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A Blow Terribly Avenged

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The town of Marlboro was lately the scène of great excitemont. Tlie people employed in the varióos milis had struok for an advance of wages, and their re quest having been refused, had qiut work in a body. One of the leading employers Albert Trowbridge, had replied to thsir appuais witü scorn and insult, and lus riding wip had brutally scarred the faoe of one of the workmeu Dan Selby, who had stoppei 1 him in the street to reoson with the man of wealth. The cowardly blow maddened the man, and he deter mined upon revenge. That night Mr Trowbridge and Dan Selby carne face to face again - this time in the fourth story of the desei ted mili - and their meeting at that lonely hour, meat death to one o both. A nerce fight sucoeeded angry words, and the miil owner was torced to the window, when each clinging to the other with the madness of fiercest hate both craahed through the slender -case ment. On the narrow ledge outside procted by a slight railinf?, full forty fee above the rivor below, they strugjjlec for the niastery. The pressure againsi the rotten raihng causes it to snap in pieces, and both men stül slutchin each other in deathly grasps, were hurlec headlong to their fate. The numerous exciting events which preceded and fol lowed thia single incident of the Greal ytrike are vividly, narrated in the power ful story entitled, "For Living Wages or Lena Dudley's Peril," just begun in No. 28 of the New York Weekly. Every news agent sells the New York Weekly or it will be sent direct from the offieo four inonths on reoeipt of one dollar. Address all letters to Street & Smith, 31 Kose street, New York.


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