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A Wonderful Metal

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_- man ov the Lame of Scymoiir, a, bas üiKceeded In penecting a trocees whereb alumiuum eau ue produced in suiiic;ent giiauiincs ïur generai commercial use ■uu ata price not exceedinj; onc-tncllth ol its present vaiue. .Vr. fceymour bia Leen ix, erimentin,, íor ihe past -; cars wit.i tbc probiem oí a cheap uietbod produelua ;ü- uiniuuni in larea quanutle?. tüs patenta nave úeen sicuieu tbruusbuut mosto! tbc civuized au i v,!:e,i (.rovideü with a suitablo Ilant, wblch is uow rapldly approacbing cODpleÜon ac i'iudlay, (Jblu, will ave uinplu Decuanieai and cbemical mean tu iurn out uui.uiited quanimci at the price abjve Tut: usea to whicli this metal may bc put scenis lotltively limítese. It is creatlug a raat deal 01 exettement in tbc manmacturlug norul on botü luntinents. Mr. .1. l'lcree, prsidct oí tliu i-ciautou uoanl o. tradc, ilevoted bia animal acKlrcss to an axposltion o tne relativë m rits oí a uminuiu, wijicli bc terma 'the uietai ot tbc iuinre." nis Ibeory is basod upOD its ( ru])i rtifs ol bulkuitüoui 'iveiiilit, anti streuth witbouL bize. Uis propbetu1 visou soes siLitiiiSuiï,s milt ol il (iniir ilian glata and 8troni;er tban steal, inarvels oí arcüitecture, machiucrv, turnlture, wvapuns, eic. all i-omposed oi this wundt'rful metal, .n 1 all turpassiDX an.tbmg of the knul ever produce.1 b or ■. AiuuiimiMi is the metallic lases of mica. eldepar, iate an 1 ciay. l.aiui.-ays: Neariy all the locks, exeept Umestone ana manjTMindbtones, aru littrjilv li tls of meta, niumiuuui." it is wliitc in color and next in lustre t: suvi-r. It lias aever beenfouud 111 a puie Btatc, but o known to exist iu vombinailon WJUi ni-arly ui 1 dliterent mineral. Corundum oud pure omerv are tires that are ven neb in aiuminum, conlainin;;' aboat ;:4 per eent. '1 he tptCltiQ gravliy is .;, unies tbat ol water. It is ightcr tba'n plas.-, or as nLt as chalk. beins only 1 ne-thini ihe wolgbt ol iron and onc-lonrtn ÍJ Helgbt ol silver. it la aa maleable as yold, lenaeiouö as nou anil barder than steel, 1 eiDK taxi to the diamond Tnus it. la capableui widesc variety 01 uses, beiu oft when tluctility, Btroiuwben teuadty, an.i crjstaliino wlieu I arüuess :s required. Lts ui irauïlormatiou3 is GOiuethin nooderfuL Me. t ïjfi iioii, or even iron at lts Ven. in tüe lurni oí siei 1, in ibe lame i.el'l. it i-asily vant,u..-lus t at every point. Itmeltsat a mueb es3 beat tuaa iron and it neitiief oxldlzes in the atmosptiL-re uor laruishe.s in contact with gaues. '1 le process of obtaimiii aiuminum bas been tbe subject ol cxper.meut for many jears, t.ut oever ovforebas it been brougut 10 such a point as to rcudcr üie product aviulabla tur encral UMC I


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