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Twclve lives were '.vat during a conflagraron at Lií-ko, in (jalicia the other uay, ana manv persons were injured. The czar of l.ussia lins conscuted to a plan or the ïnlrodiiction ot eotton planting within Lis uomain. A quant. ty of Beed ana mipruvid macbinery wlll soon beshippcd fromüaivcstou 'lei. Emperor Willlam has sent the Pope a costIj gOAi cross, ntouutcd with jewels, as a souv rnirnl liennau ratitude for tlie Inendly ol fices rendereu by iüs Uoliness in aroitraüng ihe uispiuo betwecn Qerma&y aua bpáin cr their respective claims to ihe Caronjo jslauus The l'iiuee of ales has been reeleetei Grand Master oí the kroe Jasons in Lumaml. tred Marr, an cmp'.oye oí J. 11. Greer's saw mili, Wes. Lorue, Uut., liad loth Lij j and? cut dH Ihe otlier uveniu. He was engageJ in sawiug a lioail unu as reaebtas over tue saw to take away the board, when the saw caught his hands at the wrlst, cuttin them Loth uiï. The expuisiou o: Fples Irom 1 russian Poland lónl.uuu, and is attcuded In suaie cases vith baroarous sevcrity. Oladstone Still Fieading. Mr. Gladstune has issued nnothcr manifestó to his constituenta, aud alt. r statin lus ïcusoiis lor thus aadressin tLcm anj calling attention to the worki-wide .nterest n.anilusied in h's iris.i mensures, proceuus as lollows : 1 00 must not be discouragcd f in the nrpcr ranksot society at home you hcar a varlety oi discordant ï.otes - üitcoraant anks ïroiu'our pollcy aLd irom one anoiher. Uent.cmen, ou l.ave be. oro you a Cabinet i.cteriniueu mits ;ur.08e aud With nn rntelilgibie plan of its own, 1 si e viry .lttle . lse in iljc poi.tic&l arena eitbcr ucuriuined or iutelligioli-, i win now proceed lo .-pea,; oí the ttate of tnlnga wlthlu and without i ailiament and the Datura unj import oi me uext ereti .'lep lo be lalcen Jor tue prosress oí my meaeure. i speak dow of the uome rule bilí, uml Jeave the land Hirchase bill to stand on the dec.aration already made, aüdm only an txpreislon ol reretlo Im.l toat while the eands are runniuu from the hour ulass the jrisii landloriis liave jiven no ímiicálioi of a cesir to icrepi tl. e roposa. Irauied In :i spiritc! the u. eist allowau.e regard .oi' QieLr tpurebensiODd unu interest. 1 uu üot underistimaifi tbe KraTd nnpoilance oi uiilereuces oi upiuion ;iiuoi) Liberale. fcomj are ,nt-lim-.'. lo rule tbc nhole i,uestiou a'aintt iu l.; atitLur ly. It is adniitted on all hands that soc'al i nier is the Hrsi ol "11 pnlitical aims. To secure this in Ireland the Libérala, who are in seee.ssion, offer a hunciivd conr.ictiu remedies - or uise do remedies t all. 'líbese rtmarka are as ajplleabie to the Todes ar, they are lo the I I erais. The opponents to the government's 1 tneasurc make a remarkablc omission in their upen-bes. J u eacb, wl.eilier sugestivo or critica!, these fai) to express conlineuce iu the permauent .ucees oí tl.eir opposltlon. To live trom band to inouth seems to be the bitrlit oí thcir uiuo.tion, while they suspect, what wc all kno'.v, t, a the sirife can only enu in the concession of home rule. Jf this is so, the real qnestion is nol ti.e triuinph of lrish autonomv, but the lengtb and character ol the struirple. Therelore we want to shorlen, tbey to prolong the sirugïle. etay, " lrceiv." iiie_,by acts, il not worde, ay. "Let us only gi% e wnas we can no longei' withl.old." We sa v, -'(.uve now, rulle tliu )osition of the kingdom in the al. airs oi the wurld is Iiee and fciroug. 'II, ey yrefer to walt or a period ot nat onal uiCculty that we mav yield lo tüe iiish u( iijanu in terror, as we did in the wir of ITT'', as we ud to ihc demands of the vo.uuteers in 1783, as wc did to Lonaparte in l.U :, i anu as wc d.d in the civil war m lö.'