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NEW MERCHANT TAILORING. ESTABLISHMENT. WM. THEISEN, Late of Detroit, formcrly of Syracuse, N. TM and still later cittter for W. O. Burcbfleld of tliis city, has opened a store West of Ann Arbor Savings Bank. A FULL LINE OF SAMPLES. Qariuents Cut and Made to Order. Perfect Fits in Every Case Cuaranteed. Patronage Soliclted. Wil. TÜEISEN. J. D. BTIMSON. ] W. F. BTIMSOT. STIMSON & SON ! - DEALERS IN - i 6R0CERIES ! TBT THEM. W East of the Post-Offlce. Northern Brewery H. HARDINGHAUS, PROPRIETOR. I am now propared to deliver to my cutoméis, or others in want of BEER! AFirst-CIass Article, positWely manufactured or only Hops Malt ! EQUAL TO ANY IMPORTED BEER. Give it a Trial and be Convinced. H. HARDINCHAUS. BE SI MER SKLLS LLOYD &KETS Englisk Ales ! -- AND E. W. VOIGHT'S PILSEDSTEB - - AND IIEINGOLD ■ JÈZjê " ■ _Em_ !9b Am Arïor mm Worts D. F. Allmendineer Manufacturer and dealer in lldllut), UlIdllD, AND MÜSJICAL INSTRüMEKTS. Repairing and Tuning a Specialty. Anyone calliug at ( he work=, f oot of Washington street, can examine goods and prlces. lean c nvinceyouof the Great Bargains ! I am oflferinjf. 4), F. A.LLMEND1NQER, ANN ABBOB MACK1NAC. Tho Most Dclielitful SUMMER TOUR ïalaoe flteamorg, Low Hateo. ïour Trips per Week. Bctwcen DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Every Wcok Day Detweon DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Writo for our " Plctumque Mackinac," lüustrated. Coutains ï'all Farticulars. MaUed i"re. Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. C. D. WHITCOMB, OEN. PASS. AST., DETROIT. MICH. HENRY MATTHEWS Keops a First class MEAT MARKET ! Dealer in all kinds of Fresti, Salt and Smoked Meats, One Door East of FranHIn House. Prices Rea.wona.ble Ttinnkiiii; those who liuvc i lilierally patróniszed me in the past 1 a!so cordiall solicittradt from new patruns. HENRY MATTHEWS, Huron Street, - Ann Arbor, Ji ich.


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