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City Locáis. i Attention Everybody! Hafer & Heusel have opened s Grocory - and Bakery at the stand formerly ' ied by the late J. F. Shaible, on Detroit ' itreet, and would be pleaaed to reoeive he patronage of all who may be in want ; of goods in their line, guaranteeing in return fair treatment, low prices, and tire satisfaction. For Sale. - House and Lot corner of Datharine and Second streets. Terms ■eaaonable. For information inquire of Wm. Olauoey on Fourth street. Arnold sella fine Silverware. Tab Walks. - Parties who intend to jut down Tar Walks the present season, ihould cali on me and obtain prioe perrod befo re making contracts. Tou can save money. George Walker, Box 1814, Ann Arbor. Arnold has the most complete assortmeat of Jewelry in the city. Lost - April 28, pocket book, with the owner's name and address on the ipside. A liberal reward will be given if left with Dr. O. G. Darling. Arnold has the best stock of Jewelry, Watches and Silverware in town at astonishingly low prices. Fok Sale. - The Lewis Combination Force Pump, for spraying trees, etc. Three machines in one. The best in the market. W. F. Bird. Arnold's stock of Clooks is unsur passed both in quality and prices. Fishing parties can be supplied with Minnows by A. F. Hangsterfer. Arnold has the most complete Jewelry Store in the city, and the lowest prioes. Strawberries! Yes, Strawberries at A. F. Hangsterfer's. Arnold pays both strict and prompt attention to repairing of all kinds. When you can't get money anywhere else, have good security, wish to pay a fair rate of interest, and do a square business, come to me. D. Cbameb. Remember, prioes and quality of goods oonsidered, Wm. Arnold's, South Main street, is the place to purchase all kinds of Jewelry. Clocks, Watches, and Slverware. Don't forget this f act. Loanino. - Money to loan on first-claBS Beal Estáte MortgageatOurrent ratos of Interest. Satisfactory arrangements made with capitalista desiring suoh investments. Every conveyauce and transaction in abstracts of titlcs c;iivf ally examimed aa to legal effect. Z. P. Kino, Ann Arbor CliAIRVOINT PhYSIOIAN. Dr. L. D. White is still in the Duffy block, opposite the postoflice, where he has an extensivo business. He can be found in hiB office at all hours. Cisterna built and repaired. Maaon work of all kinda done on short notice. Leave orders corner Fifth and Huron BtroctH. G. D. ( 'olliuH. " If humor, wit and honestey, oould save" from the ills tiesh is heir to, what a good price they'd bring in the market. Well, 25 ets will buy a oheap panaoea - Salvation Oil, a oertain oure. The backer's sweetheart - Sallie Batus. If you would be truly happy, my dear, said one lady to another, you must learn to take things coolly, and when you get a cold to take Dr. Bul I's cough Syrup, which is the greatest of all known remedies for ooughs and colda. The world may owe a man a living, but like many another debtor it only respon ds af ter repeated dnns. Tlioae who believe that nature will work off a cough or cold should underHtiuiil that this is done at the expense of the cons'titution. Each time this weakens the evBtem, and we all know that the termination of tbis dangerous practioe is a consumptive's grave. Don't take the chances, wben a fifty cent bottle of Dr. Bigelow's Positivo Cure will safely and promptly cure any recent oough, cold or luug trouble. Buy the dollar bottle for chronio or family use of Eberbach & Son. "lts a very funny thmg, remarkea Bass meditntively. "I sat by the river all day with bated breath, and never oaught a thing." - [Rambler. Credit is due the Germán women and physicians tor first using Bed Oiover blossonis as a medicine. Best result are obtained when combined with other medicinal roots and herbs, as in Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic, which is the best known remedy for all blood diseases, stomach and liver troubles, pimples, costiveness, bad breath, piles, agüe and malaria diseases, indigestión, loss of appetite, low spirits' headache and all diseases, of the kidneys. Price 50 cents, of Eberbach & Son. Ambitious Amateur- "What part are you going to let me play in 'Hamlet?' " Manager - "The skull, of oourae; you haven't got brains enough for anything else." - [Boston Budget. The best on earth, can truly be said of Griggs' Glyoerine Salve, which is a sure, safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds and all other sores. Will positively cure piles, tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. Satisfaction guaran teed or money refunded. Only 25o. Sold by 0. Eberbiich & Son. CEO. OLP ! PROPRIETOR OF THE New Livery Stable Boarding and Farmers' Feed Barn. A.t Baxter's Old Stand, Corner Huron and Second Street. rURNOUTS ALL NEW AND NEAT Charges Reasonable. Telephone Connection. Toledo, A un Arbor & Northern Michigan Kailwuy. THBODOH TIHK TABLE. Taklutr effect September 27, 1886. Trains run by Standard Time. Qoing North. Qoing South. 