. W e say, "not dow, Tvhcn modcration oí thoiight and lanuaa) c inleg in ïrlsh eounse.s, wi,en by the wiliiiu loncurrenceof al. s.dcs every arrani r é i n „ lor tte re.-ervation of prerogativc'2 can be made complete and absoiute." TLey v. onld ] ostpone tiii an bour comes w en (iemands rnay be larger and the means of resiste Dw .cs. We sa,, "ueai as w.ui a mutler between brothers - a ínaüer of iustice and reason." The, renew a tale, ala?, too olten to;d, whose prologue is denla! w;th exasperation ana reM-n.meut; whuse epilogue is surícnder without condilions and without tbunKs. -Now. however, new lerror is brought upon the tao - the terror of bc me rule ior ttotland, anü some add for V Ibis suigetion uous not alarm mi'. Oolyglve osalutle tune io jook ai thia que-ítion in its order of incrit. 1 ain no: sorry ihat tcotlani nnd a:cs lave Leen named, Lccause au serious Damtngoj tliem serves tu iclp our movement ni behali of lieiaDd. i can uraw no vital . isllnct.ou ol ri{Lt i etween thj case o treland au l olhe.asc-, but there are maiiy distmetiun of eircumstamv. 1-or mau. ycar.s I liaie boped iLat u niilit be íoun i practicable io apply uecentralizinjí processes, even. i erhaps, io portions ol diiícrent conditions. Lach wiücu wiii natnnUly reqniru uluerencet of treatmeut wal rciuain tubject to tbe imperial o.ui.aiioi.s. 1 bel.eve ttiat the stanuam ;üd meabure of good goverument in tcotland and W'alei will be cveutually dcerinined by public opinión id ücotiauj aud Wales. Tuis 1 say Without a pa niul ülsp&raging oí the circumstanees ot' tbis coniroversy with wbich we re threatcned in the case OÍ ireiand, wbose woeiul bisiory for ceutunes tmbo.Ui ns sotue ot us io treat ber as if she but u lim.tcd share in tbe great Inhtricance of huiuauity - none at au in ordinary priV iejtí of jmtnunity. Lut thi foruiidauie urnii wüich opposes the governinent is In bulk anu lousiitueni parta ilie üaiu,', b.0Og now inriche . it mr cosí with a valuable lontiugent o. that has fouht in every oí the last sixty years and been c.eieateu. We Lave belore tQis had creatcon.trocrsies on ireü tra ie, iro DaTUxattuii, piiuiic education, íeligious equalitv and lie ex.eution oí ti,e franchise. On these íin.l uther (.reat .ssues ibis class .ought unnurmlv on ihe wrong siue and was unilormh' beaten by a 1 ower more úl.ucuit tu marsuaL but resIsUCU wheu ruarsha.lea - by ihe upriuíit sense oí the uation. Ths power of .ross aud w. oléenle in. ult embo.tíeno some. but only some, an i uot, I íc.oiee to tlmiu, tLe nation of Scotlñnd anJ hngland. mchina: day by day themovements oí tbe cunen ts o. opiuion in thu presepi eonllüt, i uio i: and more i.nd ít vital to observe ihe puhi. at ivhich the dlvldlng liues ara arawn. i in the side adverse to the uovernment are fonml in prpfuse abundance wealth, sociai inliuence, station, titie ana ihe prolestious or a iar_;e maority of (hem- ia a word, the spirit and power of class. ior is this all. As the kniiiis pi old haJ si,ulrcs. so in the grea army o. class cacli Las bis de.eudents. but iet me m these ciosing words ext( n 1 my view bejtund my o n houored constituency aud 111 OIK: M'li '!:■ e s;ty to vou, my COUUtrVnieD oi bcotland a.Ml Lngaji.i, i eau do mñuli you essentially, ttuj not wtih anv peion, r plana nr ceotlon mong wu. it u--;s witb vou to deliver tbe RTeat ayeor noon vuur cholee, i etween depeud all the best hope oí lreland and mucti tl. at touches In ts honor aud hiiTii interest Urcat britain and all the CDihty empire ot our .uccn. I reinan, e tclorsol Midlothian, Tí our duti:ul aud rrateim sei'vnnt, IV i. fil [CPmm


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