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OVO ÑAMES AÏD 1TEW PLACES. The wisdom oí the puUey of givlng elassical ñames to Ameran towui and couDtíe3 may tli be questioned wbeo onc sees the anomnlies oí expression lo whlch tbey give rise. Tbu?, New or.i State, wbichhas most sinned lu tliis respect, has sueh absurd ñames lor towns, as North Héctor, i-.outh Ifomer, East l.'omulus and many cilier rimilar ones, lor Wi.i ii ttaere can Le no uSíense. Kxactly what partoftbe body o; Iloiuer toulh liomer is. would ai .■le án autiquary to sav, and it would be equally dlllicult to asstgñ parts oí the eompass to the persona of llector, Komulu8. Ovid, Vlrgll, Ijlysses, Sclpio and otlier uorthies whose ñames are scaltered with a lavisb hanc' all through central tnd western New 1 or,í. Tlu Vvest his not offended so much against good t:iste,and it is thcreiorc bard to see wliy the name oí a ortioa of Asia Minor, lonia, í-íií ji;id Lave beeu transferred to tlie ínter - Michigan. H's a very Lretty name, however, anu Ioula 8 a very iirettv lown. The people are progressive if not particularlv like tho ancient Jonians,and itis thcreloreonly natural that they should apureeiate tbe uñil of Athlophoro3 as a remedy for rheumatism end neuralgia. 11. Van Alien Co.,dru_:gists, say of its suecess in Iouin : '■We havo lianule.l the medicine íor lwo years añil hear only good reports lrom it . A section boss ou oue oí the ruüroads here, vvho, being exposcLi lo ill kinds of vféatber. bas long i 000 iioubled with rheumatic, dittiCnltiea, ni". ti.!ats binuelt iierrnanenUy cared by usinp; Atblopboros. A lady, Un. L., of this c.ty, bas also reeeived great beuelit i.fterusing thiee Lotiles of the meuiciüe." Tayior de Cutler, wbo are also druggists oí lonia, say: "VVe introdueed Athlophoios in this town and bave bad a eood trai.e on it lrom the start with sales mercas. ug. Wc have heard good reports iroiu it and accept tlicíact 01 its inereasing sale as evidence that it Is glving sailaiactlon." "1 was scverely afUicted with rheumatism íor a LUmuiT oí years," says Williami of liobart. "About a c.f a-o a lnend who had a lot of Athlophorjs in the Louse induceJ me to taKe and tiy it. Alter taking two-thirds of the meuieiue i stopped uecause of the scusu t.on in my head, Out have not been troubicd with rheumatism siuce." Dr. L. .1. Kiinoau ol Xorway, Mich., saya: "1 recomiutnded Atbloplioros iu the case oí Mrs. A., who has sutlereu iritb rbuumaii-.ii bciera. yiars. Before t'ae had taken hulfa botlü she was ent.ruly trte trom pa:n, an.l a uote iiow and thcu CDÉircU reUeveuiier. irs. 1. was in.iuted to try a bottle with simiiai resu.ts. Alter Mr. F. had tried every kuowu remedy lor rneumatism two bottlei of Athlo pboros uiin to pursue his occujBitinn 1 culi most cueiilully reciiminend the medicine lor rheumatism." Says Ur. i... Armstrong of Chelsea, Mich."lu eighteun years' ex erience m the drug business 1 nave liaa no remedy for rheumatisra wblch gives sucu gcm-rai ta bfaciion aa Athlooiioros." 'Atn!ophoros glves perfect satisfactioo,' Dulla.ii broti.ers of lint .ay. "It has lieipei and cured in soine cases wnurc all othcr reme uic have ïailed lo do any gooo." If you cannot gct ATiii.ui'iicmus ol your droggts1 ffe wltl hond it express pitid, un recoípt of regUlaT prlce - ono dollar per büttlc. We prefer that you buy tt íromyuur drugKist, but if he nasn't it. do no be persuudud to try aomutliiiiK ulge, bu1, order u mu e ii-.