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Hardy Flowers That Will Pay For The Trouble Of Care

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The snowdrops are a host in themselves, and then comes the very large family of narcissus, or daffodils. If we are looking back among the pleasant scènes of the past, which are liidden away in the meniory, it is not the grand conservatory we think of, or the magnificent orchida thst themind loves to linger over. No; it isthatold orchard f uil of daffodils, clustering under the apple tree and in thehedges, or that old fashioned garden so full of snowdrops, and where the scent of violets, white pinks, niusk and tnignonnette filis the air in their respective seasons. With the summer carne many things suitable for cuttin;- the columbineS, all the dianthus family, the carnation, picotee, pink andsweet william, the Canterbury bells, delphiniums, pyrethrums, single and doublé, and roses in endless variety. In special situations pseonies and poppies are useful; where show rather than sweetness is demanded, they are excellent. For large vafes in the corridor or hall they are valuable. All the iris family are excellent forcutting; they are not so lasting as niany things, but fresh flowers are opening daily, and the effect is gorgeous. Everlasting peas, though not so niceassweetpeas, vet they are very sho wy. Ho w beautiïul the old white hlium candidum is in very large, tall glasses or vases. All the spirseas anu the pirennial sunflowers are good for cutting. The phloxes are bright and showy, nnd do not last so long as a good cutting flower should. The same may be said of the pentstemons.and verónicas, but the redbeckias and the astors or stalworts are very valnable in autumn. The Japanese anemones, though good for cutting, are hardly lasting enough. Foxgloves, though not generally used in a cut state, associate well with the poppies and other things for large bold groups.


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