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Prof. Calvin Thomas is in Lapeer. Prof. P. E. de Pont left for Canada Monday. Miss May Whedon is visiting f rienda in Saginaw. ThOB. McN amara of Ohelsea, was in the city Monday. There are nearly 700 subsonbers for water works supply. Geo. Davison of Ohelsea, died the 9th inst, of consumption. Kev. S. O. Phillips is the guest of Y station agent Phillips. Miss Ellen Morse is repairing one of her State street hoases. Mrs. Anna Worden and son Cari, are visiting in Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Will Payne left for Adrián to-dny, for a visit of several weeks. Miss Daisy Bichardson is visiting a classmate at Ellsworth, Me. Mrs. Martin Seabolt and family are summering at Mariette, Wis. Arnold Hanlon of this city celebrated his 79th birthday last Monday. Miss Oarrie Yale of New York city, is visiting her brotuer, E. E. Yale. Villard F. Pett of Winona, IVJinn., is visitiníí his mother and sister. IUjt. Dr. Eurp helil services at the county house on Sun'lay afternoon. Miss Kate Bell Lovejoy of Detroit, is the guest of Nellie and Grace Seabolt. Whenever the Detroit ball sluggers play iu Ckicago they don't seein to slug. Sam Douglas of Detroit, spent Sunday with his futher. Dr. S. H. Douglas. A number of our citizens will visit " Camp Alger" during Sunday and Monday. Begister of deeds, Jas. Kearns, left Monday afternoon for a trip to Omaha, Xeb. Nathan Corbin, lit '86, left for Ch ioago last night to look up a loca ti on for business. Mr. Morgan, the artist, has placed his excellent car coupler on the Al. C. B. B. , for trial. Prof. George W. Kuiglit and wife of Oolumbus, Ohio, are in the city for the summer. Jas. Gregory of Dexter, was in the city Monday preparatory to taking a trip to Omaha, Neb. Mrs. A. W. Hamilton and sister, Mrs. Perkins &nd sous of Grand Kapids, are at Devil's Lake. We are under obligations to the Michigan military aoademy for annual catalogue for 1886-87. Editor Pond, with his wife and children, spent Öunday with his sister, Mrs. Keith of Dexter. Deputy sheriff J. F. Oook of Sooorro, N. M., was the centre attraction during his stay in our city. . Miss Maggie Bower leaves for Walled ,' Lake on Monday, to spend the rernainder of the summer. Auditor General Stevens and children went to Detroit, Saturday, to see the "Battle of Gettysburg." Jas. W . Brower and wife, and Mrs. Moore, Mrs. B.'s mother, left for Maokinac Island, Weduesday. Drs. Hendricks and Hatch, and S. W. Saxton returned Wednesday from their flshing trip to Bush lake. Miss Chittenden of the high school is spending her vacation in Nebraska, near Lincoln, with her brother. Miss Helen Grant, daughter of Ooi. Grant of Alarquette, is visiting her grand-father, ex-Gov. Felch. ■ Mrs. John H. Ketnick was called to l Toledo, on Tuesday, on account of the serious illnees of her mother. Company A left for the state encampment at Island Lake Wednesday, 65 Btrong, and in the best of spirits. Dr. W. J. Herdmam ' sails from New York city for Antwerp, to-morrow, and will be accompanied by Mr. Edwin Gay. Dr. S. H. Douglas, his daughter, Miss Lou, and son Harry, sail from New York city to-morrow for Europe, for a three months' stay. L. Borne considerable d amago was done ■ the Begister office last Thursday night from leaving a water tap open on one of the upper üoors. Prof. M. L. D'Ooge sailed Saturday for Athens, Greece, where he is to retnain one year as director of the American classical school. John Flynn, last Saturday, hired a livery rig of Geo. Olp to drive to Milan. The norse ran away and John narrowly escaped with his life. Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Geo. E. Hall and i Mrs. N. H. Drako and daughters, are at Whitmore Lake, where they remain until the last of August. The orowd was so great Sunday and Monday to eee the remains of Walker at O. M. Martin's, that he was obhged to box up the body to keep out the rush. Auditor General Stevens and wife, I and Col. H. S. Dean and daughter, Miss Lizzie, leave for California next week, to I attend the national G. A. B. enoampI ment. Joe T. Jacobs was in ÍJetroit Monday. Rev. Dr. Bixby is in Hubbardstown, Mass. W. W. Wadhanns and wife Sundayed ia Dexter. Mrs. Prof. Wrampelmier is in Louis viJle, Kentucky. Qeo. Jaycox is ho me for a few days, f rom Kentucky . Mr. George Loo mis had an eye enucleated last week. Thos. F. Leonard returned yesterday from Washington. . Miss Mamio Chapín has been spending a week in Ohelsea. W. R. Henderson