-in ub us diretjttid. ATiiLol'UOUOS Co., 11 Wall Street. New York. San Francisco a "freak" in the person of a man with íour cus, w ho ís uut in a mu cum. BlLIOUS, INTEIIMITTENT AND RlíMITTKNT Fkveus, to wijieh people who live near fresh water, ilurin the warm and dry scasonü, are 1 articularly subject, are larely eauseJ by a lorpor of the diget ve organs and a c.og'jin, up oí the Uren To correct these vital orans restore etergy, and prevent these diseaStS use Dít. WaLKBB'í CaMIOBSIX Vixeoai UlTTEltá. If thou faint in the day oí adversity, tlij strengtn is small. Brash and wirv hair i.ecomes sott and pliau by uslnií Ilall's Hair Renewer. Many a mother has íound Ayer's Cberry Pectoral invaluab.e ;n cases of croup. To brighten and cicas oíd alpaca, wash ii collee. "More tiian all otiieu Linm Kemkdh-,' is what K. W. t'air.uan. a druggit at Dartor. Ind., write. aboUa tu j cale u Ailen's l.uni, i ul-ain. He hai sold It ,or eight years, ana i ijlveo satsiact.on. ..oíd by all urugglsu a óc., tüc., and i.00 a üottlé. üood actious should be more cultivated Iban good thoughtí. I was alliicteJ tcrriii y with Kheumatism. tooií tome Ataiophoro, ;.n.i now th; rheuma tism is gone, and 1 have had i.o return o. ui to spea.i oí. T. E. Chaüiieid, con tractor, S65 Kleventh avenue. ■ Wi coiisin. I. ove is to the poor man wliat gold is to th rich. It A3tonahd the Public to hcar of lüu reslgnat.on oí Dr. r.ercc as a Conj;ressmau to devote himscli folely lo ui lauors as a physician. It was becaose ü B ir.i constitucuts were ihe siek aud ftJiicted every wheTr They will imd Dr. flerce'3 "Uo.dcn Mclal lJíscovery" a beueüctnt use o hl scicntilic knowledj;e in tlie r behah. Con ', üroucnitis, couth, hcarí dlsaaae lever ana arue, inturmitteu. lever, drojsy oenraieia, gome or tti.ek neok, aud aii uu eaáes ol tue ulood, are cu.e.i by this worlu renowneJ medicine. lt5 are wou derful, its act.on mágica.1, liy dr.iu'irists. Happincss is the o.ispnn- oí ltuo ioT3. "áy, why is ererytbiDg Eitüer at sixes or ai sevensi" Probably, my dear íurvous sister, becaus.1 you are; l'rom soine oí ihc EUseaaes , eeuliar to your sex. Vou uave a "dragiíiníjown" ícelinj, tbu back-ache, you are deuili iate.1, you luic palns ot' varimis kinas, Tdk Ur. K. V'.i'ierce's ''Favorita iJre.scriLtitn11 anc be cured. i'nce reduced to one dollar. lij irugglsts. Avoid temptat.on throu.'U íeai'you miy not .vitustaud it. l'ierce's 'Tleasaul Felleís" are perfect prevent. ves of constipatiün. ínclosed n glass, a ways ir's;;. 5v a;i dru;ists. At the foot ol Main t.ce. u Danbur . . onu.. íUihs :i house bu.U uy í.lnathaii Oa joru in ljjii. Jt is a low, h!j-roofed houíe jtudued tnonnous beams, and lighteJ b ery small diamond window jaujs. Wheu I.;:: ..ritisn under i ryou lired the Vlllage thid wa -he only house spared. "Better late tha.i liever," buc setter nevj ate wueu trouDle.l wltU a couh or cold. Tak ur. Bigclow's lJositive Cure at once, hu:;, .■mes a;l tLroat. aud luug trou jles specdily an , ihorouh.v. l'leasaut íor chiluren. 50 cent ind ti. " The onlons of Wetlierslield, Conn., have Ion:; beeu famoii-.. but ullder.and township, lo western MassacnusetU, uevoted eixty-threc teres to that odari.erous bui last year, wblc veilded 52i busliels to the aciv each, wortli UO.UOO, or auout í:il to the acre. S.B.Durley, mate of steamcr Aarizoua, bad bis íojt ladly jammed. Thumas' liclectri. 