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Democratic County Convention

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A Democratie county convention for Washtenaw county will be held at the court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, August, 11, 1888, at 11 o'clock a. m.. local time, toelect delegates to represent thiB county in the Democratie State Convention, to be held in the city ol Grand Rapids, Wednesday, August 18, 1886, to nomínate candidatos for state ofneers. Also to elect delegates to represent this county in the Democratie Congresional Convention, hereafter to be called, t nomínate a candidato for congress.for the second congressional disTownships and wards will be entitled to delegates in the convention as follows: Ann Arbor City- Pittsfleld S lst ward 8 Salem 4 2d " 3 Saline . Sd " 3 Scio 4th " S Sharon 3 6th " 2 8uperior 4 6th " 8 Syfvnn o Ann Arbor Town 3 Webster J Augusta 4 York Bridttewater 4 Ypsilanti Town 4 Dexter 8 Ypsilanti City- Freedom 4 lst ward 8 Lima 8 2d " 2 Looi 4 Sd " 8 Lyndon 3 4th " Manchetaer 6 5th " 4 Northfleld 4 Oity and township committees are requested to see that their respective caucuses are duly caUed. A full representation is earnestly reauested. By order of democratie county execuive committee, CHARLES H. MANLY, Chairman, Wï, Q. Doty, Secretary. Dated, Ann Arbor, July 9, 1886. Hjsnky Ward Beeohkr will preach in Westminster chapel, London, next Sunday. The expenses of the semi-centennial celebration of Miohigau at Lumsing were 83,000. The American association for the advancement of science, will be held in Buffalo. N. Y., August 18-24. The Detroit bridga bilí has passed the senate, and now communioation between the city and Belle Iele is assured. lp President and Mrs. Cleveland visit all the places this summer and fall that they are booked for, they will soon have to begin their travels. Gov. Aloer requests that there will be no visitors to the camp at Island Lake n Sunday. There will be no drilling or other exercises except those of a devotional oharacter. Stjnday afternooD an immense cloud of grasahoppers settled down on a wheat field near Fargo, Dakota, and in a short time had oompletely devastated it. Several other fields in that vioinity were considerably damaged by them. The republicans are finding considerable fault with President Cleveland becanse he has vetoed so many private pension bilis . The president ought to be commended for lus honesty, independonce and bravery in so doing, and all right-minded people, regardless of party, will think so. CoNOUEstsMAN MibiaKEN of Mtiiue, does not bolieve "James G. Blaine will return to Washington to live unless he shall go there as president." Our opinión is that the Washingtonians will have to live without the ex-senator, as he nor no other republican will occupy the White house for the next six years. Pot. W TT fTT -n-CTW rt Ttianr Vrtflr niltr ceived rather a cold wave from there when he was arrested upon the eve of bis döparture, Tuesday afternoon, on the charge of stealing a $1,000 bond of the Manhattan elevated railway company. Miss Sallie Adams, the profesiional swimmer, was the complainant. He was held in $1,500 bonds. He found he could not secure bail and sent a cablegram to James Gordon Beunett asking what should be done. The prisoner claims he has given Miss Adams several thousand dollars and rumor has it that the lady wishes to prevent his going away. The extensivo timber frauds in this state, which have been carried on for years with the authorities full knowledge of the facte, but which political infiuences and money have shielded, have, by patiënt and persistent investigation on the part of a few determined demócrata, been uneartned, and some of the best known lumber dealers of Michigan are concerned therein. Ihe disgraoe is all the more shamoful beoause of the ignorance and superstition of the Indian race. Surely the democratio party is the party of reform. To the credit of E. P. Allen of Ypsilanti, ex-In dian agent, it is said he had no knowledge of theBe frauds, and administered the affaire of the office in perfect honesty.


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