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EBERBACH&SOH, Dealen Ib Drugs, Medicines Adflnelotot French Halr Brushet AKD Enelish Tooth Bruthei. Waoall pcUl attoottoa to oor itosk af Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, Pura Chemlcsl of our own ImportatW, ▲ full Uaeof TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At Hst prloM. Are oordlaily inriud to umin ur stook aal quallty and arioee. EBERBACH A ION. JACKSUN FIRE CLAY CO, Maaufactaren at Stone Sewer Pipe AHD ÏDIR-AXN" TILE I All our Draia THe inndi of rirt C1t. ar. oí uniuuat otrength and Ilght weljht, waioa ma terially reducs the breakag aad expeaM o( kranaportation. The ditching of tkls clas f Ml lof U lss zpeaalT, ai ihtj d aot rtquir M b Uld below froit but odIj dep nouf t eape the plow. WUil tnls 1b more economlcal K aluo aids tn obtalninf a buur fall or rraae M the drain. A full aswrtmtnt of all sim, fat Mie In small quantlUM, or car load Iota, at ik FEHD0N LÜMBBR YARD, James Tolbkrt, Agtnt. ' THe, the Croatest Labor-vlnj Machine of the Age." Ip Wi Editor of ThE CMcatta Trioun tain, Hl.. March IS.- On f the iieinH and ■■! convincint facli that 1 har jat iaaB wlth renard to tile drainac ia brouiht aat al Ue December report of the Agricultura! Depar ■ met of IllinolB. ItUtbij: Awkg In oor In LiTicgsteo Cena, 1SS1 MS,N Aoreax lo eora In Logan Couaty, 18SL. ÏM.UI IjTintiton OTr Logaa ...... ...... WT.7H TIELB. TIela of curn la LWingston CouatT,lM. ., m ,( Tlela of cora In Logan Couotj, lílí......l,t7,ÍM LlTtagton OTer Logan l,m,M In other worda. Logao üoumtjr ha rahwd aear ly aB much cora on 140.869 aerea ai Urlngslea county has on 26, 597 acras. Put it In aitotaet fon, th farmers In Llrlngstoa Coualr t been obliged to plow nearly doublé tfee aereaga of land (SM.Í97), and have rateed but a Ter ■mail percentage of lncrrase ef corn over taU bretliern is Logan County, who only had f pl H0,8r$ acrei. Let us git lt another twlitl M A. farmer who Las bis land well tllled need ala wort olirWt.v arm. of land and rrnw .UBl_JVk!fl T"i not ü.ir. "en, to concruí luartfie"M labor-saTlig machine to-day f th are u tb Hal dralnf From th aam aurc of lafonaalUaj gather th foUowing as rtgard üt proanaa 4 Iile-drainaelnthe8twocuntlej _ i ToUlnumberof f eet lali la Iirtnfrtoa OountTupt 18êl I."0. ïotal numW of fee Ial4 la Lofaa County upto 1M1 ..!,■,E■ Thls tabl pro vfs bf yond all thery that wtng to the f ree use of til that on county ha hj able to produi nay as much cora a lto,a ■enaefland anether county ka roduo4 ■pon tSS.000 acrss.whlch is nearlr Eubl. ai4 be beauty of the whole is tbat it waa doa iWM kalf th work! Mr. Editor, auppoi a kln4 Ptot acsliould If nethen out th sptn f eur art anuí w saw Illinois thoroughlr til-drala4L Whr would b put th corn that thU StaM would produce, and whal would we o wit aa '■atlTr dollartf Samwm. T. K. Iuiu. RINSEY ii SEABOLL No. 68 Washington 8t. Har on hand a compUW sKwk at arecy thinï in tha Crocery Line. Tea., Coffcei and Hutfar, Ia lare asunta, aai at CaslL Prioea And oaa Mll at Low Wgmrm. Hm las IbtoIc of tus thT Buy aal ML ■ rood pruof taai la Quality ind Price they Givt Btrf ifc Tney Roait thelr on Coffaa arary waak, aai non but prima arMolea ar uit plr Bakeir turnt out excallant Brea4, Oak n Craektrs. Cali and ■ tkaat. ■ PricesGone Down ▲ Urge stock of Wall Fpt telling at A GREAT REDUCTIONI I olalm to har the larf at and BEST SELECTED STOM Of Wall Papr and DMorations is tkl ooimtj, and can give parfect aatisfaatiol in Goods or Work . Paints and PainUn Bupplies a ipecialty . A.l"be:r?b Soxgf, Snoof ortol. 41. Sarg, H 88. WahiUt-toii . iuirttt saleraTüs SODA Best ín thaWorlcL


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