'Jll cured it. otbing equal to it íor a quic paíu reliever. In soine places business is airad to revive for íear of being uit with a strike. The Clkugy, the Miídical Faoui.ty an. the Feople ail indorse Huidoelí Bloo 1 Bittci U the best system renova.lug, iiiood pur. fying tou.c in the world. Bend íor featlmon. als. Despise no one, for ;vcr.' one kuows som?thing whieü thou knowest not Foit Buiixs, Scaliis, liitiiisES and all pain and soreuess of the llesh, the grand housenolu icmedy is Dr. Thomas1 Electric OU. Bc sur you gct the geuuine. Small and steady gains givecomuetency to i tranquil miud. TheRcv. Wm. Stout, Wiarton, Ont., state-: After beiní r.e.lectually treate.l si-venteen different uoctors for acroíula and blood diease, 1 was cared by liurdocu Blood Bitters Write him ior prooi. Henry Brcirer of lrwinton, Ga., while wa ': mr lor a rabüit to run i.y which was chased l his do?, was attacked by a mat dog. The i oj' bad a light wood knot iu Kis hand, and wlu-n Mie dog jumped at him he killed it with mi. 3low. Cet the Best 8 a good motto to follow in buylng a spring med cine, as woll as in everythini else. By the uu rcr ;i) satisfaction it bas givcn, and by tho man, 'cmarkable cures it baa accomplitdiud, Ho jarsaparilla has rrovon iisclf uncqunlleil fo ïullding up and strengtheniug tho ■ystOBO, and t til discases tttetnc from or promotod by lmpu: luod. Do not experiment with any unheard-of an intrled article which you aro told is 'Just as good ut bo surü to (rel only Hood's Sarsaparilla. " l consider Hood's Sarsapariilu tho best medicin ; ever used. It gires me an appel i te and refresli i i leep, and leeeps the cold out." John S. kocc, ]' ipruce Street, Portland M;. "I flnd Hood's Sarbatmrilhv tho best remedy f mpuro blood I ever used.1' M. II. Baxtek. ticL igont P. & R. Hú., Bound Urooi, N. J. "Úood's Sars:iparilla tale ■ loss time and qaanll u ffhow lts effect tban any proparatlon I uteard of." Mks. C. a. IIcodard, N. Chili, N. Y. Hood's Sarsapariüa lold by all drugglsts. $1; .slx for t.',. I'repared Qii yC.UHOODikCO., Apothecaries. LowelI.Ma -. 100 Doses One Dollar It Is satd that the rr.iy of tbeereat Yellow stone falls in the National Park built up at it; foot a irouiitaii) oí .ce, tcarccly jet affected by the spring warmth, and almóst as high as the fall itsclf, which in raidwinter was magniflccnt iu fonii aud color. "Art is long anti time Is fleeting," and it is too bad to spi-nd half a short lhe distrcssed with neuralgia, when 26 tnts spent for oue buttle of i-alvation 011 will cure it quickly. The Tki.i: Stobt Toi.d at Last.- IIow ■'Ciumbus'' was discovere l was graphically told in au essay writtcn lty a bov n one of the schools in the "(English) in dlands, and transferred tothe columna of t ie l.ondon Standard: 1 Ciumbus VU a i::an wbo rould mako an ecg ; stand on end w.thout breakrog it. Tlic kinff I of ÍSpain said to Ciumbus. "Can you dlC ver I America?' 'ïeg,' anld Ciumbus, if vim give 'measliip.' 8o he had u eliip and sálled over ■ lhe sea in the dfrecUon irnerfl he ti:oujht Amorlca ousrlit to be fi mul. 'Ibe sallora quarI ïeled, aud .aid thcy bellcved tliere s no sueh i tace. But after many daya the pllot came to , hlm and eaid, 'Chimilas, I sec land.' 'Tbcn that is America,' said Clumbus. Whcn the ■hip cot near, the land was luli of black men. Ciumbus said, 'Is this America i' 'Yes, it is,' I gatd tbey. 'ih"ii lu eald, 'J ?u:moseyou are the niggcrs?' 'Yes,' they said, 'wc are.' The cblef said, 'i pwppose yuu are Ciumbus!' 'You ! are r.ght.' iaul lic. Theo tbc cliief turncd to j hls men and s:iitl, 'Thfiv is no liiip for it; wc are dlscovered at hut.' " Travelers ehotild be prepared for thechanges of weather and agauMt the eüects of ciI posure tidy provine themselves with Dr. ! liuil's cough gyrui; - the bes., made. Wherc go'.d and sil . r dweil in the licart, laith and ooi e are oni o doors. Relief from S ck Headache, Drowsiness, Nau i-a, Dizzlaees, Pain in fide, &C, guaranteed to tbose uslng Cait Llttle Liver Pi Is. I These complaints are Bearly always cause i by torpid liver uud ion tipated bowels. Restore tliee oreans l Ihe'r proper fonctlons and the troubi'e cea e. (.a Ier a le l.ivi r Pilla will do ih:s cwiy lime. One j ill isa do.c. Fortv in a vul. i r Cfl " cents. The deatli rate in Dakota is only five in the Ihousai.d FAKMEIiSAND STIICKMEN. Tho only rtinedy that cures galís, cuts and wounds on horses and cattle. and aiways grows the hair in Hu ori;;mal i-olor, ia Veterlnury Carboliiulv. 