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Persons are hereby vrarned against trusting any one on my aocount, as I shall uot be responsible for such debts so contracted after this date. Dated May 27, 188. John Hagen. Over 47 men arrested in New York in one day for boycotting, not one was Amoncan bom. Of the four arrested in front of Mrs. Gray's bakery for similar conduot, not one could upeak English. Such are the men who are trying to teach American citizens the true principies of labor under a f ree government . Prince Bismark is iaid, on the whole, to wish Iris neighbora well, but he must have grimly grinned as he read the long list of Polea and Ozechs and Germán Socialista who have been breading not and shedding blood in Chicago. He ha been trying to get rid of them for some time past, and with good reason. They are fanatical, dangerous, and useless, and cut like a two-edged sword, harining emplover and employed alike. - [New York Öun. Wcdnosday, for the first time in many years, the square in the rear of Jno. Finnegan's agricultural works was used for a circus. A decided irnprovement in not being compelled to go to the fair grounds, so far out of the way. Geo. W. Oroutt, who has the job of remodeling the Green property into a hotel, expects to have it completed by the midUe of June. In addition to the hotel ihere is to be a restaurant in the basement, with an entrance on Ann street. J. T. Jaoobs, chairman of the deooraion committee, would like to have those who intend furnishing ttowers for decoration day, Monday next, bring thcm as early as possible to the court Iiouse basenent. Flowers in large or small quaniiied will bo thankfully received.


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