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Real Estate Transfers

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Lizzie M. Farrand to Wesley Hicke, Ann Arbor, $1,375. L. D. Wines to Alma Mansfield, Jr., Ann Arbor, $3,500. Sanford Shortridjje to Effie E. Babcock, Milán, $100. John M. Burdard to Chas. H. Kempf, Chelsea, $500. David Godfrey by Ex'r to Henry W. Hioks, Ann Arbor, $4,000. Lorea Mills, et al., to Walter'S. Hicks, Ann Arbor, $3,000. Mary A. Carinan to Mrs. Carne Carman, Ann Arbor, $600. Lydia Lindenschmidt to Paul Rever, Saline, $000. Leonartl B. Vaughan to M. Virginia Hicks, Ann Arbor, $3,000. Jane A. Church to Mary L. Eaton, Saline, $2,000. Julia Townsend toT., A. A. & N. M R R, Northfield, $187.50. J. Áustin Scott to the lst Congi'egational churoh society, Ann Arbor, $1,500. Roger Matthews to John Clair, Ann Arbor, $62.50. J. D. Corey to Ernest Gutekunst, Manchester, $400. August Cook to H. M. Newton, York, $1,000. Petereon'e Magazine for August opena with a beautiful steel engraving, "Morning Among the Mountains," followed by a double-size colored fashion-plate, and this by a colored pattern for embroidery. In addition, there are some flfty wood cuta of fashions, work-table parteras, etc. The eontributors to the number are Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, Frank Lee Benedict. A. M. Ewell, Emily Lennox, and the author of "ïhe Gorsair's Captives"; besidee othere, in poetry and prose, equally eminent. We do not see how any lady can do without this magazine. Everything it gives, from its steelengravings and oritrinal stories down to its fashions and work-table patterns, is the best of itekind. Terms only $2 a year. Great deductions are made to olubs . Specimens sent gratis, if written for, to those wishing to get up olubs. Address Charles J. Peterson, 306 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.