60 cents and SI. 00, at Druu'uUts or by midi. Col A Co.. Black Rivor Tf.ll. Wim No Opium in Piso's Cure jor Ci.nsumption. Cures whcre other remedies lail. ,q. Shok and hard waro dealers teil Lyon'4 Heel stlffiiecrn; they ket'i Ixjots und shuc-j t il,ht. Hed Sto TRflDE MARK. freo from, Opiatcs, Umetics and J?oison. SURE. Q KCtS. PROMPT. L&%J Xl IJP.UUOIITI AM1) DtCAI.KRi. IJK HARLKa A. VÜUELEB FO„ CALTIMOKE, BB. TT JJCOBS Q[ OÉIIManreKSíDY f B% ■ Cures Rheun-.aii;ni, Neuralgia, Fnr Pain ■■t'fesp1 rui r mujga '.- CATARÉ mm m ipil For Cold in !!. Bf öcUR[5cO7n liead Ehs Crer;mMy0ccofêHJlm Balm works McRjYpEVER Wg j?A me ofcalarrh (""IWêT %3 ratored the S(W'C Liv& Shenvood, Ranker, BayN'tft j'g Eliznbelh. N. J gAY-FEVER Apartlclelinpplii fi „.,, (-..clinnstrilanfl Isnuree ble to use. I'rico 60 ex, t v muil o it clruu'Kts OWC'O N Y Ki'Y BB0THBBS' I;r8gl8ts ? TAKE Nk MALT BITTERS. XT IS TSE Blood Pübífier Health Restorer. It nver fails to do lts wort in cases of IHdlnria, Bilioitencss, Constiiiation, Hcadaclic, loss of Appetito and Sïecp, Ncrvous JSebllity, Neuralgia, and all Fema!:t'omplr.ints. Hoys & í'ait lüttcrs is a VeLcnble Compound. It ia a Medicine nor a Barï"OOTÏl Ol'Slllr. Xt clifTers nv ïi-illy a Uur?' v and nipht from the tliouand-and-onc 'üxtiircï of vilo whisky üayored vu roFuatica, Hopa A Malt Biclors is reconi" mended by Physiclans, .'fjiuistcr a N lirvesns bein liie Best Family Medicine evr-i ;oinpoundt!d. Any woman or cbild can take it "Krom my knowledgo of its inredients, undfi no circunifltances can it injure any one using it It comalns no tnincral or othor cle!eteriou3 subptance. Possess ng real merics, the remedy is deserving succes. " C. E. DePit, Ph. G , Detroit, Mich. ThO only Genuino are manufacturad by the HOPS & MALT 8ITTSRS CO.. Detroit, Mich. DU. JOHN BULL'S Smitb's Tome Synip POR THE CURE OF FEVER and ñCUE Or CH1LLS and FEVEB, AND ALL MALARIAL DISEASCS. Ths preprietor of thic cslebrated nodioinc ■ ustly claims for it a supsriority over all remidies ever oiïerod to the public fcr the SAFE, CERTAIN, SFEÏÏDY and PE3MANENT cure .f Agua and Fev6r,or Chülsanri Fever,wheth:; of short or long standing. He rofare to the ■.'Titire Western and Southern country to bcai lim testimony to the truth of the Mfertion hat in no case whats ver will it íail to cure i i che direotions are s trictly foüowedandcarrie i out. In a great maiiy cases a singla dose has ■:een luíficient for a curo, and whole families uve been cured by a singlo bottlo, with a por:'rjot restoration of tho general health. It la, :owever,pradent,andinev ryease moreceríain to cure, if its use is continued in smaller Joses for a week or two after tho disea ha3 oeon checked, more especially in diffiouH üd one-atanding casos. Usually this medicine ■.7Í1I not require any aid to keep the bowels in ■ood order. Slinuld the pationt, however, reTuireacathartio medicine, ifterhavir.g taken three or fonr doses of the Tonic, a single desa uf KENT'S VEGETABLE FAMILY PILLS will be sufficient. Use no other. DR. JOHH &TJX.X.'S SMITH'S TONIC SYRUP, BULL'S SARSAPARILLA, BULL'S WORM DESTRÓYER, The Popular Remedies of the Day. o.i„,),i nl. RRl Tuin St.. i.OUISVItXE. KI. Ú 'k Ö "Ï Í i : gl SaA Urrina Athiun Cti.