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Gentlemen: - Why resort to suoh nonsense as to say, " if any one is grieved we will take his property at the valuatlon as fixed by uu," when yvu kno-w iliat Mr. Dean offered to sell the Geo. Button estáte to you for what you assessed it on the last day of your session? He was in earnest and is now ready to do bo, although he does not desire to sell the farm, but you have assessed it for more than it is worth. Mr. G., you own the s. w. M seo. 35, 40 acres. I have assessed it $2,200. Will you take $3,000 for it? Mr. D., you own the south part w. }L, n. w. fr. 3. sec. 7,55 acres. I have assessed it $2,400, and you reduced the same to $2,000. I will find a purchaser for the same at $2,500 and give you twenty days to make up your mud. You say "some of us refused to serve" on the board of review. I would be pleased to learn which one represented the "some." It did not look hke refusing to serve when you both put in an appearance before the board on the same evening, and at the time you wert appointed. You were both present when you were appointed and appeared quite anxious to serve. S. Pübtell. Ann Arbor has a valuable acquisition in two new sp rings which have been discovered near Foater's station a mile up the Michigan Central, and are nowing 200,000 gallons daily. They will increase the city supply to 800,000 daily. - Evening News. How about the rivor water, will we still have to use itV "While the lamp holds out to burn the vileat sinner may return," and it is an encouraging fact Rutherford B. Hayes, who appropriated some $200,000 right fully belonging to Samuel J. Tilden, ia to take a prominent part in the thirteenth annual conference of charities and corrections, to be held at St. Paul July 15-21, - Rookv Mountain News. England is passing through an interesting political change. The people are coming to the front. They may not get there quite yet, but they will get there sometime, and then they will hold their nwii. ,Mr Gladstone may be beatón. The oppositiou is strong and it is desperate. But it is safe to say that when the principies he representa in the campaign sball at last prevail, England will be a happier and a stronger nation than she is to-day. Amerioans have had experience in this direction and can speak f i om a knowledge of the faote. - XTTnn5realfuTtötal':lvei,ueB Dy au rne preaidents from Washington to Cleveland is 109. President Cleveland has already scored two-thirds as many, and as yet has aearcely had an opportunity to show hia intention in this direction. During the years 1883 and 1884 that he was governor of New York he vetoed 199 bilis on all manner of subject, giving in nearly every instance reasons for his action based on principie. Mr. Jefferson'a belief that tiiis ought to be a government of only a few laws will be made practical under this administration as it has never been in the history of the country. - Monroe Democrat. John Kelly thought Tilden too oíd and frail to run a second time as President. John Kelly is dead. The stalwart Chandler wrested the presideacy from Tilden. Cnandler is dead. GraDt, it is Huid, would have arrested and imprisoned Tilden if he had attempted to claim the office he had been elected to. Grant is dead. Hancock was chosen as a more likely man to live through the presidency than Tilden. Hancock is load. Hendrioks seemed to have a long life ahead of him as compared with the man at the head of thu ticket. Henlricks is dead. Seymour, McClellan, all the oíd candidatos, are dead. Meanwhile Tilden thinks there is nothing so invigorating ns working away before the must on his jacht. - Pontiao Bill Poster. The Daily Indicator, of Wall etreet, predicts that the yoar which begun July Lst will bo the most prosperous the country has known. Únder date of June 30th it aays: "To-day will end the Irst year of improvement following the lour years of depression that began in July 1881, and ended July, 1885. The fear just drawing to a close bas not seen one of interrupted prosperity, but at no time has there been any reason to doubt that the improvement was of a permanent character. Unexpected happenings intervened to retard the progress f good times, but there never was a lalt, and from day to day, the prospecta lave grown brighter. The future is now of more assuring promise than it was a year ago, and we think it quite safe to predict that the coming year will show a !ar greater improvement than has the past year. Aa the start toward higher pnces in the stock market was made in jnly last year, naturally an ad vanee ia looked for in the same month this year." President Oleveland's acts of the past !ew days, putting the official knife of veto ato a large number of pension bilis, is learaed of with satisfaction in every por;ion of the country. Not that by any means there is in any uense a rejoicing at that which deprives the old soldiere of their just rights to a measure of support at the hands of the government.but rather at the failure of those movements on the part of that fra'ternity to swindle the people into giving them a support which they do not deserve and which the weakaess of their course fully demonstrates. The giving of a pension to a siugle old soldier because of a fancied disability, and out of pure charity for his condition, is indeed a email matter, but when these ire multiplied by the hundreds with an assurance that it shall be by the thousands in the near future, the prospect is not one which the people can look to ivith any satisfaction, and it needs exacty the hand of a practical thinker to stop he proceedings before the nation shall be drawn in a position whieh shali at a sinfle turn mean bankruptcy. If Mr. Jleveland shall continue in this line he wiil make his administration to be remembered at least.- St. Clair Kepubhcan. The water mains have been extended up Ann street from Fourth, the past week. There are two things which a man ia xmnd to take on faith - his wife's private opinión of him and what sausages are made from.


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