left for St. Paul, Minn., Wednesday. Whitmoro Lake haa ite usual number of summer viaitors. The Michigan knights of labor are in favor of women suffrage. Wm. Burke is said to have the finest piece of corn in Waehtenaw. Customers of the water works prefer spriug matead of river water. Miss Anna Donnelly is visiting her sister Mrs. Callaban in Chicago. Harkens & Dignen will light the gasoline street lamps for another year. Superintendent Perry is president of the normal school alumni association. Burnett, the wife shooter, was released on bail Tuesday, in the sum of $3,000. Several bicyolers returned from Whitmore Lake, Wednesday in 60 minutes. Express agent Ames shipped 225 bushels of berries from this station Monday. Prof. Vaughan and wife will summer ut Charlovoix instead of at Dovil's Lake. Herman Dancer is one of the staff of the Washtenaw Journal. He is a good one. Booming- a Bmall boy on the streote Belling little young turtles for a dime each. Aretus Dunn and family have returned from a pleasant with visit friends in Ohio. Bandall has some instantaneous views on exhibition, taken of the procession on July 3. Friday, Jaly 30 the Knights of Maooabees will have a picnic and parade at Belief park. James Bobison has a fine portrait of Lawrence Barrett on exhibition at Watts' jewelry store. T. Y. Kayne, manager of the Egan truss compauy, is visiting bis home at Toronto, Ont. A communioation from " Citizen," crowded out this week, will appear in our next issue. S. W. Saxton has recovered his handsome amethyst ring recently stolen from his saloon. The Chelsea nine played the Ann Arbor nine Wednesday, eoore 17 to 16 in favor of the former. L. D. Wínes has eold his residence on S. Thayer Btreet to Mrs. Manafleld of Coldwater, for $3,300. Workmen are at work laying pipe from a new spring at Foster's station to the water works basin. Prof. O. Ford's portrait was purchased by the medical alumni and will be plaoed in the art gallery. Mrs. Theo. Begalke has received something like $400 from the G. W. M. A., of which her deceased husband was a menber. J. M. Goald will open within a week a grocery and provisión store in the Jno. Olair place, recently purchased by Wm. Burke. Many more singora than were at first announced are expected to take part in the coming saengerfest. Some 300 will be present. The railroad commissioner has discriminated against Mr. Morgan's car couplor, and thora is indignation among the citizens. Last Friday morniug our neghbor, the editor of the Courier, found his kitchen badly üooded, the water fauoet having been left open. The sohool of music is talking of pur chasing the Hulbert property, corner of State street and N. Uuiversity nvenuo, and erecting a building thereon at a cosí of 812,000. Isaac Crawford, the agent for the Star mountain silver mine in Colorado, has just returned from a business trip to the mine and reports developments all satisfactory. A letter of thanks has been received from W. E. Gladstone of England, in response to the resolutions cabled by the GHadstone meeting held in UDiversity hall June 4. Joseph Wilson, a colored man of South Lyon, had his skull fraotured last Satnrday by the kick of a horse. Dr. J. C. Wood removed the pieces of f ractured bone, but the patiënt will die. Mrs. George Kingsley, of Paola, Kansas, who has been visiting relatives in the city, left yesterday for St. Paul, Minn., to spend a few days with Mrs. Julia Barry Dibble, before her return home. All stories to the effect that the body of Walker, the suicide, is in the pickling vat at the university are without the shghtest foundation. The remains are reposing in the vault at Forest Hill cemetary. Butler and Hough, the young highwaymen, were again taken bofore Judge Joslyn, Tuesday, when they chauged their plea of not guilty to one of guilty. They will receive their sentence next Monday. Miss Mattie Strickland, a former resident of this city and a gradúate of the law department, now practicing law in St. Johns, delivered the oration at the DeWitt celebration. The address is well spoken of. John McDonald, the friend of T. J. Walker, left TueBday evening for Tpsilanti, where he holds a situation in the Hawkins House, and not to New Mexico in charge of tin offlcer, as was predioted by some of the knowing ones. Some f our of our churches are considering the matter of having only one service for all the churches in one ehuroh during the heated term. This will make but one service a month in eaoh of the four churches. A sensible idea. Charles S. Bulkley, who was reoently burned out in Ovid, committed suicide by hanging, last Saturdav morning. The many friends of Mrs. Bulkley will sympathize with her in this her great sorrow. She was, before her marriage, Ella M. Wood, and lived in Ann Arbor for many years. Many of those who drive do not seem to understand that the law gives the right of way to the pedestrian. A man or a woman in crossing the street at regular street crossings is not obliged to look out for the man who is driving the team but it is the contrary, and many of our readers should bear this in miud.