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Of all the truths ever uttered, Col. Robert G. Ingersoll has compressed the greatest into the following sentences. Every man ought to be willing to pay for what he gets. He ought to desire to get full value reoeived. The man who wants f2 worth of work for SI is not an honest man. The man who wants othen to work to such an extent that their lives are burdens is utterly heartlesa. Tho toĆ¼ of the world continually decreases . Of what use are your mventions ir no burden is lifted f rom industry, if no additioDal comforts tind tlieir -way to the home of labor? Why should labor flll the irorld with wealth and live in want? Every labor saving machine shoulO help the whole world. Eyeryone shoulc tend to shorteu the hours of labor. Reasonable labor is a source of joy To work for wife and child, to toil for those you love is happiness.provided you can make th#m happy. But to work like a elave - to see your wife and children in rags - to sit at a table where tooc is course iind scarce, to nse at four in the morning - to work all day and throw your tired bones upon a miserable bed ai night - to live without leisure, withou rest, without making those you love oomfortable aud happy - this is not living - it is dying - a slow, lingering crucifix ion. The hours of labor should be short sncd. With the vast and wonderful im provement of the nineteenth century there should be not only the necessarias of life for those who toil, but comforts and luxuriea as well. What is a reasonable price for labor' I answer: Such a price as will snable a. man to live, to have the comforts of life to lay by something for his declining yeara, so he can have his own home, hia own fireside- so that h can iireserve th feeling ut' a man. I sympathize with every honest ffor made by the children of labor to improve their condition. This is a poorly gov rned country in which those who do th most have the least. There is something wrong when men are obligd to bog fo leave to toil. We are not yet a civilizee people. When we are, pauperism anc crime will vuuiah from our land.


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