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Gladstone -and- Irish Home Rule

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Under the auspices of the Gladstone Club of the U. of ftl. The meeting will be addressed by Hon James F. Joy, Hon. Chas. E. Whitman, Hon. Timothy Tarsney, Bev. Charles Beilly, D. D., Profs. Alex. Winchell, Donald Maolean, C. M. Oailey, Hon. Isaac Maratón, Col. Johu Atkinson and otbere. Prof. Henry Wade Roger, Chairman. VICE-PRESIDBNTS : Prof. H.S. Freeze, Prof. Edward Onley Prof. Geo. E. Frothingham, Ex-Gov. Felch, Prof. H. B . Hutchins, Hon. John J. Bobison, Col. H. S. Dean, Hon. B. F. Shively, Kevs. S. H. Adanis, W.H. ltyder, S. Earp, W. W. Rainsay. Christian Mack, Edward DufTy, Ambrose Kearney, Christian Eberbach, Capt. C. H. Manly, Dr. S. H. Douglas, Capt. J. F. Schuh, Joe T. Jacobs, Hon. V. ü. Harriman, Patrick O'Hearn, Frank Howard, John Finnegan, J. E. Beal, Prof. J. C. Knowlton, Hon. E. D. Kinne, Hon. A. J. Sawyer, Dr. T. J. Sullivan. Dexter, John Costello, Hon. Chas. S . Gregory. Ypsilanti, Dr. F. K Rcxford. Manchester, James Kelly. Salem, Geo. S. Wheeler. Webster, P. Gallagher. Chelsea. Eev. W. P. Considme. Superior, John Nanry. Everybody invited. Admission free. A closbb unión, saya the Jackson Tribune, between the knights of labor and the farmers' alliance, is one of the objects to be worked for, as they have similar purposes and should be federa ted. If we are to have a legislaturo and congress which wíll legislate for labor as well as capital, the farmers and the meohanics must pull together. In all the commente on the recent tragedies in Chicago, we have seen none containing more pith and point, or which gets directly at the root of the trouble with as little ceremony as the following f rom theTrenton Advertiser: "Itshould be borne in mind that the men who have created the recent trouble in Chicago were brought here at very low rates by Bteamship companies; that thay were encouraged to leave Europe by the home governments, and that they were given railroad passages from New York to Chicago at one dollar per capita, while Americana belonging to the labor class would had to pay $15. With such mducements it is not wonderful Chicago has a large turbulent element. The surprise is that they did not break lose long since. Would-be monopolista import the woret classes, and the whirlwind is reaped_ as the resul t_ of_ _ the_ bad _sowfor the presence of the anarchist. Capital brought them hither just as it im ported other undeeirable persons. Capital seems to have got itself into a bac scrape in its greedy rush." The New York Sun, in speaking editorially of the Chicago riots, says thai up to the time when those thugs thrusi themselves forward, the labor movemen) had been distinguished for its peacefulness. In conclusión the Sun says: II provea that the great body of American workingmen are sensible and conservative, and thatthey will unitein condemning the methods of the Chicago thugs, who would turn their peaceful struggle for greater consideration at the hands of capital ínto a murderous assult on capitalista and the representatives of law and order. ïhey hate the teachings o) suoh socialista, and they despise such daatardly asuassins. The effets of tlifi Bocialistio not at Chicago, therefore, wil! be to strengthen, among the organized workmen the opposition to all violen) measures for the attaining of their ends. They will be calmer if not less determined, more distrustful than ever of the advice of hot-headed agitators, and more inclined to listen to the counsel of leaders who appeal to their reason. If employers also keep their heads cool, the contest between labor and capital wil] proceed without uprour, and will end in a settlement advantageous to both.


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