie .n tbe city. Xue Advancc blevatot' ui Kansas City, was borned to the erounu the otber niyht.' Loss esuinated ai 1100,000. borty ii.ousand bushslsol wneat and 17,000 busbels ot corn were Jestroyei!. InsuraDce on the buildiuir, $17,M) ; on the grain uuknown. The goverutr oí lanías issucd a nrociatnation caihng ou c .or aid in the eulorcemenc oi the lomb-iorv laws. A ligi.t ithlolice. About (,('00 men conpreeatcd In the vicinii oi the McCormick reaper irorlcs in yhilao'iin the ;.d mst. The meeting iras adutensed by tocia. ists, wbohad ibe matter entire y -n iber iands. One v ermau speatr j anu uiarly tnfiamed bis earers. iie öani to u.e meu, "tviii. .he KjliftbtbO. Labo.': they will uevei' doyou any i;(.od; .o.u the Centiai j abo. i n mi, wblcn will Leht oix to your nghts ;.n irecdom. Anareby ia ibe only w.i. ,ii, iiic work.ugiuen to b.eaK the chaius ol bhivery .n wlucii ihev are I ound by the capitali&ts. lt is your only way to jrcedoin - ■ ni 1 say. "With ihe rcciiver in oue Land ana knile in the other and bombs in your , maich on to ïevoiuüou and lreedom. Lvery w.rKiuiiian must ttarvc to.sjether and ttani logether and ïisjht loether jor hls ilKbtt." Aiter liMen'nz to lhc inflammatory 1 arsnKUn the crowd bcgan to throwstones ac surn. builu.nj(S. 'ihcn, as u moved b. Irit, liie (,UOJ siarted towarj idcCortujck'H rcaper wor.v-, hall a mile wesc. it was ..(.out :i:'.io wht u the crowd arrived there. Witb una i.cry n.i.iecai.ons ihe uut irnntu aitackc ■■ ibe DUildim; w.tu loolders aud I i i rhe ru.noad irucK ihat ei.teuds past the works. ■ ... i. . . u.a ...cormick gutcs the howlinE iet me workmen comin lrom iheir iicuches, carrylng tbelr luuen piils. lmtely thoy i egan an auacc on the McUormicK employés, applying ppltbets ana stonme Ibem without mcrcy. Thcre were' only two ou t)c teonA evtral ' volver fhots w re nreil„l:ut mi lnr as is H uown Do one wat Hict, Many were btruek with Btonea, The McUormlcktiowd then reureated w.thin the pates. but oue of tl.eir uurntier, who was so unlortunate as to be clt behivd, lcll iiilo the hands al tbc astailonts and n, aearly boaten lo i'ieatii. ÏUB attadung party nov entered tle gatos and pilted tl.e Windows and wal.s ói tho lactory, wbltber tbe employés had retrcat'd. A litili' later gome of tbc imprísoned wornien attempted to escupe by the rear, l.ut weie mel and batlle.l m tl.e attempt. They weiecomI cllcd to no within tbe wcrks aaiu lor autj1. ■upt. Avcrlll ol ihe McCormxk WorKf, i diateiv tclepboned lor ihe pólice. A atro' I naon full oí oü cers responded .rom Hiiimai. : ítreet slation. qb arr.vinic at ihefccne ol ti rioc .the i olicecliareed upon tbe btrikcrf, Uílng tln'ir c lubs and Cring a lew shots into the air. The pol ce iclephoued to I.ieut. Croakot thi ! Thirteeiith ftreet District. He soor appeared on tbe scene with a wokoo joad 01 on.cers. immcdlately alter the arrival oi th agón the niob attacked the lactory, burlin sloues and sticks, Bboutinï and carrriiuc on ir the wilüest n anner poósiwe. Año, Ier (ie tachmentof pólice carne up alinosí ininicdiatelj Miil opened a brislc lire with tbcir icvo.vers. appareutly shooting hif;b and without noticealjle dieet, 'ihe mobscen tbal none o. tl.cii iiiimher wa inuureu, s.mply %eeretl at the oliiCtrs. biutapt. U'üounell and'ah(.i:a lo: iwentj-slz uien iiom 'Iweiith btreet appearlna or. the scene pave promibe of more ser.ous Lus - ucsi. l'iniiir tbeu llegan ilie mo.i'.-i fide. One rioter bolder than others 1 egan sliootins at an oll.cer who was sitttng in a patro. waou. Oft.cer l.nnnan turued his attention to liim i.riuir bis revoiver at poim blank rane, bui ápparentlv Without hitting him. A:ter a sho'-t, shurD chase tbe rioter was captureu and takel jnslde ibe iaotory. Anuther uetail 01 sixteet ulbcers at tbis carne down blue isiainl aven .. ;t a t.oub:e-quick, and tbe pólice, then i.uni er.n; over liity, bcgau Dring in earnesi. and the moo bean lo tcatter. 'Ihey ran in all dnetioni for two or hret Llocks and then uirned and Ihrentcn Dii'.y ie earded the situation. 'Ihe i olice lOrmel í oruon ahout tbe works and waited the n.ob't u.ovements. tío lar as it appeareU no oue a; hurt by the thootin;:. 'Ihe pólice nould allon i obouy lo approach the orks an i the mot ere too ii.ucu excited lo note or care wbcthei anj oi tbelr number had b( vn borc J;_vc wltaeeses oï the .-truirules belween the 1 olice i. n.i the socialists i lace the number oi tlie .atter who were wounded as bchi; as bii:s;H' Jt is not lbout:ht tba an wirt killed (-.uiright, but the rapulits' with wnieb the wounded were carried aivay bj Iheil ïiiends, ann the &ecrecy mantained in regard to auy connection with the allair, make IftCtl dillicuit lo obtain. Joe Yosetik is prob:11.1 mortallv wnmdA


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