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A western correspondent sentís the íollowing: I recently listened to a debate in one of the school lyceums of this city upon the novel and momentous question of "wotuan suflrage." Tlie debater upon the "anti-woman" side was doubtless engaged in his tirst etfort, and this fact, together with a slight inipediment of speech and a most original series of argumenls, combined to produce one ot the iunniest and most unanswerable speeches that I had ever heard. Hero it is, almost in full. "Ladies and gentleman, the lirst (hing to find out is w-w-what man was ru-made for, andwhat w-w-womau was made for. (od crcatedAdam lirst, and pul hini in the garden of Eden. T-then He made Eve, and p-put her there too. If he hadn't c-c-created Eve, there never would have been all the s-s-sin there is nov in this w-world. lf He hadn't made Eve, she never would have p-picked the apple and eaten it. N-n-iio, i-hu never would have picked it and g-given it to Adam to eat. Paul in his epistles says w-w-woman should k-k-kcep still. And besides, 1-ladies and gentlemen, ladies couldu't fill the oílices. I d-d-defy any one to p-point out a woman in this city or c c-counlry that could be sheritl'. Wonld a woman t-turn out in the dead of night to track and arrest a m-m-murderer? 1 say n-no! Ten to oiiu she would elope with hini!" And amid thunderá of applauso and laughtcr the gfallanl defender of man's rights triumphanlly took 1) is seat. -


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