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Facts Brought Out Before The Grand Jury

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Ttao grand jury Is now in possession 01 11 the material f acts in th dyuamite conpiracy, u Chicago so far as the presumptioD shows he guilty partie to b August Spies, ehwab. Parsons, and Fieldin. Evidence hal would implícate others oot yot aprehended, and araong theui the man who ïmled the bomb. bas beeD ivithheld by the uthonties for their own reasons. Evieiice establishing the fact that the hists havp (or months been eonspiring to url dyuaniite at the pólice va? introducd. lut the jury wantod to know the exent of the eonspiracy befor indicting the etter eonspiratora, whose guilt might be qual CO the leaders' ii tho evidence was uror said the evidence was overwhelming, ut il It doubtful if sufficient testimony a been introduced to warrant the indietient of Lingg and his fellows. The mangerot PrtbyPt gun store, R. B Fuller, etifted thatseveral poorly-dressed men ften ralled and purchased Winchester (les These parties. the jury think, could e indicted if the pólice gave all the evience they have. It is said the pólice have the bombhrower in custody, and expect a conï-iction from the confession of anarchists. This the pólice deny. The grand jury hnve the evidenco of TheodorhFricke, who biought the books of the Arbeitcr Zeitung. hat iuformatlon as to tüe amount ot nouey expended outside the business of lie paper uiight be galned.


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