4 12) 8TATIONS. i i 3 Ex. Mail I Standard Time. Ex. Malí. p. m. a. m. Leave Arrive a. m. p. m. 340 7:05 Toledo 9;30 5:0C 3 45 7:14 Manhatten Junction 9:26 4 55 4 0i) 7.-23 Alexis Junction 9:16 4:47 425 8.15 Monroe Junction.... 8:42 4:14 4 31 830 Dundee 8 30 4:04 445 848 Azalla 8 '20 3 54 50( 903 Milán 806 8 45 508 92a Urania 7 52 830 523 982 PitUfleld 7 4C 8 22 685 950 Ann Arbor 7 27 8 10 6aolO45 SouthLyon. 650 2 25 Oonnections at Toledo with railroads diverging. At Manhattan Junction with WheelingS LakeKrie U.K. At Alexis Jnnction with M C. R. R. L. 8. R'y, and F. & P. M. R. R. At Mnrot Junction with L. S. & M. 8. R'y. At Dunde, with L. 3. & M. S., and M. & O. R'y. At Milán with W.. 8t. D. & P. R'y. At Pittefleld with L. 8. & M. 8. R'y.. andat South Lyon with Detroit, Lanaing & Northern R. R., and O. T. R'y. Two traing, numbered 5 and 6, run between Toledo and Detroit, daily except Sunday, via Milán Junction; No. 6 arrivés at olilán Junction at 11:00 ii. m. and reaches Detroit at 12:00 noon; No. 5 leaves Detroit at 2:35 and reaches Milán Junction at 3:45 au d Toledo at 6:01) p m . H. W. ASHLEY, W. H. BENNETT, dea. Superintendent. Ueu. Passenger Agt. Detroit, Mnckiuac & Marquette H. l. " MAOKINAW SHORT LINE." The only Direct Route Between the East and the Upper Península of Michigan. K.ST. I TIME TABLE. ! WE8T. real) down In effect Dec. 23, 1885, bead up. No. No. D. M. & M. B. R. No. No. 4 2 1 3 i.m. p. m p, in. p.m 7 00 140 Lv. ..Marquette ....A 2 05 530 8 25 2 30 Onota 118 405 9 05 2 50 AuTrain 12 45 335 0 00 3 25 Munisiug 12 05 230 a. ui 10 30 3 44 Reedsboro.. .. 1147 200 . m. 2 2U 4 50 Seney 10 40 1205 a.m. 145 5 50 Dollarville 9 56 1100 S 05 5 57 Newberry 9 50 10 30 4 15 7 25 Palms ö 31 815 5 00 7 46 Moran 8 11 742 5 55 8 15 Stlgnace 7 45 700 9 00 A..MackinacCity..Lv 7 00 Express Trains Nos. 1 and 2 make close connections wlth night trains from and to ali Eastern and Canadian points, on botli Michigan Central and Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroads. Close connectionsarealso made at Mnckinact'ity wlth the M. H. O. R.R., and Mineral Range R. R for points ín Wisconsin and the Copper Country A. WATSON, E. W. ALLEN Qen'l Superintn t, Gen. Pass. Ticket Ag't, Marquette, Mich. Marquette, Mich' GRAND; TRUNK RAILWAY INCLUDINQ THE GREAT WESTERN DIVISIÓN. The Niágara Falls Short Line. Pullman and Wagner sleeping Cars and Elegant New Dining Cars on all Express Trains east and west. All trains arrive at and depart from Brush-st. depot on Central Standara time, which is 28 minutes slower than Detroit city time. Main Une train via Port Huron. March 28, 1886. DEPOT FOOT OF BttUSH STREET. Lea ve at Arrive at Toronto, Montroal and East 8 00 am SU 46 am Buffalo 8O0am 6 10 pm Port Hurón Express '4 20 pm 3 0(1 pm Toron o, Moutreal and East. SU 00 pm +i 19 pm Great Western División, Depot Foot of Brush Street. Leave at Arrive at Atlantic Expresa SöSSain 8 35am Express 81230 noon SI 45 pm London Express 5 50 pm J$55pm Buffalo Fast Express. 812(10 midnight. For tickets and intormat.lon apply to General Ticket Office. 169 Jefferso-t avenue, corner Woodward, or at Depot Ticket Office, foot of Brush street, $Daily. I'Jxcept Sunday. J. HICKSON, General Manager. WM. ROBINSON, Mich. & S. W. Pass. Agt., Detroit. For CoaÉ, 'M or Tori. FLAGLEE ! Trial 3:38; sire of U. P. Flagler, 2:40 at 3 years, ownorotherto stallion Rodmam, 2:41, und Ripple; sire of Col. Crocket. 'JM. By Romulus. 271 (hy Rysclyk 10, dam 8eeley's Am. Star 14 1. sire of Richard" Wheeloek, 2:29; Ralston, 8:29; John A Ravvlins, 2:33 1-4, etc; lst dam Simon Kent m 2d, imp. Bellfouoder; .il, Miuubrilio; 4th, Tinppo. WiH iiiakn the seiison of 1S8ÍÍ at ïny stablewoii West Huron street, Ann Arbor. Tkhms-To insuro, $20; snason, $15; nares kept f rom $1 to $2 per week. Ann Arbor was never before favored with a stallion having so much size, styl and speed, wlth such breeding. He is handsome bay.ctar and one white ankle; In hands liih and weigbs over 1,200 pouuds. Cali at my office and see fiis liedigree, with back crosses. J.A.PELL, V.S. ACi TTlfTI Sund ÏO cents postado &nd we wil III H I naail you, free, a royal, valuable smpleboxof goods that will put you in way of making moreinoney atonce.than anything else in America. Both sexes of all ages ean live at home and work In snare time, or all the time. Capital not required. We will start you. Immemae pay sure for those who start at once, Stinson & Co. Portland. Mu TAKE THE DEIÍOCRAT.


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