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How Women Sit

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There are few who can or do sit down squarely or honestly. Thpy either sit on a foot or wriggle themselvea several degrees out of that position usually assumed by a man of weight and purpose. Dumb-bells can give a man strong lumbar muscles, and a sand bag can créate a posture which means strength and erectness; but what can be done that the female body can be taught the straight sit down? Shall she be unbustled and ciad, like the Greeks, in straight folds and unprotruding effeets in gown and gear? In the daya when "tie-backs" raged it was then impossible not to sit sideways, but the "tie-backs" no more exist to show the length of limb and cause the blush to arise. Why can't wo men imítate the men they see in the cars, sitting straight, staring straight, nevermovinglimb or muscle, immersed in an almost Buddhistic inditïerence, a perfect picture of a solid sitter? Some conundrums are asked but never solved. Ib this one?


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