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The roll being called, Monday evening, Mayor Bobison made the following suggeBtive remarks: Gentlemen of the Common CounciL: - Having been eleoted to the office of Mayor of the city, as its chief executive officer it seems to me proper that I should d a public manner at the íirat regular meeting of the new counoil indícate my wishes and desires, and the policy I prolose to pursue for the year to come in ;he administration of my official duties, rusting that I shall merit the approval of the council and recieve its cordial support and encouragement. Our city has a world wide reputation 'or its educational institutions. Annually nearly 2,000 joung men and women come here to secure the advantages our university and high school affords, and he municipal authorities should be more :han ordinarily vigilant in requiring the ordinances relatiug to good order projerly enforeed. Especially thnt ordinince forbidding the sale of intoxicants ;o minors. Thousands of pareuts have in a measure entrusted their clnldren to our care and ceeping during their school and college ife, and let us see that they are returned ;o them ín noways damaged in oonsequence of a lax enforcement of the laws on our part. Our oity authorities in the past have aeen watchful in this direction, and as a coiisequence Ann Arbor enjoys the reputation of being the most quiet and orderly college town in Amerca. FINANOES. Financially, our city is in a henlthy condition. Practically out of debt, with 15,000 in the city treasury aud an almost certainty of having an addition thereto of ten or twelve thousand dollars within (he next 30 days, it would seem that we will then have money enough to do the ususal street work, etc., pay the water company for the hydrants for flre purposes as agreed to, and pay the Michigan Central railroad company the $5,000 voted reeen tly by our tax-payers to aid in the overhead bridge near the Central railroad station without resorting to additionnl taxation. streets. The publio streets are not in as good condition as they were one year ago. The laying down of 16 miles of water pipe for our water company hns necessarily torn them up badly and will necessarily cost considerable money to put them in proper shape again. Whtther the company is hable to the oity for this extra expese I will not say. But certainly, in the future the company should be required, when laying pipe, to have the street in as good condition as it was fon n il IMPKOVEMENTS. It can hardly be expected that as important improvements will be inangurated in our city during the year to come as were completed or commenced during the past year. It will devolve upon us to furmsh the necessary legislation to complete the grand work of bridgine: the railroad near the intersection of Pontinc and Detroit streets. It is believed that this overhead bridge - besides the great convenience to the city - will materially enhance the value of the property in the 5th ward by making more readily accessahle those beautiful building places so common in this portion of our city. The time is not far distant when an overhead bridge will be a necessity on one or more of the streets leading to the western portion of our city and across the Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad track. When this is áoue. the property west of the railroad must be appreciated as all danger in crossing the track will be avoided. With a small outlav it is believed the triangular piece of land lying north of the Central railroad and east of Pontiac street to the Huron river can be procured uimwuiuMuu luiwd punt. x eamesiiy recommend the council to take immediate measures looking to that end. HopiiiB our r,-,l„(iviin wiU l)(. ()f the most cordial nature, and all our official acts redound to the credit ot Ann Arbor. recordeb's eepokt. Contingent fund on hand, 7,983.97; general overdraft, $690.29; general street, $188.12; ward funds on hand, flrst, $1 - 078.91; secotui, $839.16; third, $578 86fourth, $490.06; flfth, $363.51; sixth, overdraft, $191.35; city cemetery, overdraft $36.87; dogtax, $201.76; delinquent tax, $846.28; water works, on hand, 84,000. Chief Sipley reported only three arresta in April. Treasurer Watts' report showed a balance in the city treasury of $14,552.81. petitions . The following petitions were received and referred to the respective sommittees for consideration: For a stone culvert over the deep cut or hollow in North First street, between Hiscook and High street. To widen División street between North and Detroit streets. For a gasolinè lamp on the corner of Brown and Elm streets, and on Hill-st., near the crossing of the Toledo rnilroml. Against the use of Hanover square for the erection of a band stand. For a street lamp on the comer of Hill and South Thayer streets. From M. M. Green for the erection of a wooden building for a livery, on Huron street. For an extensión of the water mams from Cemetery street along Ged des avenue to Elm street, and the location of a fire hydrant at the end of the extention. For a plank sidewalk along the southeast side of Cemetery street, commencing at Washington avenue and extendiug along the south side of Geddes avenue, to Elm street, also for a crossing across Elm street. For further extensión of the water mains from East Univesity street, along Willard to Forest avenue. Also for an extensión of the water mains on Huron street out to the city limita. Also for an electric light on Broadway fifth ward. For an extensión of the water mains 1400 feet on Broadway, 5th ward and for the location of a hydrant at the end of the flrst 700 feet, and also one at the end of said extensión. For an appropriation to be made by the council to the widow of the late Lowis Mo tre, who lost his life by attending a tire on the evening of April 23. For an extensión of the water mains on Ann street to the observatory, and that three fire hydrants be placed on said extensión. For further extonsion of the same now laid on Jefferson street, to extend from the present terminus to the corner of West Jefferson and West Sixth streets, and that a hydrant be placed at the end of the extensión. The several petitions presented relative to the lire department were referred to the üre committee. RESOLÜTION8. By Aid. Ware that the Kecorder be requested to draw an order for $100 from the contingent fund in favor of the widow of the late Lewis Moore. Carried. By Aid. Allmendinger, that the Mayor be requested to cali a meeting of the citizens to be held at Firemen's hall, May 15, for the purpose of organizing an improvement asssociation. Carried. FINANOE OOMMITTEE'S BEPORT. Bills to the amount of $1,514.88 were presented, and the recorder was instructed to draw warrauts on the respective funds, as follows: First ward, $215.24; secoud, $82.75; fourth, 8208.76: fifth, $125; sixth, 821.40; general street, $140.15; general, $222.21 ; contingent, $439.37. The constables' bonds of J. Imus, E. B. Gidley, Paul Sehall, D. J. Loomis Nelson Sutherland. Also the liquor bonds of Louis Seyler. G. F. Schoettle, Baxton & Cobb, Chas. Hauser, John D. Henrich, Stone & Co., Fred. Brauun, and the druggists' bonds of Mann Bros., H. J. Brown and Eberbach & Son, wre presented and reporled to the special bond committee. THE POOB FUND. During the month of April the indigent poor, according to the ohief of pólice, reeeived the total sumot $191.40, asfollows: First ward, $17.20; secon.i, 811.80; third, 834.40; fourth, $71.78; fifth, $50.18; sixth, $6.50 BOAKD OF REVIEW. The following gentlemen were appointed for ihis city: H. D. Bennett, Anton Eisele and Erastus P. Masón. VAOATION OF STRKETS. KeBolutions were adopted vacating the north end of Stataetreet and Page street. Counoil then adjourned.


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