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The Pension Bill

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Below we give the full text of Ow ; sion bill as passed: Jie il ttMrled, etc, That every person speeiüed in the several classes enumerated in sectiou 4GU3 of the revised statutes of the United States, and the uraendments thereto, who served in the naval or military service, as mentioned in aid section, for the period of three inoutha during the war of the rebellion, and has an honoralile discharge therefrom, and who is or shall becorae disableri from Hny cause not the I result f f 1iU i.wii rault, anu sliall also ba depen ■ r.t upon liis own xertions for Buppoi'L or upon Llm coutributioiu of ' ers not legally bound thr-to, hall upon making due proof of the facts, under such regulations hs may be prescritied by tha proper authority, be placed upon the list of pensionéis of th United States, and b ; entitled to receive a pension during tha ccntirmance of sucli disabUity and dependmee nt a i-m te proportion&te to the degrfie of sucb disability; and sucb pensions shall commence at dake of tiling au applicatiou tberefor. The highest rate of pension granted under this si-el urn, whic-h shail be for total iucapacity to perfnrm any manuul labor, shall be t'24 ppr niont.h. wbicb i mudti divisible pon that basis for any less degrea of disbility, pi oviding that DO person entitled o or receiviug au invalid pension under xisting luws, or ueh as may be hereafter iiíicttíd, rariting pensions for disabilities ontracted in tbs military or naval servie f 'the United State, .tnd in line of duty, freater than tbat provided for herein, aall reeeive the benefits of tbis act, but iny applicant for such invalid pension laving an npplicatiou tberefor pending, r wbo shall bereafter file bis application or such pension, may, by a declartiou over lis signature, at any time, elect to proseute his said claim under tbis act ar under general laws, and his pension, wben allowd. if prosecuted under this act. shall comience f rom the date of sucb election; rovided further, that no pension paid inder any law hereafter shall b ratu ' at ess than $4 per month. Sec. 2. That in considering the claims of ependent purents, the fact and cause of eatb and tbe fact that the soldier left no vidow or minor chUdreu haying been bown as required by law, it shall b ec-essary only to show by competent and ufliciiMit evidence tbat such dependent arent is without otber present means of omfortable support thau bis or her own manual labor, or tb contributions of thers not legally bound for bis or her upport; and sueb as may be found to be ntitled to SS a montb under existing laws s Diodih'ed by tbis section shall reeeive in ieu thereof $12 a montb from and after approval of tbis act. bec. 3. That in all applications under he genera) pension laws, including this act, whereit appears by tha record tbat he applicant was regularly enlisted and msterod into the service, that fact sball he time of his enlistment ezcept ín cas f fraud. Sec. 4. That no person shall be entitled o more tban one pension at tbe sama ime under any or all laws of tbe United States, wbetber sucb pension shall have been already obtained, or shall be herefter obtained, unless the act uner which sucb pension is claimed shaU pecially so declare, The bfll now goes to the House of Kepre(eutatives for concurrence.


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