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Speaking Under Difficulties

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A tnoatrieal company out west gave with permissiou of the superintendent, a "Mikado" performance lo the inmatcs of the penitentiary. It is needess to say that thoy were greatly pleased. The annooncement of the Mikado that he proposed to make the punishment fit the crime was npplauded vehemently, as was Ko Ko's song, "Taken from the County Jail." To address convicta in jail without saying anything that raight be regarded as persona! is vary ditlicult, A blunt oíd Germán member of the Illinois Legislature, Mr. Plotke, was one of the commitUe appointed to investigate the State penitentiary at Chester. Whilc there he was called on for a speech. It was certainly speaking ander difflcullies. Ho said: "1 hardly know wot lo say toyou. I cannot cali ou shenlli mens, oecause you is not ghcntleniens, and again I can't cali yon friends, because dot might gif rmneseif avay. Wot shall I calí you den? I will cali you members of the Illinois penitentiary, shoost the same a we aro members of the Illinois Sheneral Assetnbly. Jfon have been unaninioiisly clected lo lili the places you have widin desc walls shust the sanie a.s we members of the Sheneral Assembly have boen elocted. I cannot say dut 1 ani glad you is hcre, because i dot mirht make you f-cl bad, and den again I cannot say dot 1 is sorry dot you is heiv, becauso 1 dink it was goot dot you was hero now because you is herc, and 1 hopes you will doyour duly shoost de Sanie as wa do our duty for j de term for whicii you is elected." - Texas Biflings. At a canv;s; beid In a ininiug ilistrlct, a IIIbernlan cried out voelferously : "I nomínate John O'Rourko for wtn o' thim things!" (referring to soiae minor position on the ward ticket to be votetl for at the charter electlon). "Oneof whatf' Inqulrcd k president. "Oh, wan o' thim thlnpsyer makln'." "Who is John O'Rourke?" asked a guntleinan standing near. '''ve been in this ueighborhood for some tim, but do not reeaU the name." L;Oh, he's me cousin. Hj's not anove in this country yit, but he tuck ship Weducsday and he'll ; be hyar in time for 'lection; an' I thought I'd ! have an oflice all ready fcr hiiuwhinhc got here !" In Woodland a prize-flght ia euphemistlcally called a ' 'glove social."


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