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His Services Not Wanted

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The Senate commerce committee has reported unfavorably the nomination of Gapt. H. J. Beecher, son of the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, to be collector of the port at Port Townsend, W. T. The principal charge against Mr. Beecher is that he appropriated to his own use funds intrusttd to him for others. The evidence against him was so strong that the committee were compolled to report adyersely against him. Nearly all the Pacific slope in r 1 1 1 1 ers in both Houses f urnished evidence against Capt. Beecher. He seems to be very impopular with the people of that sectioii. One of the witnesses before the committee explained that his principal objoctions to Beecher lay in the fact that he was dudish in dress and too airy iu his marmer to suit the JelTersonian simplicity of Por 1 Townaond. He hoped Beecher would be rejected, and said the people of Washington Territory never wanted to see him again.


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