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In your last week's issue we chronicled ;he worjderful testimony of Thos. Olarkens, Edward Pate, A. W. Hamilton and Tb.08. F. Leonard and wife, to the magïcal eflBcacy of Hoptonic as it worked exDraordinary cures in cases. In this issue we take pleasure in presenting to our readers further confirmatory testimony from well known townstnen. Thad. Thompson, as is generally known, having been a great sufferer for the past six years from acute lung trouble and liver and kidney disease, and been uader constant medical treatment without receiving any benefit, lias taken a iioiT Icono u[ UfC During the past year Mr. Thompson's decline has been very markeu, tus menas daily noting his growing lesa and leas in üesh and strength until he was but a shadow of his former aelf. On the 15th of last April, Mr. Thomp son had hia attention jalled to the wonderful virtues of Hoptonic, and even as a drowning man catches at a straw, he decided to try the remedy, and the same day purchased a bottle. The r:sult of the experiment was an immediate and wonderful evolution in his physical health. Folluwing up the treatment, in just one month from the flrst trial, he had gained eix pounds in weight, whioh wonderful showing is only equaled bj his extraordinary reouperation ol strength, sharpened appetite and quiel reatful sleep at night. Mr. Thompson ia hailed by hia f riends as a resurrected man and says he too has discovered the "Poun tain of Youth," and ia full of joy over the prospect of again becoming a well man. Mr. A. M. Doty, the boot and shoe merchant, says that Hoptonic is a boon to humanity, A stimulant, not in the sense of an intoxicant, but as a_Jtonic merely temporary, giving a good appetite and regulating digestión, insuring quiet in vigorating sleep, and ouring fretty nervous wakefulaess. "I have become ( new man sinoe taking Hoptonio," saic Mr. Doty. A Moore, in the employ of A. D. Seyler, speaks in glowing terms of Hoptonic and says, that he cannot too strongly recommend it. To those who are viotims of genera debility, nervous proátratiou, íusomnia or sleeplessness, or in any way in illhealth brought on by over attention to business or study - nothiugiseo highly valuable as Hoptonic. All public testimoniáis are bona fide and given voluntarily, and investigaron is invited.


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