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EBERBACH&SON, Dealers Ui Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot ol French Hair Brushes AND Enelish Tooth Brushes. W 011 apclal attcntion to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemlcsls of our own Importatlon. A full line et TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prtce. STTJIDEI3SrT S ATB oordlallj Invlltd to eumlue our stock ,-, guaMty and prlces. EBERBACH & SON. JACKSUN FIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe ÖBAIH TILJE I All our Prain THe arï mad of Flie C!y, are ot unUBual atrengtli and light weight, wh;Jh materially reduces the breakag and exnenve ol kransportation. The ditcliinit of thlsula-sof UIIng is less eipeiisiTe. as they do oot rehuiré to be lald below fioBt but only deep enoiiRi. to encape the plow. Wljil this is more economlcal it also aids In obtalniug a beteer fall or gi ade to the drain. A full assortment of all sizes, for alein amall quiiutiliM. or cur load lot, at th M)N LU1BER YARD, James Tolbkrt, Agent. " THe, tnn urmiirak Laiui oiiii Machine of the Age." n UitKditorof Th Chicago Trtoune. Dwicbt, 111., March 16.- One of the strongriwt and nooit convincing facta that I liave yet seen wtth regard to tile drainage ia brought out in the December report of the Agí -cultural Depar ment of Illinois. It U thia: ACREiO. iekta in corn in Livingston ConHty, lSH. W8.5OT Aortmeo tn corn in Logan County, 1881.. 140.8M livingston over Logas 127,78 YIII.D. Tleld of corn In Livingston County, 1881. .6.W3.5M Yteld of corn in Logan County, 1882 6.070.9H Livingston over Logan 1,908,518 In other words. Logan County bas ralsed near It a niuoh eorn on 140.859 acres at Uvlagatam county has on 268,597 acres. Put it in another forra, the farmers in Livingston Coiinty have been obliged to plow nearly donblo the acreag of land (248.T.97), and have raiseil but a ver ■stalt percentage of increage of corn oTer their bretham In Logan County, who only had to plow 14U,8.9 acres. Let us gire it anotlier twist! A. ■ A farmerwho has liis land well tilled need only work eighty acres of land and gruw just about as mucn corn as the man who plow 160 and takes all the riska of drouth and mucb boïide. It is not fair, tVien, to conclude that the greateat ,iinl rirvtAUHi tn.Ao w nt th flffa (b th til galher the following as regards the progr oí We-drainage in these two counties: Total number of f eet laid in Urtngston County upto 181.... ......j 1.140.7W Total number of feet laid ia Loga County upto 1881 ..8,19,489 Thi table prove beyond all theory that owlng to the f re use of tile that one oounty ha bem abletoprodiu nea-lyas much corn on 110.000 crei ofland another county ha produced pon StSS.OOO acros.which is nearly doublé, ad Ibe beauty of the whole is that it was don with kalf th work! Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Ptotidenceshould lengthen out the spin of our dayi OHtil we aw IUinois thoroughly tile-drained, whrr would be put the corn that thi State would produce, and what would w do with ou "Hr dollar?1 & T. K. Fbuí.-3 RINSEY k SEABOLL No. 6 & 8 Washington St. Hare on banda completo stook of verything in the Grocery Line. Teas, Coflees and Susrr In lars amounts. and at Casli Prices And can uil at Low Figuro. Th lag Invoice of tías thoy Buy ana BaQ, il Kood proof that in Quality and Price ihey Give Bargains. They Koast thelr own Co(Tm every week, am4 non but prime article ara uMd. fhclr Bakery turn out excellent Brrad, Cake nd Crackers. Cali and e thm. Prices Gone Down A large stook of Wall Paper ■elling at A CREAT REDUCTION1 I olaim to have the largest and BEST SELECTED STOGI Of Wall Paper and Deoorations in th oounty, and can give psrfect iatisf(iotioii in Qouds or Work . Faints and Fainten Bnpplies a apecialtr . -A.lte:r?t3 Sorg, Snoer aor toF. k Á.. Sorg, 10 88t Walulngton it. iu Arkor neLAÑp&CO's 50DA Best intheWorlcL


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