- Ex. At thehead of the editorial column will be " found the cali for the democratie county convention to be held at the oourt house in this city, August 11, to elect delegates to the democratie state oonvention to be held iu Grand Rapids, August 18, and also to the democratie congressional convention to be called hereafter. Mr. Luoius Knight of Kanaas City, Ma, accompanied by his wife and two children, is yisiting his párente, Mr. and Mr. 8. Knight, corner Hiscock and Fountain streets, third ward. " Lute" is a gradúate of both the literory and law departmente of the university and holds the position of oourt stenographer at Kangas City. He will remain in the eity several weeks. The grocery stores of Binsey & Sea bolt, and Gaspar Rinsey, were burglarized, last Saturdaynight, to the amount of about $15 at eaeu-placo. As yet there is no clue as to who did the job, but we should say that it was high time that something was done to ferret out the perpetrators of these too numerous thefts. Eüch of the above firms offer a reward of $25j for the arrest and oonviotion of the thieves. Jacob Beek, of the seoond word ia dangerously UI. J. H. Maynard isexpeoted to arrive today from California . Mrs. Luoy W. Morgan oelebrated her üOth birthday Sonday. Gibson rill photograph the state military encampment this week. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bliss leave for Detroit to-morrow to remain a few days. J. E. Beal and O. B. Davidson left Wednesday on a bisycle tour to New Brunswick. Jno. Pfisterer has purchased of Ben. Archer, now in jail, his horse, carriage and harneas. Ben Williams, charged with taking $65 from his former employer, was honorably discharged. Miss Oarrie Potter is yisiting at Mrs. Will Hatch's before leaving for Detroit, her tuture home. The churohes of this city will hold union services on Sunday evenings during the month of August. Mr. Charlee Chapín, for five years in the employ of the government, returned to this city on Wednesday. Sohuh & Muehlig furnished the wrought iron hotel range, weighing 1,300 pounds. for the Cook house. Prof. Carmen, principal of a school at Brooklyn, L. I., with his wife, is spending his yaoation in this city and Ypsilanti. Will Watts thinks to oocupy the editorial tripod is all right for those who enjoy suoh work, but he preters the jewelry business. Mrs. Gen. Baxter and daughter, of Jonesville, Mich., have rented a house on Cathurine street. Miss Baxter will enter the school of music. W. E. Walker set the mantels and grates in H. W. Hayes' new house on Ingalls street, which Mr. Hayes expects to ocoupy next month. To-morrpw evening the Ann Arbor I. O. O. T. will hold a lawn social on Liberty street, bet ween Fifth and División streets. There will be ice-cream and lemonade. Christian Weinmann, on a charge of mahcions injury to his divorced wife's dweiling, was sentenced by Justice Frueauff Tuesday, to the Detroit house of correction for 90 days. Mrs. Klotz and son, from St. Catharines, Canada, came to Ann Arbor on Monday last on a visit to her párente, Mr. and Mrs. C. Eberbach, and intend to stay a number of weeks. Mrs. John H. Maynard, of San Francisco, Gal., whohas been in Washington for the last siz months, is spending a few days with Mrs. J. W. Maynard before she returns to her western home. In Detroit, Jnly 12, Mrs. Nancey Penoyer died at the residence of her sonin-law, Dr. Jas. Harvey, 31 High street west, aged 84 years, 1 month and 28 days. The remanís were brought to this city on Wednesday and interred in Forest Hill cemetery. It is rumored that one of our young ladies went to Detroit last winter and was privately married, The facts having beconie known to a few, the notice of the wedding, time and place, will probably be duly annoonced through the columns of the local prese. We this week publish the advertisement of Grossman & Schlenker, suocessors to Jno. Pfisterer in the hardware business. They