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Philosophy Of The Forehead

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A very retreating forehead which is low and shallow usually accompanies want of intellect. If slightly retreating, or what appears to be retreating from the fullest of the forms over the eyes, it signifies imagination, susceptibility, wit and humor. Slow persons with dull intellect have very projecting foreheads. Perpendicular foreheads, rather high and well rounded at the temples, rarely fail to go withsolidunderstanding, powers of concentration and love of study. A low, arched forehead, which is arched at the temple, is indicativo of sweetness and sensitiveness, and when combined with great fullness over the eyes, gives an impressionable, idealistic nature. High narrow, wholly unwrinkled íoreheads, over which the ekinis tightly drawn, show weaknessof will power and a lack of imagination or susceptibility. Foreheads not entirely projecting but having knotty protuberances give vigor of nund and harsh, oppressive activity and perseverance. Persons possessing poetic, ardent, and sensitive natures not untiequently have a blue vein forming the letter "Y" in an open, smooth, and low forehead. Perpendicular wrinkles bet ween the eyebrows, when of equal lengths, eignify anger, but if the wrinkles are of unequal lengths they show dcep thought and concentration.


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