-t Btvi a ■ immrdiai rtlic in iba wordt cacs. li.arcs t nforuble lc![: tffecu ure wliere kU otherii fui. Hjí-ifí ctmviiim tt nxntt 1'rUM .)) et ■BdB I H$1.O, of Dru.'íhtí kt tT m!(l. ïliKK fiTiS I)K. n. sOlllt'fMAN'. :■:. i :.m!. .'■Jlnii.gj ■■III- IIIMIHfc Mll'll iUmMiriMIHIt- IÉ ■III1M1MHIM 7Ï ,nn, -I Vlncxar Kitteir, ap U'í fC-" "lTTti V "' puriüeB ' Iivl_-Sfi- -TmA lood, Btrcngtlicna t!io li 1 J-í5CÍ& aml Mdiieyü, ''■■'■ wül rcsu I (SfcVSBwVfól heuiïli, howcvcr lost. SkifiRrasT Viíipprn? ïlïlter i ' SO0ra 3CS'' r uvured %y beadaciio imd iucreaelog guS&B&Kk Vllal PwcrBLl7 ■■''- Vlnegar ISitícrsaa lates the food. regulatos tbe stomacli and 1 els, giving liealthy and natural sleep. Vlncsar Hilter Is the great disraso venter, aud stands at tho hes I ly tdica. Ko house sliould ever bo without it. Víncjrar Ilittrr cures Malarial, BUious other fvvoi'H, direnses of the lïeart, Llver Kidneys, and a hundred other painí ul disord Sentí for eithcr of our v.iluabln refere books for ladles, íor farmers, for merchante, Medical Treatise on Biseascs, or onr l'atechl oa Intorapeiunce and Tobacco, which last eho be in tho'iiands oL every child and youth in ti? couDtry. Any ttvo of theabove bw I fresar receipt of four cents for registratie: R.H. McDonald Di i:.-( i.,6L3V TREATED FREE. DR. H. H. GREEN A SpednlUt ror lleven Years Fait, Has ircuted l'ruijív and fta complica) limi w molt. won icrfiii Ruccess; mc vcgctablü re nftdlQ fD rcly liar:i les liemovej all symtjins uí drup Ín giit ti iwe it1 dy. C jtí's n [ lenta 'pronounced hopelcs by tbc beií pliysl. Iftns, írom ,he f.rít dose th. lymptoin ra'-MW áUt pcar :tn m ten dayi ri l.a.. two ihüdíof all iyn' lom re tiOTttd. Soinu raaj cry hii:nbng without knov. an th! a') ) t ir. Romemhpr. it úes not co ■■ ou h (o reIIX6 the merlts of mv voú-it I tri com an Iv ur dk casn oí 1 n gTiidlnj?. ci ií)at hive b en tap; el a iiumbe or I . . pfttle:u declarad unab'e to tí e a wrek. ' i lt ry of cao. Ka ne ex. bow lone t leted h badly sw ilItiD anl wnere. Ís btwrs'0 Iva, l i u s e and drlpped vrafer. Send for fres pam b'i con a.utng tcttlmonials, ques:íc n . o. e, 10 diivs treatment furnishetl free by nía! Epilcpy flts pedtlrelj cured. lí order trial, send 7 cení In stainn 'opav potíu H. H. OREEN. M I).. , 55 Janea Avenue. Atlanta. Gt EXIUUSTEDTITALfff' II.I.IVI l!ATi:n SAMPLE FREE, : jNow msíihJmEm A Great Medical Work on Manhood, Ñervo Phy-ical Debitity. Premature Decline In .Man, M bauítí) Vitality, &c. &c, and thc nntold i rusulting f rom intiiscrotion or ■ 00 p%m subtantia!]y bonnd In uilMnvilin. Contains m than lïó invalunbliï prescription?. ombr:u:inff ctj voíííftable reraedy Ín tbo pharmacoepia forall acá and chronií' dlsOMes. lt is ciuphatically a bookï every man. Prlco only $1 by muil potpa!d, conoti ed in plain irrappeff. ILLÜSTKATIVÜ BAMPLK FREE TO A young and mlddlo-aged mon for the next nln i!ay?. tíend now, or ent this out, : yon may neí seeitaffiiiu. Address Dk. W.H. Paukeu. 4 Bu 10 t-t., Boston. N. B.-L)r. Parker can bo confiiïentially consultf on all (lineases of man, his speclaltle4. IF' PAG E'S clues m Usedbythebostnianufacüirers #mTJíbJ I nml meclianics in tho ivcrld. frym'43ËLM Pullm.inP]aceCarCn.,Jl:i'OO S- NO V 'M A Hamlin Orpan & Piano Ai rl Ac, or (til M,vU offine vrk fe-ÍÍSs'kL-J At tho New OrlansLxposi-gf5"LS353 tion. Joints made with it Dl 9 L[f3XfliB durea u tcstiniï struin of over PfeV l ■KKillH 1600 Pounds HuSffl TWQ GOLD MEDALS. Hj ftli iWk Lomlon. 1383. Kea Orlran, 1SS5. 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