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Bovines Vs. Equines

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The difl'ercnces anatomically and physiologieally between the cattle tribe (Bos) and the horse iamily (Equus) is m interesting sl.iuiy. In parallel tables these can be seen at a glance. CATTLB. UOKSES. Have two toes. Have one toe. Hornttl. Without horns. Have no mane. Havtr flowlnir inane. Louk hair In tuft t Tallcoveredwithlong end o( tn 11lmir. Pawing wlth iore-feet Pawing wlth fore-feet denotes anger. denotes hunger. Helze forage wlth the Gather food with the tongue. Ups. Llpe slightly movable. Lips very movable. Have no upper invisor Have upper and lower teeth. ├╝iclsors. Lie down fore parta Lie down hlnd parts flrst first. Rlo rm hlnd lojja firat Rlu nn fopi leRS tirfit. Short inouth. No space Mouth long. Space bebetween incisor and tweon front and back molar tcetb. teeth. Four stomacbe. One stomach. They chew the cud. Do not chew the cud. Intestines smal] - 1:20 Intostinca large -60 feet long. fect long. Hare gall bladder. Have no gall bladder. May vomit. Do not vomlt. Mav breathe through Don't breathe through the mouth. the mouth. Mouth generally open Mouth never open when wearied. from exliautlou. Defenst by goring. Defcnse by kicking. Bellowormoo. Neigh or whlnuey. Do not sweat. Persplre easily. Havedewlap. Have no dewlap. No wart on ineide of Hard, oval warts inbind legs. slde hind lcgs. Never lose teeth In Use the teeth in fiehtfightlng. ing. Do not retract the ear. Ketract the ears when angry. Very rough tongu?. Soft, smooth tongue. Short, broad head. Long, narrow hcad. Wlde, drooping ears. Kret-t, narrow -ars. Limbs lormed for I.imhs fonneit for Btrength. spoed. Live twelve or elghteeH Live thtrty or forty years. ycars. Do not roll in the dust. Do roll in the dust. Sleep wlth both ear Sleep wlth one eai alike. forwnrd. Lie down to sleep. Oft;n sleep standing. Eat and He down to Never ruminatc Kat rumluate. llttle and oft.n. 8houldere straight. Shoulders sloping.


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