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An Opium Eater's Story

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■'Opium or death!" This brief scntence was fairly hissed into the ear of a prominent druggist on Vino street by a person wlio, a few years ago well off is to-day a hopeless wreek. ! One can scarcely realizo the sufferings of au opium victim. De Quincy has vividly portrayed it. But who can fltly describe the joy of the rescued victim? H. C. Wilson of Loveland, O., formerly with March, Harwood & Co., manufacturing cheraist of Kt. Louis, and of the well known firm of H.C. Wilson & Co.,chemists, formerly of this city, gave our. reporter yestexday a bit of thrilling personal experienco in this line. "I have era wied over red hot bars of iron and coals of fire," he said, "in my agony during an opium trenzy. The vory thought of my sufterings freezes my blood and chilla niy bonos. I was then eating over 30 grains of opium daily. l!How did you contract the habit!" "Excessive business cares broke me down and my doctor prescribed opium! That is the way nine-tenths of cases commence. When I determined to stop, however I found ■ not do il. "You may be surprised to know," he said, 'that two-fifths of the slaves of morphme and iiim are physicians. Many of these I met. We studied our cases earefully. We found out what the organs were in which tbe appetite was developed and sustainod: that, DO victim was tree trom a demoralized eondition of those organs; that tlir hiij.i i( acuri depended entirely uponthedetrtr t viffor which ctniUi be impürteu i" (Ai m. í liave Been patients, wliile undergoing treatment, compelled to resort to opium agaiu to deaden the horrible pain in those organs. I marvel how I ever escaped." "Do you mean to say, Mr. Wilson, that you have eonuuered the habit. "Indeed I havo." "Do you object to telling me BfitH "No, sir. Btudying the matter with several opium-eating physicians, we became gatUfled that the appetite for opium was located in the kidneys and liver. Our next object was to find a specific for restoring these organs to health. The phyBicians, mueh against their code, addressed their attention to a certain remedy aud became thoroxighly eonvinced on its scientific merits alone that it was the only one that could be relied upon in cvery case of disordered kidneys and liver. I thereupon began usiug it and, supplementin it with my own special treatment, finally got fully over the habit. I may say that the most important part of the treatment is to get those organs first into good working eondition, for in them the appetito originates andissustained, and in them over ninety per cent. of all other human ailments origínate. "For the last seven years this position has been taken by the proprietors of that remedy and flnally it is beeoming an acknowledged scientific truth among the medical profession ; many of them, however. do not openly acknowledge it, and yet, knowing they have no other scientiflc specific, their code not allowing them to use it, they buy it upon the quiet and prescribe it iñ their own bottles.'1 "As I said before, the opium and morphino habits can never be cured until the appetite for them is routed out of the kidneys and liver. I have tried everything, - experimentad with everything ánd as the result of my studies and investigation, I can say I know nothing can accomplish this result but Warner's safe cure." "Have others tried your treatmeutï" "Yes sir, many : and all who have followed it fully have recovered. Several of them who did not first treat their kidneys and liver for sixoreight weeks, asladvised them, completely f ailêd. This f orm of treatment is alwa3's insisted upon for all patients, whether treated by mail or at the Loveland Opium Institute, and supplemented by our special treatment, italwags Mr. Wilson stands very high wherever known. His experience is only another proof of the wonderful and conceded power of Warner's safe euro over all diseases of the kidneys, liver and blood, and the diseases caused by derangements of those organs. We may say that it is very flattering to the proprietors of Warner s safe cure that it has received the highest medical endorsement and, after persistent study, it is admitted by scientists that there is nothing in materia medica for the restoration of those great organs that equals it in power. We take pleasure in publishing the abovo statements coming Trom so reliable a source as Mr. Wilson and conflrming by personal experience what we have time and again published in our columns. We also extend to the proprietors our hearty eongratulations on the results wrought.


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