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Will Gladstone Withdraw: It!

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A few of Mr. Gladstone's friends have no hope for the success of his home rule proposals, and see no way out of the diffieulty tor Mr. Gladstone but the withdrawal of the bill absolutely. His most persistent supporters have come to this conclusiĆ³n. The efforts of these friends are now urgently directed to persuading him to vyj)(lraw thecerulejMll jjn substi; principie of home rule for Ireland and promising to have an amended measure ready for next session, embracing the alterations insisted on by the opposition. Mr. Gladstone has tbus far giyen no response to this suggestion. It it undergtood, however, thnt he is determined to maintain the integrity of the billas it now stands. A good many reports have been in circulation within the past 24 hours with regard to the premier's desire to come to an agreement wlth hls opponents. but none of these is based on accredited fact, and it is believed by those nearest him that he will make no further concessions, but will stand or fall with his bill as it is. _____


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