are young men, both practical workmen with a thorough knowledge of the business. They can be found at No. 7, West Liberty street. The long continued drought was broken by a glorious rain Tuesday evening which was gladly welcomed, particularly by the farmers as it will be of great benefit to crops, and will put out the extensivo forest fires which have been raging in this and other states. Married at Union City, Ind., at the residence of the bride's parents, Miss May MoNeal to Mr. John O. Reed. The bride and groom are both graduates of the literary department, U. of M., class of '85. Mr. Reed was last year principal of one of the schools at East Saginaw. Monday evening Miss Georgiana Carmon mul Harvey Horbort wore uuited in niarriageby the Rev. Thos. Wright, of Fenton. The bride has been principal of the fourth ward school for a number of years and has a large oircle of friends. The groom is a gradúate of the law department, U. of M., class of '81. Within 7J years 19 newspapers and periodicals have been started ín Washtenaw county, within a radius of 20 miles of the court house at Ann Arbor, half a dozen of them in the city named, and all are alive yet, as well as the 10 older papers of the aounty, making 29 papers and periodicals in all. How they all "make a ljve of it" puzzles many peoÍ)le. - Evening News. We do "make a ive of it," and it is no "puzzle" to ue how we do it either. Laat Sunday was the first anniversary of Bev. Dr. Earp's rectorship of St. Andrew's church . Dr. Earp read his yearly report July 8th, and repeated ït last evening by request of the vestrymeD, showing the condition of the parisb, which was very gratifying to the congregation and should be to the rector. The parish is now in a very prosperous condition, and it shows what a real live, energetic minister can ilo . Dr. Earp ia the right mun in the right place. Chief Sipley, who accompanied deputy sheriff Cook, of Socorro, N. M., as far as Jackson on his return home, says that Mr. Cook requested us to say that the statements in the Evening Journal Tuesday are a tissue of falsehoods from beginning to end, and furthermore that the reporter who furnished them is an nnblusbing har. And also it may be well for us to state that Walker was not in the habit of carrying a revolver, and that he certainly had none with him at the time of his arrest. Scènes representing Grant't life from the eradle to the giave, consisting of 15 oil paintings 12x20 feet in size, and now on the way, from the brush of the wellknown artist Wren, wbose work in the inosonic temple has been so much admired. Work on these paintings was commenoed in December last, and when completed will le ezhibited in this city and afterwards elsewhere. Une is expected to be fínished in time for the Peninsular sangerfest. They will indeed be works of art. Albert Soir and otliers are interested in the enterpiise. A committee of the business men's association met Wednesday evening and adopted a constitution and by-laws. Col. Dean was eleoted president. Frank Allmendinger, recording secretary, C. E. Hiscock, corresponding secretary, and C. Mack, treasurer. These gentlemen are also members of the board of directora to which was added. Dr. Breakey, N. J. Kyer, J. E. Beal and K. Kittredge. Gov. Ashley expected to be present and make a proposition of interest, but the matter will come up at an adjourned meeting. Benjamin Archer, a market gardener , who owns a small farm one mile west of the city, shot his wife three times Tuesday evening while in a state of intoxication, injuring her slightly. Aroher and wife have lived unhappily, and separated over a year ago. The shooting was cansed by a quarrel over some household effects which Mrs. Archer had removed from the house. They have a family of ríx children. Archer was arrested by Chief Sipley Wednesday, and lodged in jail on the charge of attempt to commit murder. Christopher Schutnacher, a young man with a large and extended acquaintance, particularly among the old soldiers of Washtenaw and adjoining counties, died yesterday of consumption, at the age of 43 years. He was bom in this city. Mr. Schumacher enlisted at tlie breakingout of the war in the lst Michigan infantry and was with his regiment during the many engagements in which it participated. He was a prisoner at Andersonville and Libby for several months. A wife and five children survive him. He was a brother of John Schumaoher. Funeral to-morrow afternoon.


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